Yeh Rishta Shocking death Kartik Sirat 30th July 2021

Yeh Rishta Shocking death Kartik Sirat 30th July 2021

Yeh Rishta Shocking death Kartik Sirat 30th July 2021 Sirat’s Nani gets too tensed for Sirat’s future. She gets more sick with time. The Goenkas discuss about Kartik attending Nani, by leaving them in tension. Manish doesn’t get a good feeling. He tells that the interview can call more problems for them. Kartik tries to cheer up Nani by showing Sirat’s videos. Nani tells him that she wants to see Sirat for a final time. Kartik tells that nothing will happen to her. She asks him if he would take care of Sirat in her absence, if anything happens to her suddenly. He feels the same situation has arose, as Ranvir wanted him to look after Sirat.

He tries hard to get Sirat out on bail to make her meet her Nani. He talks to the lawyer, and learns that Sirat can’t get the bail. Nani is stressed about Sirat. She wants Kartik to stay with Sirat always and support her like a life partner. Kartik doesn’t answer her. He shows more videos to make her laugh. Nani dies in front of his eyes. He feels like he has lost Sirat’s another loved one. This worst feeling of losing someone breaks him down. He feels sorry that he didn’t promise her.

The Goenkas are shocked to find Nani dead in her room. Kartik cries for Nani. He doesn’t know how will he inform Sirat about the shocking death. Sirat misses her Nani a lot. She wants to see her once. Kartik wants to make it possible that Sirat attends Nani’s funeral. Sirat gains strength from Nani’s memories. She smiles thinking of her. She shares about her Nani. She feels that Nani will come to meet her today. Kartik comes there to meet her. Sirat looks for her Nani if he got her along. Kartik finds tough to face her. She asks him if Nani has come to meet her. She finds him crying. She worries for Nani.

She enquires about Nani’s health. She asks him to just speak up. He tells her that he has come to make her meet her Nani for the final time. She shatters hearing the news of Nani’s death. He brings Sirat home. The media troubles Sirat and asks her about another death in her family. Kartik takes Sirat inside the house by making the media persons away, to see her Nani for the last time. Sirat breaks down. She feels her courage has broken down forever. Kartik wishes that Sirat stays strong. Sirat returns to the jail after attending the funeral. Chauhan threatens Kartik that he will make Sirat’s life hell. Kartik grows worried when Chauhan challenges him to save Sirat.

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