Choti Sardarni 12th November 2021 Written Update Peak drama

Choti Sardarni 12th November 2021 Written Update Peak drama

Choti Sardarni 12th November 2021 Written Update Peak drama Rajveer sees Seher lovingly and remembers all the memories he spent with her till now. Rajveer and Seher indulge in some romantic moments. Seher asks Rajveer how she is looking and Rajveer says that she is looking beautiful. Seher informs Rajveer that she is wearing Kulwant’s outfit. Rajveer is about to express his feelings to Seher when the kids come near Seher and wish her happy Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas. Seher gets busy with the kids and Rajveer is not able to say anything.

Kulwant is trying to find an answer to Seher and Rajveer’s marriage along with Bitu and Rana. Kulwant talks about Kunal Malhotra. Rana says that Seher did not marry Kunal. Kulwant slaps Rana and tells him that she is aware of it. Kulwant tells Bitu and Rana that she needs to find out what went wrong between Kunal and Seher. Kulwant asks Rana to call a guy named Ranga. Kulwant tells Ranga that she will send him a picture of Kunal and she needs all the information about him.

Bitu asks Kulwant about Ranga and she says that Ranga is a very useful guy as he knows about every event. Seher tells the kids that Rajveer has organized a special surprise for them. Seher says that it is sand art on clean and green Diwali. The kids go running to see it. A guy makes various sand arts with his hands and amuses the kids. Seher catches Rajveer’s hand with her finger. Rajveer smiles at her. Rajveer catches Seher’s hand and she feels shy.


Kulwant looks at Harsheep and she gives her a cunning look. Harshdeep is plotting something. Kulwant gets a call from Ranga who tells her that Kunal had come from Canada to Amritsar but got kidnapped at the airport. Kulwant tells Ranga that Seher used to tell her that Kunal is greedy and demanded 10 crores from her. Kulwant orders Ranga that she needs every small detail about Kunal. Kulwant tells Ranga that she needs answers to all the questions which are still a mystery.

Harshdeep’s men indicates that live wires have been broken. Harshdeep thinks that Kulwant has troubled her a lot and so she must suffer a painful death. Harshdeep informs her men that no one else should go near the live wires. Harshdeep is determined to make a huge blast. Rajveer and Seher ask Harsheep what she is planning which makes her scared. But Rajveer says that she already made a huge blast by organizing a big party. Seher feeds a sweet to Harshdeep.

Harshdeep heaves a sigh of relief. Seher informs Harshdeep that she always takes care of everyone so now they will take care of her. Harshdeep agrees and goes to meet the guests. Rajveer asks Seher to feed him, sweets. Rajveer picks up a sweet from Seher’s plate and feeds her. Rajveer is once again unable to express his feelings. Seher pulls Rajveer’s legs and runs away. Rajveer runs after Seher. Seher and Rajveer ask Kulwant if she wants something and she says no.

Kulwant and Harshdeep are trying every possible way to get back at each other. Rajveer turns himself into a hopeless romantic and goes dancing around Seher. He is madly in love with Seher and is mesmerized by her presence. Seher laughs at Rajveer and he gets angry. Seher goes to convince Rajveer but he drags her to a corner. Rajveer and Seher wish each other a happy Diwali and exchange gifts. Rajveer expresses his love for Seher but she goes to meet the guests.

Param and Karan are sad that Kulwant is sick on this Diwali. Kulwant offers Karan and Param a ladoo prepared by her. Kulwant goes far away and asks forgiveness from Param and Karan for acting ill because she has to save Seher. Seher gives gifts to the kids. Rajveer pledges to say I love you to Seher. Rajveer runs after Seher and is about to tell her when a kid comes to Rajveer. He gives Rajveer a parcel. Seher goes to check dinner arrangements.

Harshdeep is scared that Kulwant has sent her illegal paper to Rajveer. Harshdeep takes away the paper from Rajveer’s hand but finds a restaurant menu. Kulwant asks Harshdeep to not increase her blood pressure but instead listen to her so that she remains tension-free. Kulwant warns Harshdeep that she doesn’t have much time left. Harshdeep thinks that Kulwant Kaur’s time is going to end soon.

A kid asks Rajveer to play a game and he agrees. Seher takes Kulwant in her team and Rajveer calls Harshdeep in his team. Karan and Param get ready to go in Seher’s team but Rajveer tells them that they are his friends. Karan and Param reluctantly join Rajveer’s team which makes Seher sad. Rajveer tells Seher to start but Seher gives them a chance. Rajveer’s team sings Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum which makes Kulwant remember her memories with Mehr and Sarabjit. She becomes emotional. Kulwant volunteers to sing next and start singing Aa Dekhe Zara.

Kulwant sings it purposely for Harshdeep and they both give each other defeat vibes. The kids ask Rajveer to sing a song. Rajveer is lost in Seher and Karan brings him back to reality. Rajveer sings Keh Du Tumhe Ya Chup Rahu for Seher. Rajveer and Seher dance together. Kulwant blesses Rajveer and Seher. Bitu and Rana go out to eat something and are about to step on the live wire when Harshdeep stops them. She tells them that helpers will guide them. Bitu and Rana click a selfie with Harshdeep and take sweets from her.

Harshdeep shouts at Bobby to not send anyone except Kulwant. Seher sings Hothon Pe Aisi Baat and Rajveer sings Inteha Ho Gayi Intezaar Ki. It seems like both the love birds are expressing themselves through the songs. Harshdeep thinks that it will be better for her if Kulwant dies as soon as possible. Rajveer sings Tum Paas Aaye Yun Muskuraye and dances around Seher. Seher also dances with him and they both get lost in each other. Everyone claps and they come back to reality. Harshdeep announces a laser show for the kids.

The kids are happy and clap. Harshdeep is determined to defeat Kulwant. Harshdeep tells Kulwant that she thought about her offer but she needs only her child and doesn’t care about anyone else. Harshdeep informs Kulwant that she will not get scared and asks her to give the papers. Kulwant tells Harshdeep that she will not get threatened by her and is double adamant than her. Kulwant says that she will not die so easily. Rajveer sees the ring he wants to give to Seher. Bunty tells Seher to tell I love you to Rajveer and informs her that he too loves her.

Seher asks Bunty how he knows and he replies that he has seen DDLJ many times and Rajveer looks at Seher the same way SRK looks at Kajol in the movie. Seher smiles. The laser show starts and Rajveer and Seher keep staring at each other. Kulwant asks Ranga what Harshdeep did with Kunal. Harshdeep is behind Kulwant and instructs her men to direct Kulwant towards the live wires. Kulwant struggles as Harshdeep’s men block her and she walks towards the broken wires. Rajveer fumbles to say I love you to Seher.

Seher encourages Rajveer to speak up. Harshdeep orders Bobby to turn off the jammers so that nobody gets a network. Kulwant is not able to connect with Ranga and steps on the live wire. Kulwant gets a shock and Seher sees that. Karan, Param and Rajveer also see Kulwant getting a shock and they all run to save her. Seher throws a wooden chair at Kulwant and she steps off the wire. Seher is about to fall on the wire and Rajveer saves her. Everyone tries to revive Kulwant. Rajveer shouts at the staff for their poor maintenance. Seher tells Rajveer to cool down as it was an accident.

Kulwant gains consciousness and drinks water. Kulwant says that it was not an accident but someone tried to kill her. Seher says that it is not true and Kulwant says that she was harmed because she should not get to know the truth. Seher feels happy that Kulwant regained her memory. Kulwant asks forgiveness from Seher that she did all this drama for her sake. Seher hugs Kulwant and asks her who wants to kill her. Kulwant hugs Param and Karan and seeks forgiveness from them too. Karan says that he was dying to hear his name from her mouth.

Param tells thank god that Kulwant is safe and sound. Rajveer, Seher, Karan and Param ask Kulwant who is after her life. Kulwant points at Harshdeep. Everyone is shocked but Harshdeep acts as if she is innocent. Kulwant expresses that Harshdeep wants to kill her. Seher asks Kulwant what she is saying. Kulwant informs Seher that she and Kunal used to love each other but due to Harshdeep he changed overnight. Kulwant goes on to claim that it was Harshdeep who did all this for the sake of a kid. Rajveer admits that he killed Kunal. Seher asks Rajveer to place his hands on her head and say that he murdered Kunal. Rajveer confesses to his crime. Seher is shattered. Rajveer is arrested. Has Rajveer killed Kunal or is he trying to save Harshdeep? How will Seher compose herself and prove Rajveer innocent? Keep reading.

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