Udaariyaan 26th August 2021 Written Update Love delusion

Udaariyaan 26th August 2021 Written Update Love delusion

Udaariyaan 26th August 2021 Written Update Love delusion Tejo feels guilty of hiding Simran and Buzo’s truth from Fateh. She doesn’t want to lie to Fateh and hurt him. She hopes Fateh will forgive Buzo for hiding the matter for long. She thinks she is doing wrong to hide the important matter from Fateh. She wants Fateh to back up Simran and Buzo’s relationship. Tejo finds Gurpreet missing Simran. She wants to tell Gurpreet about Simran. Tejo decides to first tell Fateh and then the rest of the family. Fateh is dealing with his life’s problems.

He had loved Jasmin from the bottom of his heart and wanted to marry her, but fate had Tejo written for him. He compares Jasmin and Tejo’s presence in his fate as joy and problems. He feels life got complicated because of his marriage with Tejo. Jasmin wants him to end his marriage with Tejo. Jasmin asks Fateh to divorce Tejo by explaining her the truth. Fateh has no courage to ask Tejo for divorce.

He knows that even his family will not support him in seeking divorce from Tejo, who they accepted heartily. Tejo becomes an important part of the family. Fateh finds tough to separate Tejo from his life and family, but knows that Tejo deserves to know the truth.


He stays stressed by Jasmin’s ultimatum. Jasmin gets angered and upset thinking that Fateh wants to be a dutiful husband towards Tejo. She wants him to tell the truth to Tejo and end all their problems. Jasmin is worried that Fateh would go closer to Tejo again during the three days she has allotted him. She finds him occupied with Tejo all the time. Fateh also avoids her to think of some way. He thinks Jasmin isn’t wrong either, Tejo deserves to know the truth, even if its bitter.

Fateh gets summoned by Jasmin for a meet. He tries to calm down Jasmin’s anger. Jasmin rebukes him for assuring Tejo that they can plan their baby later on. She asks Fateh if he is interesting in romancing his wife again. Fateh tells Jasmin that he is just morally supporting emotionally broken Tejo. Jasmin thinks there is no way out left now. She wants Tejo to know about the affair. She tells her friend that she will be bringing out the truth in front of Tejo. She makes an evil plan. She calls Fateh and Tejo, both by the same excuse of sickness. Fateh and Tejo worry for Jasmin and go to see her.

Fateh reaches Jasmin’s place first and falls in her plan. He thinks she is innocent, while she cleverly plots to expose their affair. Jasmin plans to get sighted by Tejo when she is with Fateh. She wants Tejo to learn about their affair on her own, thinking Fateh will never be able to break Tejo’s heart. She deliberately calls Tejo home by stating of her fake illness. Tejo agrees to meet Jasmin, who is spending time with Fateh. Jasmin doesn’t tell her plan to Fateh. She wants Tejo to see them together and understand that they love each other.

Fateh takes care of Jasmin when she complains of a headache. Jasmin pulls Fateh closer for a kiss. Tejo comes home to meet Jasmin, unaware that Fateh is also there. Jasmin and Fateh get into a romantic moment, while Tejo walks inside. Fateh gets terrified sensing Tejo’s arrival when he hears her voice. Will Tejo get to see Fateh and Jasmin together? How will Simran’s chapter open up in front of the family? Will Fateh and family misunderstand Tejo? Keep reading for further updates on the show’s next episode. Its your love for the show that brings you here. You may write your reviews on the ongoing track in the comment section below.

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Reviewed Rating for Udaariyaan 26th August 2021 Written Update Love delusion: 3/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. I loved the show before. It has become C grade. Hate what the makers are showing on the name of love. Is cheating called love in Today’s times. Disappointed with Fateh.

  2. today also Fateh won’t be caught…this is becoming boring….n out of track.
    no value for marriage n commitments….serial is showing its okay to have affairs…bakwas show

  3. I loved the show and the track very much buy now its becoming vulgar, they shows it’s okay to be in a extra marital affair which creats a very bad impact on the society. Now just hate the track because of all the mess and jasmine thing…

    • It became worse bcoz two sisters are involved. Fateh is cheating Tejo. How can Jasmine be okay with it. Jasmine is happy seeing own sister cheated. Really worst characters.


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