Imlie 1st November 2021 Written Update Imlie’s demand

Imlie 25th October 2021 Written Update Miracle for Imlie

Imlie 1st November 2021 Written Update Imlie’s demand Aditya asks for divorce from Malini. He requests Malini to sign the divorce papers so that his and Imlie’s relationship can grow and accomplish. Aditya says he doesn’t want any doubts in his wife’s Imlie’s mind. This shocks Malini, Anu as well as others. Angry Anu calls Aditya insolent for asking divorce from his pregnant wife Malini. Aditya tells Anu that she doesn’t look good talking about respecting people. He says that his and Malini’s divorce was delayed for a long time.

Aditya says that he can’t lose Imlie’s trust. He announces that Imlie will always rights on him and his love. Meethi gets happy with Aditya’s decision. Pankaj agrees with Aditya’s decision of divorcing Malini. Nishant says there is no reason left to stop this divorce. Rupi says by this divorce confusions will get cleared. Anu requests Malini to sign any papers as everything will get finished. Malini goes to Aditya and asks the latter for a pen. She signs the divorce papers. Aditya thanks her. Malini pretends innocence and tells Aditya she wanted the divorce for a long time and that’s why she started the divorce proceedings earlier.

Again pretending to be an innocent person, Malini says to Aditya that they should have done it earlier. She explains that she is happy if Family is happy and Imlie refers to her as her sister once again. Aparna tells Malini that she did a big work with strength. She further tells Malini that she will always remain her daughter. Nani tells Meethi that she was right about Malini being different from her mother. Pankaj blesses Malini to be happy. Malini thanks him. Radha asks everyone to prepare for Karwachauth. Everyone leaves from there.


Aditya asks Imlie to trust him now as he and Malini have no other relation except the responsibility of the upcoming child. Imlie smiles in response. She reaches Malini’s room and asks her if she is calling a kidnapper to get someone kidnapped. Malini innocently replies that she was just calling her mehndi artist for her (Imlie’s) first Karwachauth. Imlie asks Malini to not pretend to be innocent as there is no camera or person except her present in her room.

Malini tells Imlie that she is not pretending. Imlie refuses to believe Malini and calls her tears, expressions and words fake and false. She asks Malini why she signed the divorce papers. Malini returns to her original evil behavior and replies that she used to get pricked whenever Aditya called his and her relation wafery (relationship on papers only). She tells Imlie that she felt like laughing while pretending to be innocent. Imlie tells Malini that she for a second wished that the latter must have changed for real.

Malini tells Imlie that Dev’s words made her realize that only her child can bring Aditya near her rather than her old relationship. She asks Imlie to get out of her and Aditya’s life if she is so concerned about Aditya. Imlie replies that a person never gives a robber what is precious to him/her. She indirectly calls Malini a robber (dacoit). She challenges Malini that she will bring her reality in front of Aditya anyhow. Malini asks how she will bring her real face in front of Aditya. She tells Imlie that as usual Aditya will not trust her words. Imlie tells Malini to wait and watch.

Anu arrives from behind and hears Malini and Imlie’s conversation. Anu praises Malini and understands her plan. Malini discusses with Anu that Imlie and Aditya are getting away from each other due to trust issues. She says that now she just has to increase the distance between Aditya and Imlie. Imlie tries finding Aditya. Rupi takes Meethi and Imlie to get mehndi applied for Karwachauth. Anu insults Meethi asking her if she wants to get her murderer husband Satyakam’s name on her hand.

Imlie asks Nani to tell everyone what Pandit ji told her once seeing her hand. Nani in a joking manner tells that once a pandit in their village told that one murder is written in Imlie’s hand. Malini comes to the ladies of the family. She says that she loves getting mehndi applied. Aparna gives Malini her place to get Mehndi applied on her hands. Sundar makes fun of Aditya on seeing him applying Mehndi on his hand. Aditya takes a promise from Sundar to not tell anyone about it. Sundar thanks Aditya for calling and considering him as his brother.

Sundar takes males of the house to Aditya and tells them to use Aditya’s hand to surprise their wives on Karwachauth. Everyone uses Aditya’s idea of writing their wives name on their hand for surprising their wives. Aditya meets Imlie. Imlie tells Aditya that Malini still didn’t change. She tells Aditya that Malini said she will use the upcoming child to get him back (snatch him from her). Aditya refuses to believe and tells Imlie that a woman can be wrong but a mother can never use her child for hers selfish motives.

This conversation increases the distance and trust issues between Imlie and Aditya. Imlie will tell Aditya that she will bring proof to make him believe her and Malini’s reality. Aditya fails to show Imlie her name on his hand as she leaves angrily. Nani explains the meaning of Karwa Chauth and blesses everything to be married whole life. Rupi feels bad when Radha asks everyone to get their husband’s name written on their hands. Imlie lights everyone’s mood and makes Rupi smile by asking her to get Sidhharth Malhotra (he favorite actor’s name) written on her hand.

Nani asks the mehndi artist to write her husband’s name on her hand so that he remains happy in heaven. Malini teases Imlie saying that she is sure Aditya refused to believe her words. Everyone asks Imlie to get Aditya’s name written on her hand. Malini shows Imlie, Aditya’s name written on her hand. Imlie stops Malini from leaving and asks her to show her hand. Malini asks Imlie if she wants to get the same design as hers.

Aditya asks what is going on. Imlie shows Aditya his name written on Malini’s hand. Everyone asks what is happening. Aditya asks Malini what is this? Imlie asks why Aditya’s name is written on Malini’s hand. In the next episode, Imlie will try explaining to Aditya that Malini will ruin their relationship. Aditya will ask Imlie what she wants him to do? Imlie will ask Aditya to send Malini back to her parents house (Chaturvedi house). Aditya will refuse to do so and will say that he doesn’t think one Malini can ruin his and Imlie’s relationship. He will tell Imlie that he will not ask Malini to leave his house.

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