Yeh Rishta New twist Kartik Sirat Doubtful beginning

Yeh Rishta New twist Kartik Sirat Doubtful beginning

Yeh Rishta New twist Kartik Sirat Doubtful beginning Kartik and Sirat get married against all the odds. The couple doesn’t think that they could fall in love, but love eventually happens. Sirat had fallen in love with Kartik first, but then Kartik also felt a push in his life, when Naira asked him to move on with Sirat, who would become the best mother for their kids. Naira persuaded Kartik to marry Sirat. Kartik had confessed love to Sirat, and the couple gets married in the Goenka family’s presence.

Sirat’s mother Sheela creates a scene in the marriage function, but in vain. Sheela wants to spoil Kartik and Sirat’s marriage. She acts sweet towards them when Kartik decides to give her the wishful amount. Sheela can’t tolerate Sirat’s happiness. Seeing Sirat happily married to Kartik, and also gaining an acceptance in the Goenka household, Sheela plays her cards.

Sheela tries to break down Sirat’s confidence before Sirat steps into her new life. She tells Sirat that Sirat cn never take Naira’s place in Kartik’s life, Sirat will always be Naira’s lookalike for Kartik, only her face is the reason why Kartik likes her, because her face reminds him of Naira. She asks Sirat not to compare herself with Naira, who was from a respectable family. She tells Sirat that Naira was a princess from a palace, while Sirat’s family is middle-class.


She asks Sirat to know that her mother’s bad traits will soon appear in her as well. She ruins Sirat’s happiness by insulting her. Sirat tolerates Sheela’s taunts, but it goes on and on in her mind, until she breaks down. Kartik gets worried when Sirat fails to perform a post-marriage rasam. Kartik asks Sirat the reason of her sadness. Sirat doesn’t want him to know her emotional conflict. Sirat stays doubtful that she could take Naira’s place in Kartik’s life. Keep reading.

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