Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2021 Written Update New leap

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2021 Written Update New leap

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2021 Written Update New leap Vasudha gets worried for Venky on hearing the gunshot. Prisha shouts “Anna” on seeing Venky shot. She goes and checks Venky’s veins. Prisha cries seeing Venky dead and asks him why he didn’t listen to her and involved Saaransh in between. She sees a gun in Rudra’s hand and checks his condition. Prisha thinks she can’t let Rudra go to prison for Venky’s murder and thinks to take the blame on herself. She takes the gun in her hand before anyone comes to see what happened. Param, Mishka, police and Saaransh get shocked on seeing a gun in Prisha’s hand.

Police ask Prisha what happened to Venky. Prisha says she killed Venky to save Rudra from the former’s madness. Vasudha, GPS and Vejanti too reach the incident spot and gets shocked to see Venky dead. Vasudha gets uncontrollable. She gets more shocked, when police tells Prisha that they need to arrest her for murdering Venky. Vasudha rises up and slaps Prisha hard. She asks Prisha how she can kill her own brother. Prisha tries to explain the situation to Vasudha but she doesn’t listen to her. She orders Prisha to not call her “Amma” as she died for her from now on. This shocks Prisha.

Vasudha asks police to arrest Prisha as she killed her son Venky. She asks the police to get Prisha a death sentence. Vasudha’s words shocks everyone. Story/Show takes a leap of five years, and some old man’s death is shown. Someone asks Bunty about Rudra. Bunty tells the person that Rudra will reach soon. Rudra is seen in a different avatar on his bike, drinking. Bunty back counts from 3 to 1 and Rudra arrives. Rudra hugs Bunty and the former tells the latter that he reached late and on the correct time. Rudra goes inside with Bunty and attends the old person’s funeral worship. Rudra asks Bunty how much money the old man’s family is giving.


Bunty tells Rudra the family is giving double the money than he asked for. Rudra asks Bunty, are people giving money even to attend a funeral worship. Bunty replies to him that this way people get pr. Rudra starts his acting by being emotional about the old man’s death. Bunty tells Rudra that he is overreacting. Rudra takes everyone’s leave asking Bunty to handle everything. Outside the old man’s house, the Media puts many questions in front of Rudra. Rudra leaves telling them “no comments”. Bunty feels emotional and thinks from whom Rudra is running from.

Rudra reaches Khurana Mansion and asks Sharda if she prepared everyone he asked her to for Prisha’s birthday. Sharada tells Rdura that yes, she prepared everything he asked her to. Rudra leaves towards his room with many gifts for Prisha. He kisses Prisha’s pictures in his room. Rudra says, “I love you” to Prisha’s pictures and wishes her “Happy Birthday”. Rudra sees a servant with cake and flowers for Prisha. He throws away the cake and flowers in anger, shocking Sharda. Rudra grabs the servant’s collar and tells him that he already told him that Prisha is allergic to flowers. He asks the servant to bring another cake now. Servant leaves.

Sharda asks Rudra till when he will behave like this. Rudra again drinks from a whisky bottle and tells Sharda that he will be like this only. Sharda asks Rudra to accept that Prisha died 5 years ago. Rudra refuses to believe that Prisha died. He tells Sharda that Prisha resides in him only. Sharda asks Rudra to accept that Prisha is not in his destiny as he lost her even after struggling a lot to get her. She says that she remembers that day when they lost Prisha. Rudra says he too remembers that wretched day.

A flashback from five years ago is shown. Rudra is seen unconscious in the hospital. Sharda and Mishka are seen in Rudra’s room. He asks Sharda about Prisha’s whereabouts. Mishka tells Rudra that Prisha got arrested because of shooting and murdering Venky. She also tells Rudra that Prisha’s court is going on currently. Rudra gets shocked and reveals that the gun was in his hand and thus Prisha can’t have killed Venky. He says some misunderstanding must have happened. Rudra leaves the hospital to reach Prisha. Mishka and Sharda fail to stop Rudra. At the court, the Judge says that Advocate Vejanti has submitted all the proof and witnesses. He asks the defense advocate/ Prisha’s lawyer, if he has to say anything in Prisha’s defense?

Prisha’s lawyer says that his client confessed her crime herself, thus he has nothing to say in her defense. Rudra reaches the court and hears the judge sentencing Prisha to death. Judge says that Prisha will be sentenced to death after two days. Everyone gets shocked hearing the Judge’s final decision. Judge signs Prisha’s punishment. Rudra tries to defend Prisha. Prisha stops Rudra and says she killed Venky. Rudra initially refuses to believe Prisha. Prisha tells Rudra that she shot and killed Venky to save him (Rudra). Rudra gets shocked and emotional. He tries to stop the police from taking Prisha away.

Prisha tells Rudra that destiny doesn’t want them to be together. Everyone present at the court feels Rudra and Prisha’s pain and cries. Prisha is shown being taken away from Rudra. Sharda and Mishka stop Rudra from running behind Prisha. Rudra still runs behind the police car taking Prisha away from him. He shouts Prisha’s name and breaks down. Flashback ends.

In the next episode, Rudra will refuse to believe that Prisha died. He will tell Sharda that he hopes that Prisha remains happy wherever she is. On the other side, Prisha will be seen doing Tulsi pooja. A little girl in a South Indian outfit will wish Prisha, “Happy Birthday Mumma” and give her a card. Prisha will pick up the little girl in her arms and hug her tightly.

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