Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2021 Written Update Affair goes live

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2021 Written Update Affair goes live

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd October 2021 Written Update Affair goes live Rishi’s phone rings and Malishka is angry that whoever is disturbing them. Rishi says it is Lakshmi and picks up her call. Lakshmi asks him what time he will come home and he replies at 1.30. Malishka does not allow Rishi to speak to Lakshmi. She asks Rishi what she should wear but Malishka disconnects the call. Lakshmi feels that Rishi must be very busy and is confused about what to wear. Lakshmi feels that she is going out for the first time with Rishi and cannot wear anything simple. Rishi tells Malishka she is not doing right and she says that she likes teasing him. Rishi asks her why he is so happy and Malishka says that is because they are at his office and not home to fear from Lakshmi.

Malishka tells Rishi that they will go together for the showroom inauguration and she will get ready and pick him up from his house. Lakshmi is unable to reach Neelam and searches her wardrobe for any suitable outfit. Shalu calls up Lakshmi and says that she is aware of the showroom inauguration due to its publicity campaigns. Lakshmi asks Shalu to help her in choosing the sari but she tells her to wear a gown. Lakshmi says that she cannot wear a gown but Shalu says that everyone will wear a western gown as it is a modern showroom for both men and women.

Lakshmi asks Shalu from where she will bring a gown in such a short time and Aahana lands up there. She says that she will arrange a gown for her in 10 minutes. Shalu informs Lakshmi that she is reaching in 10 minutes. Aahana orders a yellow gown for Lakshmi and tells her that she will look beautiful in it. Malishka calls up at the showroom and asks for the color theme and gets to know that it’s off-white. The representative informs her that she has invited Lakshmi along with Rishi for the event and Malishka throws her phone in anger. Lakshmi feels uncomfortable in her yellow gown and refuses to come out.


Shalu and Aahana wait for her outside when Rishi hurriedly goes to get ready when Lakshmi comes out. Rishi says that she is looking beautiful but Lakshmi says that it is uncomfortable. Rishi asks Lakshmi to wear anything she wants and never stop smiling. Aahana and Shalu tease Lakshmi. Malishka calls Rishi and tells him that the girl has invited Lakshmi along with him for the event. Malishka tells Rishi that she has been waiting for this event for the past many months and says that she wants to go with him and doesn’t want to see Lakshmi there. Rishi is in a dilemma. Malishka asks Rishi if they are going together and he says yes.

Lakshmi wears a red saree and Rishi just nods his head. Virendra tells Aayush to not trouble Shalu but Aayush tells him that she is over-smart. Aayush tells Virendra that Shalu showed him her sandals and Virendra says that he must have done something bad. Aayush says that nobody values him and he will ask Lakshmi and she will tell honestly. Virendra overhears him and Aayush runs away. Shalu says that Rishi was right that Lakshmi looks beautiful in anything she wears and Aahana tells her that Rishi loves her a lot. Rishi tells Lakshmi that the event has been canceled and she feels sad. Shalu and Aahana feel sad that Lakshmi cannot go with Rishi.

Lakshmi says that it is good because she got the time to make arrangements for Karwa Chauth. Shalu teases her and Lakshmi pulls her ears. Lakshmi thanks Aahana for the gown as she says that Lakshmi is unique and that is why that gown looked good on her. Malishka gets ready and ends up wearing a yellow gown. Malishka sees the store representative wearing a yellow gown. Malishka greets her uncle and Rishi also greets him. Malishka orders the girl to change her gown but she says that she doesnt have another one so Malishka warns her to not roam around her or come in her pictures. The girl asks Malishka if she told her uncle that she has invited Lakshmi too and Malishka shouts at her.

The girl feels that if Lakshmi comes then her boss will get impressed and increase her salary. She is wondering why Lakshmi has not come and thinks of calling her. Lakshmi gives a tab for Shalu and Bani gifted to them by Virendra. Shalu is very happy and asks Lakshmi to hug and thank Virendra. Shalu says that Virendra is very nice. The girl calls Lakshmi but Aahana cuts the call as she wants to inform Lakshmi that Neelam has bought a new sari for her. Lakshmi says what was the need and Aahana says that because it is her first Karwa Chauth. The girl calls again but Malishka comes and asks for scissors. She goes to get one and Lakshmi hears Malishka’s voice.

The girl thinks that now there is no use in calling Lakshmi as it is the time of inauguration. She asks her team to start uploading pictures on social media as soon as the event starts. Rishi and Malishka prepare to cut the ribbon and the team goes live on social media. Shalu calls up Lakshmi and informs her that the event has not been canceled. Lakshmi is shocked when Shalu says that she can see Rishi alone at the event. Shalu says that there must have been some misunderstanding and Rishi must be feeling shy alone. Lakshmi tells Shalu that she will leave quickly and inform Rishi on the way to the event. At the event, Rishi is not able to cut the ribbon as the scissors are not sharp.

Lakshmi reaches the venue and Shalu calls her to inform her that there is some girl with Rishi. Shalu is wondering who that girl is. Rishi hugs Malishka and says that she is looking gorgeous. Shalu is shocked to see Rishi’s hands on the unknown girl’s hips. Shalu understands the whole scenario and why Rishi lied to Lakshmi. Lakshmi is late for the event.

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