Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2021 Written Update Raging twist

Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2021 Written Update Raging twist

Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2021 Written Update Raging twist After being caught in a compromising situation, Prithvi gets confronted by raged up Rishabh. Rishabh ruins the decorations to express how hurt and bad he is feeling by the cheat. He casts his wrath on Prithvi, while Sherlyn gets saved in time by her choked up drama. Prithvi denies the allegations of the affair with Sherlyn.

Rishabh calms down himself in front of Kritika, knowing Prithvi is Kritika’s would be husband. He tells Prithvi that everybody wants to know the same thing, they have the same question on their mind, that the door was locked from inside. He asks Prithvi why was it locked, like something private was going on. He doesn’t want to doubt on Sherlyn seeing her state. Kritika gets too upset with Prithvi after having watched his insensitive and disgusting side to force himself on Sherlyn.


Prithvi tells Rishabh that he has no answer about the door locked from inside. He tells them that he doesn’t know anything either. He asks them not to suspect him. Preeta reveals him that the entire family has seen his drama with Sherlyn, his truth is out, his relationship is exposed. Prithvi receives a huge shock knowing about the live telecast of the drama seen by the family.

He realizes that’s the reason that everybody has suspicion for him in their eyes. He asks Rishabh whose disgusting idea was it to present a live telecast of Sherlyn and his conversation. He tells that they clearly misunderstood him, he was just concerned for Sherlyn and wanted to help her. Preeta admits that it was her idea to bring out his truth and save Kritika’s life. She tells that she had bugged the necklace worn by Sherlyn, she made the arrangements of the camera set up.

Prithvi can’t believe that sweet Preeta can turn so wise to expose his truth. Rishabh doesn’t have any anger for Preeta, knowing she will never wish wrong for him. He asks Prithvi not to question Preeta, since he isn’t in a position to confront others. Prithvi asks them to wait for Sherlyn to regain consciousness and question her. He wishes that Sherlyn doesn’t put him in trouble.

Full Update Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2021 Written Update:

Rishabh reaches Rakhi’s room and knocks at the door. Kritika calls Prithvi, asking him to open the door. Prithvi is already worried for Sherlyn. He panics that the entire family reached. Sanjana tries to calm down Rishabh. Shrishti stops Sanjana from defending Shrishti. Preeta reaches there. She watches the video screen and finds Sherlyn getting a panic attack. She asks Rishabh to break open the door to reach Sherlyn. When the door opens, Prithvi lifts Sherlyn in his arms and runs out of the room to get her some fresh air and aid. The family rushes Sherlyn to the hospital.

They want Sherlyn and the baby to stay safe. Rishabh keeps his calm seeing the situation. Bani asks Rishabh about the room being locked from inside. Rishabh thinks of the same thing and questions Prithvi. Kritika asks Prithvi to tell them the truth. Prithvi tries again and comes up with a story to save Sherlyn and himself. He tells that he had seen Sherlyn fainting down and got worried for her, he was just offering her help. He attempts to get a clean chit in the matter.

Prithvi and Sanjana then confront Preeta for installing a hidden camera in Sherlyn’s necklace with an agenda. Preeta confesses that she had made that plan. Sanjana and Bani ask Preeta the reason for doing so. Prithvi tells them that Preeta would have had her own reasons. He defends Preeta and praises her like never before. He tells that Preeta’s actions have proved to be beneficial for Sherlyn, Preeta kept an eye on Sherlyn and got to know about the panic attack. He tells that Preeta shouldn’t be targeted by anger. Sherlyn gets treated in the hospital. The family learns that she has gained consciousness. They go to see her.

Sherlyn speaks to Preeta first. She tells Preeta that she knew about the camera. She feels happy to have failed Preeta’s plans. Rishabh apologizes to Sherlyn for always hurting her. Sherlyn acts to show a big heart and forgive him. She wants to punish Preeta for her big plan. Sherlyn and Prithvi save themselves from getting caught once again.

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  1. Both Ektha Kapoor series are a waste of time. Boring boring boring. Not ever wil anyone get exposed and the drama goes on and on and on

    • Ye kabhi khatma na hone Wala topic he… Kabhi expose nai hinge don’t… Is serial me yahi boring he… Na itnene saalo ne sharlin ka baccha duniya me aaya na don’t expose huwe. Makers har bar fool bnaati he audience ko….would galat sikh determine he ki accho ke sath hi bura hota he…

  2. Can they really come up with a better storyline? The 3 musketeers are always getting away with the bad things and these people in the show are so dumb that they can figure out that there is something going on between sherlyn and prithvi And preeta really need to keep out right now because everything and every time she try to Catch them in the act or get them to confess it always backfire on her always backfire on Her

  3. This is total rubbish… Are they all deaf s d dump… Are they all dumbass… The writer has no sense of making the viewers happy for once…. In your country… Is it evils people that wins over good people .. nonsense.. I’m stopping watching this nonsense movie henceforth… Waste of time.. waste of data…

  4. Kundali bhagya is just boring no offence is been punished and the people with bad intentions always get away with their cruel intentions.Bad sospie,bad director he does not want the teuth to suffice.

  5. I really like karan and Preeta but if this show shows the same track again again I guess I need to quit the show. How long will Preeta fail and Sherlin and Prithvi escape. I guess Ekta Kapoor’s directors do not have any further stories that is why repeating the same thing again again. It used to be the number 1 show It might still upgrade it self in the chart if only it brings some changes in the plot.

  6. Both Kumkum and Kundali are such dumb shows..
    The villan never gets exposed and they are showing leads as dumb..
    But these two stupid shows has a prime time slot and other good shows are pushed away from these time slots

  7. risbhah this prithvi malthora he pushed sherlyn in the bed than sherlyn can’t breath so I am saying for you risbhah take hospital.
    risbhah you are getting upset for prithvi malthora that is great don’t that.
    risbhah this dr preeta she is very expert good
    I am proud for you dr preeta be happy 😊.
    risbhah you say for prithiv malthora to get out form Luthra house don’t waste the time okay.
    rhaki you don’t 😭 carry sherlyn be fine you pray for god for sherlyn properly rhaki please bbe cool 😇 down and safe okay.
    rhaki please stop carrying be simlie 🙂.

  8. A damn boring rig ma roll of events.
    Time pass
    Sherlyn & Prithvi will only get caught when the never ending serial will finally close.
    Too much of a thing is good for nothing.
    The only show is the palatial house/hotel where the show goes on.

  9. Boring serial from past 4 years this track is only happening preeta gathers proof but some how sherlyn and prithvi knowns her plans and the plan gets backfired. Why this serial is still running I don’t know no meaning to watch this serial. Please producer make some interesting track so that track is useful for the people and for the society please. Or else please end this show please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Ekta kapoor to save money engages some nuts from Bihar as her script writers…obviously being half wits they keep going in circles and don’t really know how to take the story forward. She was on e good but I think she is getting into a rut. People watch for want of an alternative.. a fact EK exploits to the full !

  11. I have stopped watching Kundali Bhagya for 2 months now and I’m happy I did it’s just useless make it 2 years I have stopped watching kumkum bhagya and happy I did because it’s no happiness for the good couple’s


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