Kumkum Bhagya New Leap track 18th June 2021 Promo

Kumkum Bhagya New Leap track 18th June 2021 Promo

Kumkum Bhagya New Leap track 18th June 2021 Promo Abhi gets disheartened knowing Pragya has blessed Prachi and Ranbir and got them married at the temple in his absence. He feels sad for Rhea, who had laid all her truth on her parents. Se tells her that he is feeling lucky that Tanu came back in her life, Tanu has promised to support Rhea and be a good mother to her, maybe this was their fate that Tanu came back for Rhea. He adds that Tanu will be a better mother for Rhea than Pragya. He angrily hurts Pragya by his taunts. He feels she cheated him and got Prachi married to Ranbir.

Pragya asks Abhi what is he saying. They both have much pain in their eyes. He breaks his relation with Pragya, leaving Ranbir and Prachi shocked to the core. Prachi didn’t think this would happen with Pragya. There is a leap coming up in the track. According to the new promo, Abhi and Pragya will be separated once again. Abhi develops hatred for Pragya and Prachi as well, after Rhea blames them for her destruction. Abhi walks on the path of self-destruction to repent for his belief on Pragya. He gets heartbroken after is trust on his relations shatter.

Abhi walks drunk on the roadside, while some men trouble him and snatch his guitar from him. Abhi fails to fight them and save his guitar. He pleads them to return the guitar, but the men ask him to pay off his debts before taking his guitar. Abhi falls there in the dirt. Prachi reaches Abhi to sympathize and support him. Abhi gets away from her. He is ready to snatch everything from his fate, but never dare to go close to his relations, which always gave him just sorrow. He realizes that he never had his happiness because of Pragya. Abhi walks on a new journey. What would happen next? Do you like the new promo and upcoming Kumkum Bhagya New Leap track? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kumkum Bhagya New Leap track 18th June 2021 Promo: 2/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.

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Devika spits poison against Adi. She tells that she is just using Adi who is greedy for money, she knows Adi well and will never accept him for Akki. She doesn’t want to get Akki and Adi married. Meera records Devika’s planning. She plays the audio in front of Adi and Akki. She tells them that Devika isn’t going to support them even if she learns about Akki’s pregnancy. She exposes Devika’s truth.

She tells Devika that Adi got to know the truth, her game is over, Adi and Akki learnt everything. Devika doesn’t get scared of Adi. She throws money at Adi and asks him to pick as much money as he can. Adi becomes a slave for her for the sake of money. He picks much money and laughs. Devika asks Meera and Akki to see how greedy Adi is. She tells them that her decision about Adi is right.


  1. Je suis d’accord avec toi. Car je ne vois pas pourquoi ils traînent de cette façon. Et je sais encore où ils veulent en venir. Chaque fois, c’est Abhi qui ne comprend pas Pragya.

  2. I have always considered Abhi as stupid, foolish and selfish. He doesn’t even deserve Pragya. She shouldn’t continue to waste her time with him. Let her leave that place for good.

  3. Is very boring. No longer interesting I am tied of watching this nonsense of separation every time. I no longer envy Abi and Pragya role. Marriage that is full of sorrow. What lessons are you teaching here? I hope Rabir and Prachi will not be like that. Anyway I am quitting to watch this show I have no time to waste on this nonsense show. After all they are many interesting ones coming up. Bye!

  4. So again pragya is the villain ok so when will it end please just end the show I really love it but enough is enough please end it

  5. This is the worst show ever, they think their viewers are not smart that is why they continue to put unnecessary storylines to make money. This is very unrealistic

  6. Same storyline AGAIN what a surprise.
    Kumkum and Kundali bhagya are two of the worst series. Others are much more deserving of these times. Move the time and see who actually watches coz they want to not coz theres nothing else on

  7. At least ranbir got married to prachi dat the only gud tin so far as for abhi I pity for him😢 I just love the new pragya so hot 💖💓💕and brave and also rich💰 I can’t wait to see tanu ,aliyah and mitali. With there poverty stricken life😂😂😂

  8. Pleaseeeeee stop Twist oF Fate already, you guys have totally spoilt the show, let pragyah and Abih finally have peace and love it’s been tooooooo long, the story is looking like evil people always get away with doing bad things in India, a lot of people have stopped watching the program, end it well now, let evil people go to prison for life and let good people live happily ever after, so people will have hope that it still pays to be good

  9. Come combine your really needs to come off the air because they’ve been Taken too many leaps of years in this show for one thing the first was they had a daughter Kiara that was fine then they had a 20 year leap where they end up with 20 year old kids and the 2 daughters looked just the same like their mom, young same age group whereas if they had wanted to make a leap they should have done it like another 7 years not 20 years and now here we go again with this stupid story line with another leap. And they’ve been saying all along that Kiara didn’t die and she was gonna come back as a grown up pragya. So what happened to that part of the story? Huh

  10. The airing of this show should be stopped immediately because, it has no story no truth is revealed, evil wins every time, no ethics in the serial. Trully very boring, the cast doesn’t get fed up with this

  11. Looks sponsors were blind, they must stop sponsoring this third class serial.. If you see all serials starting with K are with one story only…

  12. There’s no lesson to gain from this show…..repeating the same story over and over.. Bad people get away with what they do and good people are suffering, people will go or die and come back to make repetition….aren’t you tired? There was a time I can’t afford to miss this film but now it’s pure nonsense I don’t bother to watch it anymore.

  13. Why are these people so stupid as to be repeating same things over and over and over again. What do they take viewers for pls? Can people just stop watching dis already? when they observe that their viewers don’t tune in anymore, they’ll have some sense for subsequent series. Wasting our time on rubbish. Mtchwwwww

  14. U see what i mean? Twist of fate in seasons 1 n 2 were very interesting dt people rushed to watch but dis season3 or whatever season is a washout. Join Abii n Pragya with der children n make people happy instead of this rubbish you re showing. Even d leap we re hearing abt how re we sure Tanu n aliya will not continue to rule der again. D writer is truely a killjoy who doesn’t ve feelings at all. Thank God for jodha n Akbar, Zaras nika n other interesting jodis coming up. I’m simply fed up with dis woman’s work. I suggest she stops writing n focus on production as she really has nothing to offer.

  15. I have had enough of this twist of fate nonsense,this isn’t twist anymore.if u the writer had this complicated life would u have survived.its enough,these days Indian telenovelas is lacking lessons.u will watch about a year or more and the characters dies and are reborn to repeat their foolishness.you creat good stories but don’t know how to end them.Ghana

  16. Really Now!!!! Come on please where is the brains of this show. I will come there and fire the writer myself. I have been watching Twist of Faith for years now from the beginning. Still the same villain’s and the same story over and over and over again and again…….Where did this people get their degree from to produce a show so stupid really man this is disgraceful watching the same old story over and over again with what leaps the writer and producer’s must run from the goons in the forest for an entire month then get shot and go jump over a cliff and take 10 and 20 year leap. This show is the worst show on Zee T.V not gonna watch anymore and I encourage the viewers to do the same so that this stupid people can end this stupid show and do not win any awards anymore. And please…..!!!!!!! Do not mess up Kundali Bhagya like you doing to Khum Khum Bhagya because it’s slowly happening to do not spoil this one!!!!!🙏🙏🙏😡😡😡😡


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