Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update Auction twist

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update Auction twist

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update Auction twist Abhi confronts the family about hiding the truth that Pragya is alive. Baljeet tells that she didn’t tell him for the sake of his health. Abhi asks her what does she mean. He wants Aaliya not to hinder Baljeet. He just wants the truth. Baljeet tells him what Aaliya told her about his weak heart, he won’t be able to tolerate any good or bad shock, that’s why she had to hide the happy news. Mitali also blames Aaliya. Abhi casts his anger on Aaliya and Tanu. He knows that they hate Pragya.

He wants them to just say the truth, their lie will make them fall in deep trouble. Abhi reads the news of Mehra mansion’s auction. Pragya doesn’t want to lose the house for Baljeet’s sake. Abhi asks Tanu why didn’t she mention Pragya’s name. Tanu asks Abhi what is he doing with her, when Pragya has come back. Abhi recalls Pragya’s bitter words. Tanu asks Abhi what did Pragya tell him that he came back to them. Abhi tells that Pragya had ousted him, she was angry that Tanu is still his wife.

He adds that Sushma met him, he lied to Sushma and faked love for Tanu to get the FIR back, Sushma told everything to Pragya, which turned Pragya angry. He accuses Tanu for creating the misunderstanding in Pragya’s mind. Tanu tells him that he has a misunderstanding about Pragya, she will never accept him back, she doesn’t care for Baljeet or anyone else in the family. She tells that Pragya was alive, when they regarded her dead, Pragya didn’t try to find him and help him. She adds him that they were always in the news after getting bankrupt.

She asks didn’t Pragya know about them, when she has turned rich and runs a big business. She tells that Pragya didn’t wish to keep any richness. She adds that they lost Rhea because of Pragya. They fill the poison in Abhi’s mind. Tanu asks Abhi to look at himself for still loving Pragya, who has changed. Abhi tells that Pragya is still loving and caring. She asks him why didn’t he go to Pragya if he doesn’t want to stay with her/Tanu. She tells that Pragya hates him, Pragya wants revenge on him, else they would have not got separated.

She tells that Pragya wants to teach him a lesson. Aaliya tells that Pragya is just troubling them more, seeing their poverty. Abhi fails to tolerate the bitter words about Pragya. Tanu asks him to think of the humiliation they saved because of Pragya. Aaliya asks Abhi to tell them if he saw love in Pragya’s love. Tanu tells that Pragya hates Abhi, its the end of their love story. Abhi feels heartbroken. Tanu asks Abhi to accept that Pragya hates him now. Abhi regrets ending his relation with Pragya and breaking her heart.

He believes that Pragya is doing the same with him now. Tanu’s words echo in his mind. He feels broken down by the realization that Pragya isn’t his old Pragya now. Tanu and Aaliya are in stress. They want Abhi to accept the truth that Pragya hates him now. Tanu knows that Pragya didn’t forgive Abhi, she still hates him. Aaliya and Tanu boast of their plan to create the big misunderstanding between Abhi and Pragya.

They hate Pragya a lot. They want Abhi and Pragya to never unite. Aaliya tells that Tanu has given false confirmation about Pragya’s death, when Pragya was preparing to come back. Tanu tells that its not her mistake if Pragya got saved. They hide their truth from the family.

Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi stay in their own bubble and praise their lovely pairing. Prachi makes a wish that Pallavi forgives Ranbir and accepts him back in the family. She knows that Ranbir loves his family a lot. Abhi and Pragya stay lost in their memories. Abhi realizes that Pragya is angered on the fact that he is with Tanu. She misses the loving Abhi. Sushma asks Pragya not to cry for Abhi, who doesn’t love her. She cries because she loves Pragya. She realizes that Priyanka also got blind in love and lost her life.

She wants to protect Pragya from Abhi. Pragya wants to know why Abhi didn’t get separated from Tanu. She thinks he just loves Tanu. She finds him a big liar. Abhi doesn’t know if Pragya forgot their love and marriage, why did she develop hard feelings for their relation. He wants to meet her again and tell her what all he suffered in the past two years, how he lost Rhea to the circumstances. He keeps high hopes that Pragya will give him a chance.

Pragya feels the marriage was a cheat, since Abhi tries to get her killed. Abhi senses that her anger had hatred this time. He wants to know if the reason is so big that she isn’t ready to listen to him once. He deeply misses Pragya.

Pragya learns about Mehra mansion auction. She wants to know why is Sushma putting Mehra mansion on auction, when she had already cleared about her emotions connected with the house. Sushma doesn’t want profits by selling the house. She tells that she wants Pragya’s happiness, she can’t see Pragya losing her peace because of Abhi. She wants Pragya to hold on her emotions. Pragya tells her that she wants to gift the house to Baljeet. Sushma doesn’t think its a good idea. Pragya gets rigid to return to house to Mehras. Pragya and Abhi will meet again in the auction. Keep reading. Comment your views below.

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  2. How stupid could Pragya be? Gifting house to Baljeet means she will move in only with Abhi and obviously Aliah and Tanu will demand their “rights” to move back in as well and they will never allow Pragya in, yet again. Why can’t she change her dumb thinking?

  3. WHAT A DUMB STORYLINE? HOW DUMB CAN SHE GET? I would say move in there yourself with Your mom and stay happy without bringing those trouble 5 with you to ruin your life. The show will be disgusting to watch if she give the house back to them. She is pathetic. DUMB MOVE.

  4. Pragya doit garder le manoir Mehra pour y habiter avec sa fille prachi et sushma. Mais si elle fait cadeau à grand-mère, c’est sera une grande erreur.

  5. I am so disappointed I was hoping to see a more strong and no nonsense pragya she has already started with the crying does not seem to have what it take to fight and defeat her enemy she is all ready to hand over the mansion and those ingrates will give a good whooping again. This writer dont understand her logic and train of thought she has made Abby to be dumb, weak, pathetic with no brains I must say I do enjoy the comments of my fellow show watchers you guys make me laugh every day. Hoping to see something more positive coming out of this show which is near impossible so we wait.


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