Imlie 22nd December 2021 Written Update Imlie rages

Imlie 22nd December 2021 Written Update Imlie rages

Imlie 22nd December 2021 Written Update Imlie rages Rupi praises Pankaj and Nishant’s looks. She also asks Nishant to be confident. Harish comes dressed up as “Shahenshah”. Radha and Aparna praise Harish’s looks and say that he can’t be identified. Aparna says she feels awkward wearing something else than saree. Rupi asks them to not be so dull as Imlie will get happy seeing them like this. Anu mocks Tripathis. She calls the whole Tripathi family as “Girgit”. Anu tells Tripathi that sometimes they treat Imlie as a maid and Malini as their daughter. Then changes and gives Imlie more importance than Aditya and ignores Malini.

She taunts Tripathi that earlier they were crying for Imlie and now attending Malini’s functions all decked up. Tripathis feel bad. Aparna says it is her son’s function too. She then explains that her family is attending Malini’s functions all decked up only for Imlie’s happiness. Pankaj says they changed their thinking with time and started improving their mistakes. He also says to Anu that they are not selfish like her who thinks about herself only and would never improve. With attitude, Anu excuses herself from Tripathis. She sees Imlie entering in “Simran’s costume from DDLJ”. She laughs and tries to mock Imlie.

Anu says to Imlie that she should have come in her regular “Maid” avatar which looks perfect on her. Imlie Tripathi family feel bad for Imlie. Imlie tells Anu that she decked up as “umrao jaan” even when she doesn’t know mujra and isn’t beautiful like Rekha Ji. Anu feels angry and Tripathi smirks. Imlie tells Anu that in the costume party everybody has the right to dress up like anyone who they are not in real life. Tripathi laughs at Anu. Aditya and Malini come from behind. Malini tells Imlie that she and Aditya dressed up in the characters which they are like in real life. She says “Devdas and Paro’s” love also started from friendship like her and Aditya’s.


Malini further says that the only difference is that this time nobody can stop Devdas and Paro from getting together. Anu praises Malini and Aditya’s jodi. She looks at Imlie saying that nobody’s evil eye gets on Malini and Aditya. She calls a servant and wards off the evil eye from Aditya and Malini using salt. Imlie asks her teammates to capture this moment to let people know that bad sight can be put with with one sight and can be ward off by just revolving the salt over people’s head. Anu puts the used salt in water. Imlie’s teammates click Anu. Anu gets angry and orders Imlie’s team mate to delete her picture. She also orders that her present photograph should not get printed or else he will lose his job.

Imlie’s team mate doesn’t agree with Anu and looks at Imlie. Anu asks Imlie if she wants money? Malini tries to calm Anu. Imlie tells Anu if she wants this photo to not get printed, she will have to talk to them with respect. She sees Aparna and praises the whole Tripathi family’s Bollywood looks. In Shehanshah’s way Harish asks Imlie, if she thought only she could rock the party? Imlie too jokes. She treats Pankaj just like her own father. Aparna makes Imlie meet Radha dressed as Nisha of “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. Imlie praises her with Nisha’s dialogue. Rupi introduces herself to Imlie as Geet from “Jab We Met”. Nishant too introduces himself as Munna of “Rangeela”. Malini feels angry seeing Imlie’s bond with Tripathis.

Imlie asks them about Sundar. Sundar comes dressed up as Circuit of “Munna Bhai MBBS”. Aparna tells Imlie they did it for her smile and happiness. She says she prays to god to retain Imlie’s smile like this only. Aditya asks Aparna why she is giving extra work to god as these days a smile always remains on Imlie’s face. He goes to Imlie and asks how she remains happy with Sundar, in her fancy dress, with Aryan and Tripathi family? Aditya further asks Imlie, which magic of Aryan made her heart of stone. Imlie asks Aditya if only tears in one’s eyes justifies who has heart and who has stone in his/her chest?

Imlie further asks Aditya that how can the truth be seen in wet/teary eyes, when dreams can’t be seen through them. She tells Aditya that he can’t see the truth. Imlie further tells Aditya that he trusted Malini more than his own wife (Imlie), accused of her being a murderer and let her leave the house. She also tells Aditya that he started doubting her success, stained and raised a question on her character through his obituary section by publishing that she cheated on him. Malini smirks. Imlie asks Aditya if he thinks he has a pure heart in his chest by doing all this with teary eyes; but she is stone hearted by bearing all this, being quiet for family’s happiness.

Imlie tells Aditya that she doesn’t exhibit her tears and pain. She recalls Aryan’s words and says she isn’t weak and wouldn’t cry anymore for her condition/situation as she wants to move on and grow professionally. Imlie asks Aditya to not expect that she would come and wipe his tears because he lost that right of his. Everyone looks shocked and surprised with Imlie’s words. Imlie leaves and Malini’s Mehndi starts. Imlie is seen busy on work. Anu asks the girls present in the function to work fast and concentrate on making Malini’s mehndi most beautiful.

Anu rudely calls Imlie. Imlie gives her a befitting reply and asks what she wants from her. Anu asks Imlie to apply Mehndi on Malini’s hand just like she did earlier. Malini and Anu tells Imlie that she applied very good Mehndi. Imlie tells Anu that she came to cover marriage as a reporter not for applying Mehndi. Malini asks Imlie what is the problem when she said that she moved on? She further asks Imlie can’t she apply Mehndi on her elder sister’s hand? Aryan looks confused and disgusted with Malini’s words. Imlie asks Malini if she wants to test her. She reminds Malini that she has the habit of coming first in every test. Malini tells Imlie that she is very well aware of her good and bad habits. She tells Imlie that she knows that her confidence and attitude is just a pretense.

Imlie asks Malini if she can’t digest that a village who came a year ago understood the city life as well as its relations. She goes and starts applying Mehndi on Malini’s hands. Malini asks Imlie to not forget writing Aditya’s name on her hand. Imlie shows that she is strong and nothing affects her. She asks Malini to see. Malini gets angry seeing “10/10” written on her hand. She asks Imlie if her mehndi looks like a joke to her. Anu rudely asks Imlie how dare she ruin Malini’s Mehndi. Aryan stops Anu from slapping Imlie. Everyone gets shocked. Aryan reminds Anu that he already warned and told her that his staff’s insult means his insult. He also reminds Anu of the contract condition, which says that each and every second of the function is recorded.

Aryan asks Anu to not dare insult or ill treat his staff as each and every action of hers is getting recorded. He asks Anu to behave properly with his staff. Aryan also tells Anu that his company decides what they want to show in their newspaper and channels. He tells Anu that they won’t help her if she gets stuck in any legal issue. Anu asks Aryan what he means by legal issue? Aryan says he made a mistake by not checking her background and he doesn’t repeat his mistake. He reminds Anu that she has been arrested once. Anu recalls her time in prison. Aryan further asks Anu to control her words and hands if she doesn’t want to get arrested once again.

Aryan asks Imlie to move to her editing work. Imlie follows Aryan. Radha asks Aparna doesn’t she think Aryan and Imlie has some relation after seeing all this? Aparna tells Radha that she saw many things in a short time. She asks Radha to see that nobody tried to stop Anu from raising her hand on Imlie. Aparna says since Imlie came to their house, she (Imlie) faced and solved problems for their family but they failed to support her/become her shield in the time of need. She says that Aryan did everything within his limits as he got a good upbringing. Aparna further says that she is happy that Imlie has such a good friend in her life. Radha asks Aparna if she wants Imlie and Aryan’s friendship to get deep?

Aparna says everyone needs a friend in his/her life. She says Imlie is the only girl who doesn’t ask for help from friends or family in times of problems. Aparna says Imlie is really very strong that she applied Mehndi on her husband’s second wife twice. Shocked Malini asks Anu how is Imlie so strong. She asks Anu how and why Imlie is still smiling when she snatched everything from her. Malini continuously asks Anu why isn’t Imlie groaning even when she snatched her (Malini’s) husband and family from her. She asks why Imlie is not crying and feeling the pain of losing Aditya like she felt.

Anu asks Malini to calm down as she knows that Imlie’s heart is also breaking piece by piece. She guarantees Malini that no woman can easily move on after losing her love. She promises to show Imlie’s hidden pain to Malini. In the next episode, Anu will mock Imlie by saying that she is to be bride’s (Malini’s) step sister and Dev’s illegitimate child. She will tell Imlie that Aditya was giving all rights to Malini while fighting for her (Imlie’s) rights. Anu will further ask Imlie if she doesn’t feel bad by knowing all this and also that the next day, Aditya will fully handover himself to Malini? She asks Imlie to give some reaction. Imlie will tell Anu that she forgets that Imlie acts instead of reacting.

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