Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2021 Written Update Rishabh Promo

Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2021 Written Update Rishabh Promo

Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2021 Written Update Rishabh Promo Preeta and Shrishti very convincing get the truth out from Dr. Roshni for the sake of Sherlyn’s baby, who won’t be getting the real identity if his father isn’t known. She gets the evidences from Dr. Roshni, since Sherlyn is a big fraud, who always denies the blames. Dr. Roshni agrees to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair knowing Sherlyn is cheating Rishabh. Prithvi doesn’t want to get caught by anyone in the family. Sherlyn doesn’t like Prithvi to get away from her.

She doesn’t care for the world. Prithvi tells her that they shall maintain some distance. She wants to be with him all the time. She takes an advantage of Rishabh’s absence. He realizes that Sherlyn’s mood swings will make him fall in grave danger. He conceals Sherlyn and his affair from Kritika and family. He doesn’t know that Preeta has got to know about his secret affair. Sherlyn enjoys the family’s love and respect which she was craving for since a long time.

She feels just Preeta used to get Rakhi’s love, but after saving Karan, the family got indebted to her. She wants them to always treat her well. Rakhi and Bani are happy that Sherlyn made a big sacrifice for the family. Sherlyn fools the family. She gets overconfident that nobody can harm her position in the Luthra family. Rakhi tells Sherlyn that she will shower the jewellery on her. Sherlyn refuses to accept the gifts.

Rakhi is grateful that Sherlyn is giving the heir to the family. She awaits her son Rishabh. She asks Rishabh to be home on Sherlyn’s baby shower. She tells that he is the baby’s father and has to be there. Sherlyn gears up for the big day. She enjoys all the attention. Preeta turns her against Prithvi. Sherlyn confronts Prithvi to know if he really told Preeta that he will expose her truth to the family. She lashes out at him for flirting with Preeta. She doesn’t trust him when he clarifies. She further rebukes him for double crossing her.

He finds hard to convince her that Preeta had lied to her. Sherlyn angrily threatens to tell his truth to the family and get him ousted. Preeta and Shrishti get to hear Prithvi professing his love to Sherlyn. During the baby shower, Sherlyn provokes Preeta that nobody could know her truth. She reminds that Preeta had threatened to weaken her position in the family, but she is still ruling over the family’s heart.

She shows Preeta how happy everybody is, just because of her coming baby. Preeta ends her happiness by expressing the fact that she knows about Sherlyn’s baby, the truth that Prithvi is the baby’s father. Sherlyn receives a shock. She panics even more when Preeta tells that she will be breaking out the truth in front of the family during the function. Preeta gifts her a shock. She tells that she will tell the truth to Rishabh soon.

She promises Sherlyn. Sherlyn learns about Rishabh’s arrival when Rakhi happily calls out Rishabh’s name. The family welcomes Rishabh on the auspicious day. Preeta plans to tell Rishabh the truth. She knows that Rishabh won’t even ask for any proof and blindly believe her for the fact that he trusts her a lot. Sherlyn gets insecure. Will Rishabh learn the deserved truth? What will Sherlyn do this time to save herself? Will Preeta succeed to unmask Prithvi and Sherlyn? Comment your views on the rocking track of Sherlyn’s dramatic Godh-bharai. Keep reading.

Full Update Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2021 Written Update:

Shrishti tells Preeta that Sherlyn is playing with the emotions of Rishabh and entire family, she is cheating all of them. Preeta feels that Sherlyn wants to break the family and take some sort of revenge on them, she has no affection for them. She wants to tell everyone that Sherlyn’s child isn’t a Luthra. Shrishti tells that she had known Sherlyn’s evil, they shall not spare Sherlyn and Prithvi. Preeta tells that its time that they tell the truth to Rishabh and Kritika, they shall no entertain the evil doers.

Sherlyn happily keeps the jewellery in the cupboard. Mahira meets her and tells her that she would have become a Luthra bahu to get same status. She feels she has done a lot to get Karan. Sherlyn shows her the mirror. Mahira gets upset that nobody cares for her, since everybody is upset. She calls Sherlyn selfish. She asks Sherlyn to forget their differences. Sherlyn doesn’t forgive her. She boasts of her smartness again. Rakhi and Kareena plan the function for Sherlyn. Preeta meets them.

Rakhi asks about Sarla’s reports. Rakhi tells Bani that Preeta is known well in the hospital. Sherlyn realizes that Preeta was in the same hospital where she went for checkup. Preeta updates about her mother. Kareena asks Preeta to stay away from the function’s preparations. Preeta tells that she had seen Sherlyn in the hospital. Bani asks Rakhi and Kareena why didn’t they accompany Sherlyn. Rakhi tells that she didn’t know about it. Preeta wants to say that she has seen Sherlyn with Prithvi. Sherlyn gets worried.

Karan barges in with an upset mood. Preeta goes with Shrishti. She tells that she will tell the truth to the family. Shrishti wants to be with Preeta and help her expose Sherlyn’s real face. Preeta tells that she needs time, until Karan settles his stress down. She feels angry that Sherlyn is getting much love from the family. She doesn’t want any matter to mentally affect Karan. Shrishti tells that they need to think of some big plan to bring the truth out. She has also planned a surprise for Preeta.

Moreover, Mahesh and Rakhi speak to Rishabh on a video call. Rishabh likes their excitement to welcome their grandchild. He tells that he may not be coming in the function. Rakhi asks Rishabh to come at any cost. She wants to surprise Sherlyn. She tells that she is upset with him for being away from home for a long time. Rishabh tells that he will come. Preeta encourages Karan to focus on his cricket practice.

She assures to handle everything in his absence. Prithvi tells her that he is feeling bad for her, that Karan has left her. Preeta warns him. He tells her that he wants to spend time with her. She tells that he shall call Sherlyn to spend time. She adds that she knows about his affair with Sherlyn. She reveals how Dr. Roshni told her the entire truth. Prithvi receives a huge shock. She asks him to accept the truth. He denies the truth.

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  1. प्रीता बेवकूफ है।दो तीन वर्षों से प्रीता कह रही मैं ये कर दूंगी वो कर दूंगी। कुछ कर पाई क्या। नहीं।ना कर सकेगी। प्रीता रोशनी को लेकर आयगी और रोशनी शर्लिन के ही फेवर में बोलेगी।
    क्योंकि शो बनाने वालों ने इस शो को गोल गोल घुमाना है अर्थ कुछ नहीं।

    • Very stupid show Preeta always share her plan with Sherlin and they always escape in this show Sherlin is pregnant from last three years and truth is not coming out what a stupid show

  2. Please don’t ask the comment all know that the truth never wins in your serials. The same old story from start. Really bored to see both KB and KKB

  3. I doubt this time too that Sherlyne will once again buy Dr Roshani to speak in her favour and Preeta will yet remain to be befooled which will certainly firther refool the viewers who are anxious to know the truth.

  4. They are fooling audience by repeating situations every time earlier preeta have proof of pregnancy report but sherlyn murdered doctor ,so this time again going to happen, Pritthvi always pray to God and God always listen his prayer, every time preeta reveal her plan to sherlyn,they are repeating situations again and again,same again and again in kumkum bhagya, is baar phir preeta ko ghar se nikaala jayega sarla phir rona dhona kregi, ye moorkho ka drama hai,jab tak log dekhna nhi choode ge ye chalta rhe ga.

  5. The writer in all this show are making Indian women look very stupid. Stop making women look stupid if you have nothing else to write it time you take a rest. You alway prolonging the truth in this show. This show only tell you the wicked people will also win.


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