Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Abhi’s accident

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Abhi's accident

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Abhi’s accident A major twist will be coming in the show, when Abhi meets with an accident. Abhi falls down the stairs, after an argument with Pragya. He wanted to tell her why he is so angry on her. She doesn’t listen to him. Tanu creates tensions between them by sending a crate of wine for Abhi through his friend Gattu. Pragya wants to stop Abhi from drinking, but the latter doesn’t pay heed. Pragya gets worried seeing his mighty fall from the staircase. She rushes to his rescue. Pragya will get Abhi treated and turn too worried for him. Pragya starts realizing her love for Abhi once again when the fear of losing him shakes up her senses.

Prachi gets worried by the strong intuition that Abhi isn’t well. She gets scared after a nightmare. She shares her fears with Ranbir. She feels something unfortunate is going to happen. She wants to call Pragya and know if Abhi is okay. Pragya and Abhi come close after his accident. The high point will come in the show, when Abhi, Pragya and Prachi will be forming a family, leaving Rhea aside. Rhea will get to know that Prachi is in touch with their parents.

Rhea doesn’t want to know anything about Pragya’s return. She stays angry in her own zone. Rhea now focusses on Ranbir, to win his love, even if she has to snatch him from Prachi. Ranbir fails to understand Rhea’s advances and thinks she is happy in her marriage with Siddharth. Rhea finds ways to be with Ranbir. Prachi ignores Rhea’s strange behavior, because of the blind love for her sister. Keep reading for a full update.


Pragya asks Abhi to tell her the problem. Abhi tells that he wanted to tell her before, but now he won’t tell anything. He makes an excuse of a work call. Pragya asks Anchal not to go home alone. Abhi behaves like a kid. Pragya asks him not to fool her. Pragya smiles seeing a glimpse of old Abhi. He asks her why is she smiling. She tells that she has a smiling face. She asks him to go and answer the call. Abhi speaks to Gattu, who asks him to open the main door fast. Abhi meets him and gets the wine delivered.

Gattu tells that he is his friend, he cares for him. He tells him that Tanu is better than Pragya, Tanu has sent the wine for him, knowing Pragya had thrown the alcohol out from the house. Tanu calls Abhi and shows that she helped him by sending the wine. Abhi likes the gesture. He tells that he really needed alcohol to sip and sleep. He thanks her for the gift. Tanu can imagine that Abhi will trouble Pragya a lot after getting too drunk. She thinks a storm will be coming in Pragya’s house.

Tanu celebrates the upcoming troubles in Pragya’s life. She tells Aaliya that she is really happy and celebrating the super rich status. She tells that she will sleep with the money chest. Aaliya realizes that she isn’t telling the real reason. She wants to know what did Tanu do with Abhi and Pragya now. She asks Tanu what wrong did she do now. Tanu doesn’t share things with her. She adds that her move will be known on its own once the plan works. Abhi gets the alcohol and sends away Gattu.

He drinks once again, much to Pragya’s shock. Pragya thinks he is doing a drama and drinking water to fool her. She asks him to stop drinking at once. He tells that its not a drama, its really alcohol. She asks him to go and sleep. He angrily breaks a bottle to prove that its really alcohol. Siddharth is disturbed because of Rhea. He doesn’t share the problem with Dadi. Dadi understands that he is worried. She asks him to promise and share things with her. She tells that whenever he finds the stress getting high, he can come to share the problem with her. She promises to solve his problem.

Pragya asks Abhi how did he get the alcohol. She finds him drunk. They have a cute fight. She asks him not to push her, else she will fall. Abhi runs after Pragya and hits her with a cushion. She throws the cushion at him. They run on the staircase. Abhi dances on the song that accidentally plays on the music system. Abhi tells that they will dance. She asks him to go and sleep. Abhi stops her and reminds her promise, that she will not leave him even if he makes her away. He asks her not to anger him. Pragya goes to her room, while he follows her. He loses balance on the staircase. Pragya gets worried for him. Abhi falls down the staircase.

Pragya runs to him. She asks him to open his eyes. Prachi senses something unfortunate. Ranbir asks her to relax, and get over the nightmare. Pragya asks Abhi if he is okay. She thinks he is playing a prank on her. She admits that she got scared and he won the game. She gets scared seeing his head bleeding. Sushma returns home and finds Abhi lying in the blood. Pragya tells her that Abhi fell down the stairs. Sushma rushes to arrange medical help for Abhi. She tells Pragya that they need to rush Abhi to the hospital. What will happen to Abhi? Keep reading for next updates.

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  1. Abhi you don’t stand on the road it will be accident so please abhi you don’t do that go to pragya house take rest for same time
    tanu if you talk like this to pragya otherwise she will gets upest because of that tanu please don’t do that understand that what I am saying for you.
    Aliya you know that Abhi he gets upest because of that aliya please don’t do that aliya now please stop that and you also gaurav if you go to pragya house otherwise abhi he will come down tha. abhi now he will gets upest because of you gaurav you don’t come like that get out form there.


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