Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2021 Written Update Truth out

Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2021 Written Update Truth out

Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2021 Written Update Truth out During the wedding functions, celebrations and fun, Karan feels Preeta is exerting herself a bit more. He gets too concerned for her. He takes her to their room to ask her to rest, if not for herself, then for the coming babies. He cares for her which makes her feel guilty. She wanted to tell him the truth after winding up Sonakshi’s wedding and returning home. Seeing Karan’s concern and his excitement to welcome the babies, she decides to tell him the truth.

She doesn’t want to keep him in darkness, because he also deserves to know the truth. She feels they were celebrating the baby’s coming together and shall also cry on the loss together. Preeta suddenly breaks down. This grows Karan worried. He questions her to know the matter. He knows that it can’t be her mood swings that she is crying so much. He tells her that his heart is sinking in tension seeing her tears. He wants to know the matter as soon as possible.

He requests her to share what’s troubling her. Preeta finally breaks the bad news, the harsh truth that they aren’t becoming parents. She tells him that she isn’t carrying his baby, she isn’t pregnant. This leaves him shocked. Their dreams, hopes and happiness, everything shatters in a moment. Karan tries to console her, being inconsolable himself.


She further adds that Daima’s prediction and also the test kit results which gave them much hope were all false. To push him into trauma, she further reveals that she can never conceive a baby. Karan feels heartbroken and shattered at the same time knowing they can never become parents. He shares Preeta’s pain and hugs her. He also experiences the same shock like her. Will this shocking news make their relation stronger or break them apart? Keep reading for a detailed update. Watch the latest below below.

Full Update Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2021 Written Update Truth out:

Preeta and Karan have a game of eyestare. She cries seeing his love and loses the game. He loses the game deliberately to make her win. Preeta finds the family very happy, and keeps the truth to herself. Mahesh and Rakhi perform on a rocking song. The family loves their dance performance. Rajat’s turn comes next.

Sonakshi gives him a task to do push-ups. Rajat falls down while completing half of the task. He tells that he will need to go to the gym with Karan from now. When Sonakshi’s turn comes, Rajat challenges her to have an arm wrestling competition with Karan. Sonakshi adds another game in the competition. She tells that they will have a rapid-fire question round. Rakhi signs Preeta to make Karan lose the game. Preeta helps Sonakshi win. Sonakshi gets too happy.

Karan tells that Preeta did cheating to make him lose. Shrishti tells that Karan lost in love again. Sonakshi asks the family to witness Karan and Preeta’s rapid fire round. She questions them to know them better. She asks Preeta if she lies or hides things from Karan. Preeta accepts that she hides things, which nobody knows until she tells it herself. Sonakshi asks who loves each other more. Karan tells that he loves Preeta more. Preeta feels guilty. Prithvi’s turn comes and he chooses dare. He asks Karan to give such a thing that’s the toughest. He adds that he can do anything, he can never lose.

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Karan asks Prithvi to do a Mujra for them and entertain them. Sherlyn and Kritika worry for Prithvi. Prithvi was expecting something macho. Karan asks Prithvi if he has accepted his defeat. Prithvi performs the Mujra, entertaining the family, making them burst into laughter. Kritika hugs Prithvi with love. She feels proud of him, while Sherlyn feels humiliated. Prithvi wants to settle scares with Karan by giving him a dare. He plans to make Karan fall down. Karan falls over Preeta, leaving the worried for her.

Karan doesn’t let Preeta get hurt. They have a romantic moment. Karan tells them that Preeta is okay. The family worries for Preeta. Sherlyn knows that Preeta is hiding a big thing. She wants her reports soon to show it to the family. She is glad that the reports will be reaching in a day.

Sherlyn boasts of her beauty when she decks up for the function. She goes to receive the reports. Kritika romantically wakes up Prithvi. He makes her smile with his sugary words. Kritika expects some romance. Prithvi catches her dreaming and makes her feel awkward. He realizes that she has fallen in love with him.

He finds her really sweet. He feels Kritika will make his life better. He decides to forget Sherlyn and move on. Sherlyn reaches him. He worries that Kritika may see her. Sherlyn informs him that she received Preeta’s reports. Prithvi lies that he will be coming later. She suspects Kritika’s presence. He sends Sheryn before Kritika comes. Prithvi begins a love story with Kritika.

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  1. Plzz take side from their side also…the show is always pretends sherlyn and prithvi and this is wrong….make some twist in favour of preeta ans karan….the show become good and trp increases…


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