Barrister Babu 28th October 2021 Written Update Clue for Bondita

Barrister Babu 28th October 2021 Written Update Clue for Bondita

Barrister Babu 28th October 2021 Written Update Clue for Bondita Bondita doesn’t find Batuk’s picture in Mallika’s pendant. Bondita asks it about and Mallika says that they both had a fight and Batuk removed it in anger. Batuk says Bondita to ignore it and come with him. Bondita offers to send Mallika her food and leaves. Batuk asks Mallika to stop doing drama as Bondita is very intelligent and may come to know that he and Anirudh look the same. Mallika says that she doesn’t care about it which makes Batuk angrier. Mallika asks Batuk if he loves Bondita but he tells her that he is pretending to care for her as she is pregnant with Anirudh’s child.

Mallika warns Batuk that she cannot tolerate seeing all these things and asks him to give her proof that he will come back to her. She also says that she will not keep saving him every time from Bondita. Mallika calls Batuk in her room at night and he agrees. Few men come to Roy Chowdhary’s house to invite Bondita at a barrister guild to honor her. Bondita is very happy but Batuk says that she will not come and they leave. Bondita’s doubt keeps growing if he is Anirudh or some other person.

Batuk sees Bondita making a sweater and advises her to sleep. Bondita is angry with Anirudh for not allowing her to go to the barrister guild. Batuk makes her understand that the barrister guild is in Calcutta and it was important for him to stop her from traveling much for baby’s sake. Bondita tries to argue with him but Batuk shuts her up and tells her to sleep. Batuk pretends to sleep on the sofa and checks if Bondita is sleeping. At 11 he sneaks out of his room to meet Mallika. Mallika dances happily around Batuk and he smiles. Bondita gets up and finds Batuk missing. She goes in search of him and hears the sound of water late in the night.


Batuk is having a good time with Mallika. Bondita sees Batuk coming out of Mallika’s room and is shocked. Mallika says that Anirudh is useless and Batuk could have repaired the tap in no time. Mallika apologizes to Bondita for calling Anirudh to repair her bathroom tap. Bondita cannot control her laughter seeing Batuk drenched in water and asks him to change quickly or else he will fall ill. Bondita asks Batuk to take out his clothes and Batuk says that he will help himself. Bondita is confused that why Anirudh is feeling shy in front of her and orders him to remove his clothes till then she will get a towel. Mallika angrily observes Bondita.

Bondita tries to remove Batuk’s clothes but he doesn’t allow her. Bondita offers him a shirt and Batuk wears it. Bondita dries Batuk’s hair. Bondita tells Batuk that she cannot see him with Mallika and insists to take her along with him the next time he sneaks out. Batuk agrees. Bondita tells that they should call Batuk back and get him married to Mallika so that their baby will have an uncle and aunt to pamper. Batuk is shocked and asks her to sleep and says that they will speak about it later.

Bondita says that they should call Batuk back and Batuk again tells her to sleep. Bondita tries to wipe Batuk’s hair but he says that he will do it and starts wiping. Batuk tells Bondita goodnight and she wishes him back. Bondita listens to Batuk and goes to sleep. The next morning Bondita is on a call with someone and she becomes happy after getting the information. Bondita calls up the telephone exchange department and thanks them for agreeing to provide her the lists of calls and audio recordings of the calls made in the last few days as per her request. Bondita tells them that now her work will be easier.

Bondita decides to catch the culprit and find out who is not letting her take up the cases. Bondita is happy and goes to take out her work-related books when several letters fall from them. Bondita finds some papers and sees her handwriting being practiced and wonders that who is writing letters in her handwriting. Bondita recalls having found the letter written by her in her cupboard and also the fake letter in Somnath’s drawer. Will the call recordings lead Bondita to Batuk? Will Bondita catch Batuk for writing a fake letter in her handwriting? Keep reading.

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