Imlie 22nd October 2021 Written Update Upsetting twist

Imlie 22nd October 2021 Written Update Upsetting twist

Imlie 22nd October 2021 Written Update Upsetting twist Imlie tells Rupi that she saw Pranav coming out from Dhruv and Nidhi’s room. She also says that the card Pranav gave her, he brought it from Dev’s room. Imlie says that Pranav might have not purchased the cards for her from outside. She further tells Rupi that Pranav is not trying his level best to get her forgiveness and win her trust. Malini overhear it and asks Imlie can she prove what is she saying. She accuses Imlie of provoking Rupi against Pranav. Malini further says that it could be a coincidence that Pranav gave the same looking card to Rupi which Dhruv gave to Nidhi.

Malini says to Imlie that only on a coincidence basis they cannot doubt Pranav. Imlie replies to Malini that Pranav already in the past deceived Rupi badly. Malini tells Imlie that she too deceived her and Triptahi’s in the past by lying since she came. She further tells Imlie that everyone still forgave her. Malini asks Imlie after everything she did, who is she to judge Pranav. Imlie explains to Rupi that she is saying what she is feeling. Malini tells Imlie that she can’t understand Rupi as nobody tried to snatch her husband from her.

Malini asks Imlie to not interfere in between Rupi and Pranav’s relationship. She even calls Imlie a homewrecker. Imlie replies that relationships cannot stay for long on a lie. She tells Malini she should know that to get somebody to love them by force makes the person very bad or evil. Malini ask Imlie how can she call her and Aditya’s 7 year relationship and legal marriage a lie? Imlie says to Malini that a person can easily win someone’s trust with evil intentions and lies. Malini and Imlie gets into a war of words and ask each other that can they let any husband and wife in peace?


Rupi asks them to shut. Imlie apologizes to Rupi and says she doesn’t want to fight with anybody. Rupi says to Imlie that she knows that she cares about her but warns her to not speak anything against Pranav. She tells Imlie that she always supported her in Aditya and her matter. Next, she questions Imlie that now when need her support she is doubting Pranav. Rupi further says to Imlie that she didn’t utter a word till now whenever she tested Pranav. She tells Imlie that Pranav deceived her and she is ready to give him a second chance. She asks Imlie why can’t she give Pranav another chance if she can. Rupi requests Imlie to give Pranav another chance. Imlie replies she is doing all this because she can’t see her break once again.

Rupi requests Imlie let her try and give another chance to Pranav. She further requests Imlie to try not getting against her and Pranav’s new beginning. Rupi says she will too start doubting Pranav if she again sees Imlie doubting Pranav. She asks Imlie to leave. Malini thinks that to make Imlie’s supporters in Tripathi house against her is better than her previous plan to make Rupi leave the house with Pranav. Emotional Imlie leave the room. Malini fakes concern for Rupi.

Imlie thinks to talk to Aditya regarding Rupi. Aditya gets a call from his senior. Aditya’s senior asks him to send the proof video against the MLA in office to get it verified and safe. Aditya agrees and says he is bringing the proof in the office soon. He asks Imlie to bring the pendrive he gave her. Pranav hears all this from outside Aditya’s room. He thinks he needs to steal the pendrive proof before Aditya takes it to the office. Imlie thinks to let Aditya complete his office work and then she will talk to him regarding Rupi. Aditya stops Imlie and asks her what she wanted to talk about?

Imlie says nothing and goes to get the pendrive. Rupi stops Pranav from going behind Imlie. She asks Pranav if they can go somewhere outside after Navrati ends? Pranav in her hurry asks Rupi to book any resort she likes. He gets tense and think that he needs to reach Proof before Imlie. Someone rings the bell before Imlie could reach the pendrive. She goes to open the door and Pranav runs to get the pendrive. Pranav gets scared hearing that the police came. These are the same inspectors whom Imlie Invited for navratri celebration and prasad.

Pankaj and Harish get scared seeing police. They ask the police to forgive Imlie and say that she is just a little naughty, otherwise she is a good-hearted person. Police tells Tripathis that Imlie saw them not being able to celebrate navratri because of their duty, so she called them to celebrate navratri with her family. Nani praises Imlie and her behavior/heart. Imlie doubts Pranav looking at the God’s idol where she kept the pendrive containing proof against minister. Tripathi’s welcome all the guests. Imlie doubts Pranav again for continuously seeing Devi’s maa’s idol. She thinks Pranav wants to steal the idol. Pranav gets lost from Imlie’s eyes. Imlie sees all the idols kept safe. She thinks about what Pranav is doing or wants.

She finally thinks that Pranav may be behind the proof Aditya collected against the minister and saved in the pendrive she hid behind Devi Maa’s idol. Rupi saves Pranav from falling. Pranav lies to Rupi that he wants to go somewhere outside. Rupi asks Pranav if he came to spend time with her or for some other purpose. Imlie on the other side and find the pendrive missing. Pranav again lies to Rupi that he came for her only and she is most important to him. He sees the fallen pendrive and says Rupi is his number one priority.

Imlie tells Rupi that Pranav is lying. She tells Rupi that Parnav stole Aditya’s pendrive. Pranav defends himself and says why will he steal a pendrive. Imlie says to Pranav if he stole that pendrive he would know what’s so important in that pendrive. Pranav confidently asks Imlie to check him if she doubts him. Imlie asks Rupi to check Pranav. Rupi refuses to do so but Pranav convinces her to do it. Nothing comes out of Pranav’s pockets and Rupi apologizes on Imlie’s behalf. Pranav pretends to be innocent.

He accuses of Imlie of doubting him again and again. Imlie tells Rupi that Pranav is lying. Rupi gets angry and tells Rupi that she is acting. She asks Rupi why she is being so rude. Imlie says she knows that Pranav is not a good person. Rupi and Imlie leave. Pranav picks up the pendrive from the floor and hides it. Aditya asks Imlie to give him the pendrive. Imlie says she doesn’t have it. Imlie thinks how to get pendrive back from Pranav.

In the next episode, police will be seen arresting Aditya. On Tripathi’s and Imlie’s questioning, police will tell that they found drugs in Aditya’s room. Everybody will get worried for Aditya getting arrested and being taken to the police station.

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