Barrister Babu 10th August 2021 Written Update Anirudh confession

Barrister Babu 10th August 2021 Written Update Anirudh confession

Barrister Babu 10th August 2021 Written Update Anirudh confession Bondita keeps her demand that Anirudh hands over the Sanyasis clothes to her to complete the ritual as a symbol of his consent to the injustice happening with her. She tests his patience knowing he will never support such customs against women, which snatch every happiness from a woman’s life. She wants to see old Anirudh who would stop the rituals at once and admit his love.

Consequently, Bondita accepts the punishment as an answer to Trilochan, in an attempt to prove that she isn’t wrong. She feels surrendering to the situation is the only option now. Anirudh wants Bondita to refuse to the punishment and choose a free life for herself. He still wants to see her fulfilling her dreams. She feels its not in her fate that she gets Anirudh as her companion. Anirudh gets helpless to fulfill the ritual by handing over the plain clothes to her.


Furthermore, Trilochan plans the worse with Bondita. He knows Anirudh is soft-hearted and would never tolerate any painful punishment for Bondita. He asks Somnath to make sure that Anirudh is nowhere around when Bondita is instructed about the last ritual, where a burning coal will be kept on her tongue snatching her voice forever. He reveals that Bondita won’t be able to talk or argue with anyone once she gets mute. He plans to snatch her voice. Elsewhere, Anirudh meets Bondita once again to convince her to escape. He doesn’t want her to go through the hell.

Bondita asks him to just admit that he loves her. She compels him to admit his love. Anirudh loses in the argument and finally accepts that he loves her. She gets overjoyed. She asks him to accept his love in front of his family and entire Tulsipur. She tells him that just his love confession can stop her from becoming a Sanyasi. She dreams of a happy life with Anirudh. Moreover, Anirudh finds Bondita dreaming of their relationship. He feels guilty that somewhere his confession has given her new hopes.

Will he keep her hopes and fight the world for her sake? Anirudh will be learning about the painful retribution of the last ritual that could snatch Bondita’s voice. He will be confessing his love to save Bondita from the grave punishment of the society. Do you know the coming track of Bondita and Anirudh’s union? Comment your views. Keep reading.

Full Update Barrister Babu 10th August 2021 Written Update:

Trilochan reminds Anirudh the wounds given to them and Binoy by Bondita and Thakumaa. He asks Anirudh to recollect her numerous lies and deceive, and then hand over the clothes to Bondita. Anirudh gets provoked by Thakumaa. Bondita asks him to change the colours of her life. Sampoorna helps Anirudh complete the rituals. Bondita emotionally blackmails Anirudh. She tells Anirudh that she has won a gold medal in the barrister school, she has got her medal from Anirudh in the form of the Sanyasi tag.

She tells that she will accept the punisment from him. She asks Sampoorna to take her to the room and snatch her adornments. Sampoorna feels Bondita didn’t value the relations. She doesn’t want to value Bondita’s emotions. She calls herself wrong for playing with their emotions. She holds hatred for Bondita in her heart. She helps Bondita dress up in the Sanyasi attire. Chandrachur vents anger on his wife and promises that he will not let Bondita become a Sanyasi. He wants to marry Bondita.

Trilochan tells Somnath that Bondita’s voice and words will be snatched forever once she gets mute. He knows that Anirudh will fall weak if he knows the last ritual. He tells that Bondita has become Anirudh’s weakness. He adds that Bondita will just have silence in her life, she will never be able to speak ever. Somnath stops Trilochan from speaking anything in front of Anirudh. Trilochan cleverly changes the topic when Anirudh comes. Chandrachur makes Tupur call Anirudh to make a request in Bondita’s favor.

She tells Anirudh that she is ready to become Sanyasi in place of Bondita. Chandrachur feeds his words in her mouth forcibly. Anirudh tells her that the punishment won’t be easy, he doesn’t like any woman face this harsh punishment. He asks them to try and save Bondita if she can. Chandrachur gets glad to know that even Anirudh is against the punishment. He wants to make Bondita escape. Anirudh pities the women who live as Sanyasi. He wants to meet them and end the bad customs.

Somnath replies that they have gone to the temple at this time. Anirudh decides to talk to Bondita once again. Bondita stirs his emotions by confessing that she loves him, he has the first right on her life. She is happy to see him. He breaks the mirror in anger. She finds him more affected than her. She knows that truth won’t change. He adds that truth could have been changes by not choosing Sanyasi life.

She mentions that she has chosen this life for her. He is afraid that she will shatter, she will never be able to come back from the ashram. She gives up everything because she is hurt by his silence. She tells him that she won’t go anywhere else until he confesses his love and also proves her innocence. She adds that she loves him a lot. He replies that he hates her. She forces him to accept that he loves her. He feels burdened with a big task to confess it in front of family.

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