Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th October 2021 Written Update Ulte Phere

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th October 2021 Written Update Ulte Phere

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th October 2021 Written Update Ulte Phere Simar misses Aarav. She thinks of their moments. She wishes to stay with him, but is helpless to leave the house. She waits for Badimaa’s decision. She gets her earrings and dupatta with Aarav. She realizes that Aarav had kept it safe with him. Aditi gets the bridal dress for Simar. She tells that Badimaa has sent this gift for her. Simar can’t believe the special gift. Aditi tells that Badimaa has sent everything for her. Simar asks the reason for it. Aarav asks Badimaa why did she gift the groom’s clothes to him. She asks him to get decked up like a groom and come.

Aarav asks what’s the meaning of her decision. He is confused. Badimaa asks him to get ready and come downstairs. Aditi tells Simar that Badimaa asked her to get ready and come downstairs. Simar is also confused. Aditi tells that Badimaa will welcome Simar in the house, it will be a new beginning. She tells that its happy times again, they will be staying together once again. She asks Simar to stay with Aarav forever. Simar asks if Aarav knows about it. Aditi calls Aarav and asks him what did Badimaa tell him. Aarav tells that he is confused, Badimaa asked him to wear the sherwani and come downstairs.

Aditi tells that she is so excited, Badimaa asked her to make Simar ready as the bride. Aditi asks her if she is saying the truth. Aditi tells that he will be marrying Simar again. He asks her if Simar is happy. He wants to see Simar once. He tells that he wants to know Simar’s decision regarding the marriage. Aditi makes Aarav and Simar talk on the video call. Simar tells him that they shall obey Badimaa and get ready. He gets her positive reply and teases her. Aditi asks them not to waste time and just come downstairs to welcome their happiness.


On the other hand, Roma misbehaves with Shobha in front of Divya, while Lalit is busy on a phone call. Lalit hears Roma shouting. He stops Roma from her rudeness. He asks Roma to come with him for a talk. Roma tells Shobha that she is leaving the house. Divya asks her where is she going. Roma tells that Lalit and she will never come back, they are shifting to a big palace, because Lalit got a new job, he will get a big house, car and servants as well. She insults Divya. Lalit asks Roma to listen to him once. He stops Roma and tells her that they aren’t going anywhere, he didn’t get any job. Roma is left shocked.

Aditi informs the family about Badimaa’s gifts for Aarav and Simar. She tells that Badimaa would be getting them married again. Sandhya and family can’t believe this. Gajender tells that Badimaa never tricks anyone. Badimaa meets the family. She tells them that she called the men to make a mandap in the living room. Sandhya gets glad that Badimaa is really accepting Simar. Badimaa asks Aditi to get Aarav and Simar on time. Chitra asks Giriraj why did Badimaa forgive Aarav. She calls Reema to know about Vivaan.

She asks Reema to bring Vivaan home. Reema asks Chitra not to teach her anything. She tells that she knows her responsibility towards her husband. She meets Vivaan and his doctor. She asks the doctor about Vivaan’s condition. Doctor informs about his critical condition. Reema apologizes to Vivaan. He asks her to inform his family and arrange blood for his operation. Reema lies that she has informed the family already. She tells that she is Vivaan’s family. Sandhya tells Simar that she is really happy for her. Aditi and Sandhya help Simar deck up.

Aarav misses Vivaan in this moment, but Gajender does the shagun rituals for him. Sandhya and Gajender bless their son and Bahu. Gajender prays for Simar’s happiness. Mohit recovers from the injury. He learns about Vivaan’s condition. He expects Vivaan to die on the roads. He leaves from his ward. He is left shocked seeing Vivaan admitted in the hospital. He asks the goons how did Vivaan survive the attack. He yells at them. Mohit wants to kill Vivaan before the latter gets conscious and tells everything to the police.

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