Udaariyaan 19th August 2021 Written Update Fateh’s guilt

Udaariyaan 19th August 2021 Written Update Fateh's guilt

Udaariyaan 19th August 2021 Written Update Fateh’s guilt Fateh sinks in guilt. He runs to save Tejo. Aman gets raged on seeing the police. A student gets an asthma attack. Tejo begs Aman to spare the girl. The families reach the college to save Tejo. They look for Fateh. Amrik has no answer. Tejo asks Aman not to kill a life. Aman asks the other student to take the girl out of the class. Tejo feels Aman still has humanity in him. The police asks Aman to surrender.

Aman gets mad and threatens to kill everyone. Tejo requests the inspector to leave, if he wants to see everyone safe. Fateh reaches the college. He meets his family. Fateh tells that his wife is inside. Amrik and Buzo stop him from running inside. Jasmin reaches there on the same instant. She finds Fateh’s madness for Tejo. She feels jealous that he cares for Tejo so much.

Tejo asks Aman to let the students go, and just keep her captive. She promises to not run away. She tells that she will talk to Fateh. Aman agrees to her. He makes the students leave from the class. Fateh runs inside the building to reach Tejo’s class. Tejo calms down Aman and asks him to think of his family. She asks him not to commit any crime, which will ruin his future completely. She convinces Aman to give the gun to her.

The police enters at the same time to arrest him. Aman reacts and shoots Tejo. Fateh hears the gunshot. He gets unstoppable now. He runs to see her. He finds Tejo shot by Aman. Aman gets arrested. Fateh brings Tejo out with him. The families get worried seeing her shot. Fateh rushes Tejo to the hospital. He prays for her survival, regretting his words to her. Doctor informs him that Tejo is safe, she will be fine soon, the bullet didn’t harm her much. Fateh meets Tejo to become her strength once again.

He sheds tears in guilt. Tejo asks him not to cry. She tells him that she trusts him and his love, he loves her so much that she can’t die leaving him alone in the world. Fateh breaks down seeing her love. He hugs her. She consoles Fateh. After Tejo returns home, Fateh takes care of her. Simran and Buzo wish Tejo gets recovering soon. Nimmo tells the family that Jasmin knows about Tejo, and didn’t come to meet.

Khushbeer asks Tejo about Aman. Tejo doesn’t want to tell that it was Fateh’s mistake. She covers up Fateh’s mistake. She tells that Aman was mentally disturbed. Jasmin lands there to meet Tejo. Fateh feels more guilty seeing Jasmin. He takes Tejo to their room, leaving Jasmin behind. Jasmin gets insecure that he isn’t answering her messages or call. Fateh and Tejo share a romantic moment while caring for each other.

He blames himself for the incident. He feels he is really bad, and he doesn’t deserve her love. He tells that he never supported her, he didn’t stand by her when she needed him. He apologizes to her. She is relieved that he didn’t come there to meet Aman. He tells her that he will never make such a big mistake ever again. Jasmin awaits his call. She grows worried that he isn’t responding since hours. Fateh doesn’t want anything to come between Tejo and him. Will this incident change Fateh’s heart and love? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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