Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Written Update Destiny game

Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Written Update Destiny game

Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Written Update Destiny game Fateh is given a task by Sharma, when the latter sends a gift for Angad and Tejo at their Shimla house. Fateh drives to Shimla to Maan villa, unaware that the villa belongs to Angad, and even Tejo is there. Fateh walks in with the huge gift. Tejo and Fateh feel the same strange presence of each other once again, but fail to see. They donโ€™t understand why they are always sensing each other, when Fateh is assumed to be away in Canada. Tejo’s feelings get clear today, that she is just meant for Fateh, she can’t accept Angad in her life for any reason. Fateh and Tejoโ€™s love gets proved again and again, when they get rigid about holding their memories. They both refuse to move on. Will the destiny plan their union and bring them face to face? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Tejo is troubled to fake a happy couple thing with Angad. She doesn’t want to attend any party as Angad’s fiancee. Angad asks her to take it a house party and meet his friends. He tells her that it will be a good change for her also. She is already fed up with the fake engagement drama. Angad wishes to turn it real, but knows well that she still loves Fateh. He respects her feelings for Fateh. Fateh speaks to Buzo and tells that he misses his family a lot. He further asks Buzo to show him the Virk family. He adds that he is just repenting by staying away from his family.

Fateh breaks down when he sees Simran and Gurpreet on the call. He learns what the family is going through because of him, and gets disheartened. Later, Tejo and Fateh think of each other. Tejo realizes that she can never move on with anyone, she just loves Fateh and can never forget him. She wishes his welfare. Fateh also wishes the good for Tejo and thinks of her. Tejo and Fateh make prayers for each other.


Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Written Update Destiny game:

Satti wants Tejo to marry Angad soon, because they have to answer the society as well. She tells that Tejo is already engaged to Angad, and now she shall get married without taking more time. She tells that even Gurpreet wants Tejo and Angad’s marriage to happen soon. Rupy doesn’t want Tejo to decide anything in pressure. He tells that only Tejo will decide about her marriage. Tejo and Fateh miss each other. She gets restless to know about Fateh. She calls Rupy to ask him about Fateh. She asks him about Jasmin and Fateh, but Rupy lies to her. Rupy tells her that he spoke to Jasmin who showed her Canada house and looked really happy.

He adds that Fateh got a job in Canada, Jasmin and Fateh are really happy there. He asks Tejo to forget them and look after her own life. Tejo tells that she just wanted to know about them, she is glad to know that they got settled by now. She later realizes that Rupy might have lied to her, because he never likes to talk to Jasmin after ending relations with her. She wonders what’s the reason that he lied to her. She gets more worried for Fateh. Satti is also aware of the truth. She tells that Rupy has lied to Tejo just to keep Tejo in peace, because they know Tejo’s heart is still connected to Fateh.

Fateh deeply misses his family and Tejo. He realizes that its too difficult to live without Tejo. He cries and keeps his pain to himself, while Tejo tries to find about Fateh. Angad finds Tejo crying again. He hates to see her tears. He thinks she should finally move on, since Fateh moved to Canada with Jasmin. He decides to help Tejo in moving on. He tells that he will help Tejo come out of this sorrow. He calls Tanya to take her help and plan a surprise for Tejo to cheer her up. Tanya gives the surprise task to Fateh and sends him to Angad’s house.

Fateh reaches Angad’s house. Angad waits for the surprise at the gate, but goes inside at the same time to attend Riya. Fateh gets instructions from Tanya to hand over the box to Angad. Fateh doesn’t learn Angad’s name. The confusion keeps going on in the loop just as the hits and misses between Tejo and Fateh. Tejo senses Fateh again. She looks outside but doesn’t see him. Fateh gets imagining Tejo with him once again. They have a romantic dance sequence. Tejo looks stunning in the dress to be gifted to her by Angad. Fateh and Tejo go lost in each other’s eyes. Fateh delivers the box and leaves, without getting in Tejo and Angad’s sight.

Tejo thinks to get rid of her old memories, else she can never move on in her life. Tejo goes out to trash the old clothes, and fails to see Fateh once again. Angad finds Tejo dumping the old clothes and realizes that she is hurt by the past. He thinks to cheer her up and goes to speak to her. She tells him that she really wants to move on, but the past memories aren’t allowing her to do so. She tells how hurt she is feeling because of the past. Angad tells her that he is her friend who will always be there with her to bring her out of the painful past memories.

He tells her that he will not let any bitter memories hurt her. He gifts her the princess dress and tells that she is like a princess for him. He tells her that she can keep her self-respect and give him a return gift in order to keep the gift without any second thoughts. Tejo accepts the gift. She is thankful that he understands her. He tells her that they have to attend Nupur’s engagement tomorrow. He plans to spend the day with Riya and asks Tejo to join him. He brings a smile on Tejo’s face by his funny talks. Jasmin gets to learn Angad’s address. She realizes that Tejo and Fateh will also be with Angad.

She plans to meet the trio at the engagement party and ruin their happiness. Jasmin plans her revenge, unaware that Tejo and Fateh aren’t together. Fateh and Tejo reach the same engagement party. Tejo gets restless with the feeling of Fateh’s presence. She looks for him and goes with Angad. Fateh is troubled by Tanya, who wantedly touches him and flirts. Fateh tries to get rid of her. Fateh will finally get to see Tejo in the party in the next episode. Keep reading.

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