Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th December 2021 Written Update Surprised Ruhi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th December 2021 Written Update Surprised Ruhi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th December 2021 Written Update Surprised Ruhi Some goons kidnap Ruhi and make her sit inside a car. Yuvraj reaches there and fights the goons impressing Ruhi. He takes Ruhi out of the car and carries her in his arms. Yuvraj asks Ruhi if she is fine? She hugs and thanks Yuvraj for saving her and says that she got scared. Yuvraj asks Ruhi if she got scared as he thought she is a brave girl. He tells Ruhi that he is with her and will not let anything bad happen to her. He hugs Ruhi and smirks behind her back.

Yuvraj thinks his plan worked and now Ruhi will choose him as Prisha’s husband and her father. He thinks Ruhi wanted her to be father, to be her savior and a caring person. Yuvraj recalls giving money to goons to pretend to kidnap Ruhi and getting beaten by him. Ruhi tells Yuvraj that she is thankful for saving her twice. Yuvraj recalls overhearing Saachi and Ruhi’s conversation. He overheard that Ruhi wants a father who is just like a hero, caring person and who makes her eat chocolate ice-cream. At that time only Yuvraj became confident about impressing Ruhi and becoming a contender in Ruhi’s race of finding a father for herself and husband for Prisha.

Yuvraj tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need to thank him as he loves her mother. He tells Ruhi that he and Prisha are friends. Yuvraj tries to fit his thinking in Ruhi’s mind that she can be his daughter too. He tells Ruhi that no one can trouble her ever, if he is there. Yuvraj takes Ruhi home on his shoulders and recalls that Ruhi wanted this type of father only. He lies to Ruhi that he always wanted to have a daughter whom he can treat like a princess. Yuvraj fakes guessing Ruhi’s favorite ice-cream flavor. He gets Ruhi two chocolate ice-creams. Ruhi offers one of the ice-cream to Yuvraj. They make each other eat each other’s ice cream.


Yuvraj ties Ruhi’s laces and tells her that he will take care of her and not let her get hurt. Ruhi asks Yuvraj to pick her up in his arms. He picks her up and thinks Ruhi got trapped in his trap as she is stupid just like her mother Prisha. Yuvraj thinks he fooled Ruhi to get Prisha using her. He smirks and congratulates himself for becoming a father. Yuvraj drops Ruhi home and fools her saying that he doesn’t want her to get scolded by her mother because of him. Innocent Ruhi falls for Yuvraj’s plan and thinks him to be a perfect father figure for her and a good husband for Prisha. Yuvraj jumps with joy for impressing Ruhi and thinks of getting Prisha back for his real evil mission.

Yuvraj thinks Prisha left him long back but now Ruhi will get him and Prisha back together. Ruhi jumps with joy in her room thinking that she found a perfect father for herself. She thinks about sharing her happiness with Rudra but recalls her past fight with him. Suddenly she finds Rudra’s sorry card and smiles. She reads it and thinks that Rudra learnt manners by staying with her. Ruhi thinks to meet Rudra soon as she doesn’t feel like staying away from him anymore. She hides the card under the bed so that Prisha doesn’t find it.

Ruhi goes to meet Rudra, who scares her for fun. Ruhi gets angry with Rudra for scaring her. She tells Rudra that she came to meet him after finding his sorry card. Rudra tells Ruhi she came to meet him as his card was cute. Ruhi teases him saying that his card was okay-okay. Rudra pretends to be angry. Ruhi sits on Rudra’s shoulders and tells him that she found his card very cute and was just joking. She apologizes to Rudra saying it is her turn to apologize as he already apologized to her. They hug each other and call each other their friends. Rudra hugs, kisses and revolves Ruhi in his arms.

Both father and daughter play with each other happily unaware of their true relationship. Rudra gets scared when Ruhi says her stomach was aching. Ruhi explains to Rudra that she wants to share a lot of things with him. Rudra makes Ruhi sit on his lap. Ruhi tells Rudra that she found a good husband for her mother. Rudra asks who? Ruhi says Raj (Yuvraj). Rudra calls Raj fraud. He changes his words and asks Ruhi if she is talking about her mother’s friend who saved her mother from goons. Ruhi tells Ruhi that today Raj saved her too from the goons. She further says that Raj made her sit on his shoulders just like him (Rudra) and then made her eat her favorite ice-cream.

She says she can give 10/10 to Raj as he can become a good father for her. Rudra thinks Ruhi is also the best and recalls that he also always asked Prisha for a daughter just like her. He thinks if fate/destiny would have favored him then Ruhi would have been his daughter. Rudra further thinks that he would have given all the happiness in the world to Ruhi, if she would have been his daughter. Ruhi tells Rudra that her mother doesn’t like Raj at all which is the biggest problem of her “mission father”. She asks Rudra to give her some idea to convince her mother to talk to Raj.

Rudra tells Ruhi that he is mature, not old. Ruhi and Rudra start thinking of an idea in a similar manner and posture. Rudra suggests Ruhi to lock her mother and Raj in a room to make them talk and finish their issues. Ruhi asks Rudra how she will make her mother and Raj go in the same room. Rudra advises Ruhi to send Raj and her mother on a date. Ruhi asks Rudra what the date is? Rudra explains to Ruhi that date is when elders go to a good place, eat and talk together to understand each other better. Ruhi asks Rudra how she will send her mother and Raj without making them doubt her intentions. Rudra suggests Ruhi to surprise her mother and Raj.

Ruhi gets happy and kisses Rudra on his cheek. Rudra feels good and feels some connection with Ruhi. Ruhi calls Rudra the best. She tells Rudra that she forgets her mother while talking to him. Ruhi leaves and Rudra prays to god to give Ruhi everything what she and mother wishes for. At the dinner table Ruhi asks Prisha how to patch up two friends. Prisha questions Ruhi who two friends she is talking about? Ruhi lies to Prisha and says that she wants to patch up Saachi and Anu’s friendship. Unaware of reality, Prisha suggests the same idea to Ruhi which Rudra suggested.

Ruhi thinks to make Prisha and Yuvraj talk to each other. Next morning, Ruhi’s teacher tells Ruhi that she wants to meet and talk to her mother about her low marks in the mathematics test. Yuvraj meets Ruhi’s teacher and lies to her that he is Ruhi’s father and she can talk to him. Ruhi gets happy hearing this. In the next episode Ruhi will invite Rudra to the Christmas party held at Saachi’s home. She will bring Rudra in Santa’s costume with her. Prisha will go to pick Ruhi from Saachi’s home. Rudra and Prisha will collide with each other in the dark.

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