Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th October 2021 Written Update Saaransh in danger

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th October 2021 Written Update Saaransh in danger

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th October 2021 Written Update Saaransh in danger Rudra and Prisha have a family moment with kids and elders of the family. Rudra takes Prisha aside and discusses that they are not getting time for each other. Rudra will get romantic. They will get interrupted by Mr. Ahuja. Mr. Ahuja will ask Rudra to bring Saaransh with them in front of the media/press. Rudra says he will bring Anvi too, as she is his family too. Sanya overhear this and thinks to not let Rudra ruin her and Armaan’s plan. She thinks to keep brainwashing Anvi and keep her away from Rudra. She spills juice on Anvi’s dress and takes her away for cleanup.

As per his and Sanya’s plan, Armaan too doesn’t let Rudra reach Anvi. Rudra tells Prisha that he didn’t find Anvi anywhere. They wonder where Anvi is. They try calling Anvi through the microphone. After not getting any response from Anvi they start their press conference. Rudra tells his fans and media that he is returning to the singing industry. He promises his fans that his new song will be worth their wait. Rudra also dedicates his upcoming song to his happy family and love. He says he cannot wait too. Prisha announces Rudra’s upcoming concert.

Media/Press asks Prisha what she is feeling after she got Saaransh back. Prisha answers them that she is happy and feels that her family is complete now with Saaransh’s return. She tells the Media about Anvi who gave her strength when Saaransh was not with her. She tells the Media that with Anvi and Saarnsh her family got completed. Sanya returns with Prisha and tries instigating her saying that Prisha didn’t even take her name in her family. She tries to make Anvi believe that Prisha doesn’t love her or consider her family. Sanya instigates Anvi against Rudra too by telling that Rudra brought Saaransh and snatched Prisha from her.


Anvi says to Sanya that she wants to return home. Mr. Ahuja tells everyone that he is proud of Rudra. Mr Ahuja and Prisha’s parents leave Khurana Mansion. At his house, Armaan and Sanya try to manipulate Anvi by advising her to make her place in Prisha’s heart by killing Saaransh. They manipulate her by showing her an example in the cartoon. On the other side, Prisha and Rudra make Saaransh sleep. Rudra asks Prisha how they will have their first night if everyone comes in between them. He discusses with Prisha that they can have a breakfast date alone in Axis Park Resort, Prisha agrees.

Prisha thinks of surprising Rudra with her new hot night dress. Next Morning, Rudra and Prisha check-in the resort as planned. Their romance gets interrupted when Khuranas and Armaan’s family interrupts them by reaching and surprising them in the resort. This turns out to be Prisha’s plan. Family gets happy thinking they are on a picnic. Everyone goes to their rooms and Rudra gets angry at Prisha for calling everyone. Prisha tells Rudra how Sharada misunderstood their picnic as family picnic.

It is also shown that Prisha called Armaan and told her that she is going on a family Picnic and invites Anvi too. Armaan tells Anvi about Prisha’s invitation. Sanya again tries manipulating Anvi by saying that Prisha just wants to hurt Anvi by inviting her. She says that Prisha will stick with Saaransh only. Armaan manipulates Anvi to get revenge on Saaransh by not letting him spend time with Prisha. Then Prisha is seen inviting her parents on their family picnic too. She comes back in present time and tries convincing Rudraksh about her plan.

Prisha tells Rudraksh that she will spend romantic time together in the night. In the next episode, Sanya will instigate Anvi by showing her how Saaransh is spending happy family time with Prisha and everyone. Armaan will instigate Anvi more by blaming Saaransh for Anvi’s loneliness. Instigates and Manipulated Anvi will try killing Saaransh through a car. Armaan and Sanya will think that they will get successful in their plan soon. Sharada sees Saaransh in danger and shouts. Everybody will be seen crying looking down on the road except Sanya, Armaan and Anvi. Keep reading.

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