Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd January 2022 Written Update Memories strike

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd January 2022 Written Update Memories strike

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd January 2022 Written Update Memories strike Yuvraj asks Ruhi why she isn’t taking her mother shopping with herself? Ruhi tells Yuvraj that she needs clothes for someone else, not her. Yuvraj asks Ruhi for whom she needs the clothes for? Ruhi tells Yuvraj that she can’t tell him as it’s her secret. Yuvraj agrees to Ruhi and asks her when she wants to go shopping? Ruhi says right now. Yuvraj takes Ruhi to her favorite shop. Ruhi asks the shopkeeper to show her a good pair of jeans, hoodie and jacket. She also tells the shopkeeper that the jacket should be of red color.

Shopkeeper asks Ruhi what size clothes she needs. Ruhi points towards Yuvraj and says his size. Yuvraj feels surprised and asks Ruhi if she wants to surprise him? Ruhi tells Yuvraj that it’s for her secret friend. Yuvraj asks how many other secrets and secret friends she has? Ruhi says she has a lot of secrets. Ruhi offers Yuvraj her help in convincing Prisha in exchange for her secret. Yuvraj gets excitedly happy. He asks Ruhi what plan has she thought of? Ruhi asks Yuvraj to bring someone to the new year party to make Prisha jealous. Excited and happy Yuvraj asks Ruhi where she gets brilliant ideas from. Ruhi self praises herself in front of Yuvraj.

Yuvraj thinks Ruhi is very smart and is helping him in his plan to bring Prisha closer to him. He feels lucky. Yuvraj calls Ruhi smart. Ruhi reveals to Yuvraj that her friend calls her “Nani Maa” as she is very smart. She takes Rudra’s clothes from the shopkeeper and leaves saying goodbye to Yuvraj. Yuvraj gets happy thinking that Ruhi will make his plan successful. Prisha makes Ruhi dress up for the New Year’s party. Ruhi gives Prisha a red striped saree and jewelry for the party. Prisha comes out dressed up and Ruhi praises her looks. Veena arrives and praises Ruhi and Prisha’s looks. She gives Mother-daughter an expensive new year gift (bangles).


Prisha refuses to accept the expensive gift. Veena tells Prisha that she does a lot for everyone. She reminds Prisha that she treats patients for free and makes yummy ladoos for her family. Veena asks Prisha to accept and wear her gifted bangles in front of her for the new year party. Ruhi leaves to meet Rudra. Rudra asks Ruhi to let go and attend the new year party. Ruhi asks Rudra if he will go dressed up in old village clothes? Rudra reminds Ruhi that he asked her to bring new clothes for him. He thinks Ruhi didn’t bring new clothes for him. Rudra says he doesn’t mind attending the New year party in old clothes. Ruhi tells Rudra that he should have been an actor instead of a singer.

Ruhi calls Rudra dramebaaz and gives him new clothes. Rudra finds new clothes very good. Ruhi calls Rudra a big kid who demands a lot. Rudra tells Ruhi that he demands from her only as she is his daughter. He changes his words and calls Ruhi his best friend and a daughter figure. Ruhi also calls Rudra her best friend. She asks to get ready as soon as possible. Both Rudra and Ruhi reach the new year party. Ruhi takes Rudra aside and reminds him to hide himself from the village head’s goons. Rudra covers himself from his hoodie with Ruhi’s idea. Ruhi leaves Rudra to meet her friends and asks him to keep himself safe. Rudra wishes to see Prisha in front of himself as soon as possible.

Prisha arrives at the party venue with Veena. Ruhi lies with Rudra on the cart. She asks Rudra to look towards the shooting star. Ruhi asks Rudra to hurry and wish for something. She tells Rudra that his wish will be fulfilled soon. Both father-daughter cutely make their wish. Rudra recalls his and Prisha’s moments. Ruhi asks Rudra what he wished for? Rudra tells Ruhi that he wished to find the person he is looking for. Ruhi asks who he wants to find out? Rudra says he wished to meet the person who he can’t live without. Ruhi says her mother loves her a lot and says that she can’t live without her.

She asks Rudra if he loves the person whom he is searching for? Rudra replies that he loves Prisha more than himself. Ruhi asks Rudra how he lost the person he loves a lot? Rudra explains to Ruhi that God takes a test and takes away the person whom we love the most. Ruhi asks Rudra if the same can happen with her? She asks Rudra, will God take away her mother from her? Rudra tells Ruhi that God doesn’t take kids’ tests. Ruhi asks Rudra then why doesn’t she have a father. Rudra tells Ruhi that God might have sent him to her for that reason. He asks Ruhi what she wished for? Ruhi says she wished for a father for her and a husband for her mother.

She says that she hopes for his idea to be successful and her mother gets convinced for Raj. Rudra tells Ruhi that he wishes that her wish gets fulfilled. Rudra once again misses seeing Prisha as Ruhi hides him. Ruhi runs and hugs Prisha. She by mistake tells Prisha that she was with Rudra. Ruhi changes the topic and says that she was singing Rudra’s song with Saanchi. She tries to make Prisha jealous by showing Yuvraj with some other women. Yuvraj thanks Ruhi for the idea and recalls bribing the woman to act. Ruhi takes Yuvraj to Prisha. Yuvraj makes Sonali meet Prisha as Priya. Village head arrives at the party.

Ruhi sends Yuvraj to dance with another woman to make Prisha jealous. Rudra collides with Yuvraj. Before Yuvraj can see Rudra, the latter runs away seeing village head goons. Yuvraj sees the jacket bought by Ruhi on Rudra and runs behind to see who is he? Village head goons stop Yuvraj in between and make fun of him. He shows goons his fake girlfriend. Yuvraj makes fun of goons and asks them to find who really paid Prisha (Priya’s) rent. Yuvraj dances with his fake girlfriend. Ruhi sees that Prisha isn’t getting jealous seeing another woman with Yuvraj. Prisha and Rudra get emotional and imagine dancing with each other. They get out of their imagination and tears roll out of Prisha’s eyes.

In the next episode, Village head’s goons will see Rudra with Ruhi. They will inform the village head about it. Saanchi will inform Ruhi and Rudra that the Village head and his goons are searching for Rudra. Ruhi will make Rudra wear a saree to hide himself. Prisha will find Ruhi’s behavior weird and see her with a woman in a saree. She will move forward to see who the woman with Ruhi is.

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