Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th December 2021 Written Update Blood ties

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th December 2021 Written Update Blood ties

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th December 2021 Written Update Blood ties Vejanti feels about going to Rudra’s concert for the first time in 5 years. She packs her things in happiness and thinks that it would be a very different feeling. Vejanti thinks her dream to hear and see Rudra performing will be fulfilled now. On the other side, Ruhi searches for Prisha everywhere in the house. On not finding Prisha, Ruhi thinks Prisha may have gone to the clinic for work. She thinks to go and freshen up. Saachi (Ruhi’s friend), arrives. She reminds Ruhi that they have to attend Rudra’s concert today. Saachi asks Ruhi what she will wear for the concert. Ruhi apologizes to Saachi and tells her that Prisha isn’t allowing her to attend the concert.

Saachi reminds Ruhi that she promised her. Ruhi says what can she do now. Saachi gets angry and asks Ruhi to come for the concert with her anyhow. Ruhi refuses to go. Saachi starts crying and shows anger to Ruhi. She asks if best friend breaks promises. Seeing Saachi cry, Ruhi agrees to attend Rudra’s concert with Saachi. Ruhi hugs Saachi from behind and says that Prisha taught her to never hurt the person you love. Saachi too hugs Ruhi. Ruhi feels guilty for not agreeing to Prisha. Saachi reminds Ruhi of eating two chocolates instead of one as Prisha instructed.

She also reminds Ruhi that she also got unwell after having two chocolates. Saachi asks Ruhi about her past mistake. Ruhi says she apologized to Prisha for that. Saachi asks Ruhi to apologize to Prisha this time too if she finds out about her attending the concert. Saachi says to Ruhi that she will support her if Prisha will scold her. Back at Khurana Mansion, Sharda tries to talk to Rudra. She finds him busy with his work. Rudra meets Saaransh and asks him to spend less time on screen in his absence too. He informs Saaransh about him going for a concert. Saaransh promises that he will spend less time on screen. Rudra says bye to Sharda.


Sharda stops Rudra and tells him that Vejanti will also go with him to see his concert. Rudra gets shocked and asks how Vejanti can come to his concert with him. Rudra leaves telling Sharda that he is going alone. Vejanti comes out with her bag and asks about Rudra. Sharda tells Vejanti that she talked to Rudra about taking her. Vejanti says she understood that Rudra didn’t agree to take her. Saaransh says that he already told them the same thing. Sharda asks Saaransh to stop talking rudely. Saaransh tells Sharda that she should ask Vejanti to not create drama daily. Vejanti leaves from there crying. Shara feels bad for Vejanti.

Veena gives her farm’s fresh vegetables. She tells Prisha that villagers have decorated the village for a rockstar’s arrival like God is arriving. Veena tells the whole village has gone mad in excitement for Rudra’s arrival. Veena leaves and Prisha goes outside to see Rudra’s poster. She touches Rudra’s photograph with love and takes the poster with herself. She cries and recalls her moments with Rudra. She kisses Rudra’s photograph and continues recalling her and his moments. She talks to Rudra’s photograph on the poster. Prisha says she misses him every moment and loves him a lot. While arriving in Rohtak, Rudra feels he heard “I Love You” from Prisha.

He searches for Prisha here and there from his car. He too recalls his moments with Prisha as well as their separation moments. In his thoughts Rudra says he knows Prisha is alive somewhere, missing him alot and calls him again and again. He thinks he can hear Prisha. Rudra further thinks that he will meet Prisha one day, wherever she is and they will be together once again. Bunty finds the village fascinating and calls Rudra to hear him. He asks Rudra what he is thinking about. Rudra says nothing and starts drinking. On the other hand, Saachi and Ruhi break their Piggy banks and count the coins required to buy Rudra’s concert tickets.

They find 28rs less for the tickets. Saachi tells Ruhi that she feels like crying and asks her how they will attend Rudra’s concert now? Ruhi asks her to not cry and says she will think of something. Saachi says Ruhi is the most intelligent kid in the village. Ruhi agrees to it. Ruhi thinks a little and asks Saachi to come with her to Tulsi kund. Saachi asks Ruhi, how will they get money from Tulsi kund. Ruhi takes Saachi with her. Prisha sees Rudra arriving in his car and meeting his fans. She gets emotional seeing Rudra after 5 long years. Rudra gives autographs to his fans. He feels Prisha’s presence near him. Prisha hides from Rudra. Rudra also sees a woman hiding.

Prisha cries for being away from Rudra and thinks they can never meet again. Ruhi and Saachi see children taking out coins thrown by devotees in the tulsi kund pond. Saachi says to Ruhi that boys are taking out coins from the pond. Ruhi tells Saachi that Prisha told her that boys and girls are equal. Ruhi jumps in the pond. One by one she comes up and goes back by giving coins in Saachi’s hands. Both the kids count the coins and find 2 rupees less. While jumping back in the pond, Ruhi slips in the pond. Ruhi’s foot gets stuck by some chunri and she finds it difficult to come upwards. Saachi gets scared and screams for help. Rudra hears Saachi’s voice and sees Ruhi drowning. He runs, jumps in the water and saves drowning Ruhi.

Rudra makes Ruhi lie on his lap. He wipes her face and wakes her up. Saachi asks Ruhi to see that Rockstar Rudraksh Khurana saved her. Ruhi tells Rudra that she jumped in the pond because of him only. Rudra asks her how? Ruhi reveals to Rudra that she jumped in the pond to get remaining coins to buy his concert’s tickets and to attend it. She asks Rudra if he understood what she told him. Rudra replies yes and tells her that it’s not right to risk her life for anything. Ruhi tells Rudra that kids should get free entry for his concert. Rudra tells Ruhi that kids will surely get free entry to his concerts from now on. He gives Ruhi and Saachi the tickets to his present concert and tells them that they will always get free entry to his concerts.

Rudra asks Ruhi to promise that she will never risk her life and Ruhi asks him to promise free tickets for kids. They promise each other. Ruhi promises in Prisha’s manner, which makes Rudra recall Prisha. Both father and daughter look at each other unaware of their true relationship. Rudra hugs Ruhi and kisses her forehead. He leaves saying bye to Ruhi and Saachi. Ruhi says she will get to know Rudra by hearing his song. Prisha on the other side, cries for being helpless and not being able to meet Rudra. She tries to hide Rudra’s poster somewhere where Ruhi couldn’t find it and questions her. She hides the poster under the bed mattress. Prisha’s inner self/soul questions her that how will she hide her feelings by her own self.

In the next episode, Ruhi will tell Saachi that Prisha should not know about her attending Rudra’s concert. Rudra will tell Bunty that he feels like something old is calling him since he came to Rohtak. Prisha will get ready to go to Rudra’s concert to see him once. Drunk Rudra will tell Bunty that he is doing this concert to set Saaransh’s future. He will also reveal that he wants to go to Prisha after settling Saaransh. Prisha and Ruhi will be seen secretly going for Rudra’s concert.

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