Imlie 4th October 2021 Written Update Aditya Imlie’s date

Imlie 22nd December 2021 Written Update Imlie rages

Imlie 4th October 2021 Written Update Aditya Imlie’s date Malini recalls how Aditya asked Imlie for a lunch date. She thinks about how to make new ideas everyday, to stop Aditya from getting close to Imlie. Someone knocks on Malini’s door. Malini asks who it is? The person says food delivery ma’am. Malini again asks who it is? The person turns out to be Imlie. Imlie smiles and Malini asks what is this nonsense and joke? Imlie says it’s not a joke as she has appeared fully wearing chinese attire. Malini says she wanted to eat chinese. She further asks Imlie should she eat her.

She gives Malini the food and asks her to eat from her hands. Malini refuses to eat anything from Imlie’s hands. She asks Imlie to not fake concern for her as they are alone in the room. Imlie tells Malini that she considers her unborn child as hers. She further says that she cares for the child just as Malini, that is why she brought homemade food for her. Malini asks her to leave as she and her baby doesn’t need her food or care. She shocks Malini saying that she is pregnant too. In shock, Malini opens her mouth and Imlie feeds her the food.

Malini tells Imlie she cannot make her feed this way. Imlie fools Malini and makes her eat the food again and again. She asks Malini to tell her what she would like to eat from the next day. Malini asks her to leave as she isn’t interested in her food as well as nonsense. Malini feels irritated with Imlie’s antics. She thinks she doesn’t want this pregnancy but she did this to snatch Aditya from Imlie. Malini further thinks that now she will use her pregnancy as well as her kid to get Aditya back.


She talks to her mother and asks her to do her one work. Rupi and Nishant decide to get Imlie and Aditya respectively ready for their date. Rupi praises Aditya for his decision to take Imlie out on a date. Rupi asks Imlie if she and Aditya will only go for lunch or dinner too? Malini confidently thinks that she will not let them go on a date. Harish interrupts everyone and tells them that Anu called. He tells that Anu invited them for a Pooja kept for Malini and Aditya’s baby. Pankaj says to Harish that he should have refused after knowing what she did with Aditya.

Aparna says that they should go for the sake of maternal grandparents. Radha too says they should go. Pankaj asks Aditya about his decision/opinion. Imlie asks Tripathi family to go. Malini again fakes concern for Imlie and thanks her for thinking good for her child. She invites Imlie hurting her. Imlie agrees to attend Pooja. Malini in her thoughts thinks that she has set up the pooja to show Imlie that she has no place in Aditya’s life. Nakli Nani tells Imlie that this Pooja was all Anu and Malini’s plan. Imlie says she is aware of it. She convinces Nani to come with her.

Imlie thinks that Aditya planned the date for clearing misunderstandings with her. Imlie leaves the house and gets surprised seeing Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan. They tell her that their car broke. Imlie introduces herself. They ask Imlie her story. She tells them that she has a long story, and love brought her from Pagdandiya to Delhi. Radhika and Sunny brief their film “Shiddat” story to her. Imlie asks did their characters meet in the film. They ask her to watch the film.

At Chaturvedi house, Anu orders her servants to set silver cutlery instead of a cheap one. Dev asks Anu, why she kept pooja instead of a kitty party. She tells Dev that she kept Pooja for her grandchild. She thinks about what the baby will call her. Dev thinks about Anu’s new plan behind the Pooja. Imlie tells Aditya she met bollywood stars outside their home. Imlie gets angry at Aditya for not believing her. He stops her and asks who were those bollywood stars. Imlie ignores him. Aditya stops her and ask is she still angry? She tells him that she is angry because he doesn’t trust her and instead always supports and trusts Malini and Anu.

Imlie tells Aditya that she doesn’t want to show anger on the upcoming baby. She says that she is just thinking about their present relationship and what will it be after the baby arrives in the world. Imlie says she thinks what and how will be her relation with his and Malini’s upcoming baby. She says that she loves each and everything of his. Aditya explains that whatever he did in the past, he did it by thinking about the upcoming baby.

Imlie sits in Nishant’s car instead of Aditya’s. Nishant teases Aditya for being romantic. Aditya asks Nishant to do whatever he told him to. Nishant says yes he will surely do. Nakli Nani doesn’t let Malini sit with Aditya. Malini receives a call from her doctor and gets shocked. Doctor tells her that she has Asthma, thus she needs to take more care of her in her pregnancy. He advises Malini to avoid going outside, dust and pollution. Malini thinks she cannot cancel the pooja as Aditya will go behind Imlie then. She tells the doctor that she will take care, Doctor asks her to be careful as it will affect her baby directly.

Malini gets tense. Aditya asks Malini was it the doctor’s call? Malini replies yes. Aditya asks what the doctor said, are all her reports fine. Malini lies and lies that the doctor asked her to take care of her diet. In the next episode, Malini will ask Anu if she prepared everything properly. Anu will assure her of their plan. Malini will thank her and tell that she did not have any idea for stopping Aditya and Imlie’s date. Imlie will overhear their conversation and get shocked. Everyone will get shocked seeing Meethi working as a servant in chaturvedi house. Anu will tell everyone to not get shocked as she was in need of a servant and Meethi needed a job. She will tell everyone that she is giving Meethi 5000rs monthly.

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