Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2021 Written Update Abhi stunned

Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2021 Written Update Abhi stunned

Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2021 Written Update Abhi stunned Pragya meets the new clients in the company. She answers the clients in an impressive way. She wins the trust of Thapars. She wants to continue the partnership with them. She tells that they have met to discuss the business. Sushma also praises Pragya in front of Thapars. Pragya checks the properties. She gets to see Mehra mansion in the properties’ images. She asks Gautam about the Mehra mansion. Gautam tells that its his property, he has bought it recently and getting it renovated.

Thapar tells that he had bought the bungalow, when it was on sale. Pragya tells him that she wants the bungalow at any cost. She tells them that they can keep any property in exchange. Sushma asks Pragya why is she offering so much. Pragya is hurt by the taunts by Aaliya and Tanu. She tells that the property means a lot to her. Gautam accepts the offer. She doesn’t get much loss and buys the bungalow at the market price. Gautam sells her the property. He knows that Pragya is very smart. He adds that he had bought the bungalow at half price.

Pragya tells him that he doesn’t know business. She tells that she could have given her the entire company in exchange of the property, but she played a move, which he didn’t understand. Sushma tells that it was a lesson for Gautam. Gautam gets impressed by Pragya’s attitude.

Elsewhere, Siddharth encourages Prachi for the meeting. Ranbir asks Prachi to give her best. Siddharth tells that he is much busy, he needs to rush. He gets informed about Vikram’s heart attack. He asks Prachi to go alone for the meeting. He asks Ranbir to come with him to the hospital. Prachi finds Ranbir worried. Sushma tells Pragya that she has done good business. She asks Pragya what did she see in that mansion that she got desperate to buy it. Pragya shares her good and bad memories created in Mehra mansion. She tells Sushma that its Abhi’s house. Gautam tells his dad that he is excited to work with Pragya. Thapar asks him to find out why is she interested in that property.

He asks Gautam to settle scores with Pragya. Gautam finds it wrong. Pragya meets them to get the bungalow keys. Gautam tells that she will get the keys once the renovation happens. He realizes that she has some connection with the bungalow. Meanwhile, Abhi is happy spending time with his friends. Sushma and Pragya get the same problem again when the car breaks down. Pragya calls the same mechanic. She surprises Sushma by Priyanka’s memories.

Pragya tells Sushma that she had arranged the pictures for her sake. Sushma thanks her. Pragya knows the meaning of memories. Abhi meets Sumit, who tells him about the service call from Sushma. Abhi attends Pragya’s call. He tells her I love you. He tricks Sumit. He tells that he didn’t attend the call, he was just joking. Pragya lectures Sumit.

She asks him to deliver the car without wasting any time. Sumit complains to Abhi about her. Abhi recalls Pragya. He asks Sumit to go and deliver the car. Sumit asks him to go instead him. Abhi agrees to help her. Abhi reaches Sushma’s house. She asks him to go and give the car keys to Pragya. He happens to see the food served on the table and recalls his Dadi. Sushma asks him to have food, since memories make a person. She adds that he should give the keys to Pragya. He is stunned on hearing Pragya’s name. Will he meet Pragya or will it another hit and miss? Keep reading.

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