Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th January 2022 Written Update Heroic Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th January 2022 Written Update Heroic Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th January 2022 Written Update Heroic Rudra Prisha cries missing Rudra. Ruhi notices it and asks her what happened? Veena asks Prisha if she is missing someone special. Prisha says it’s nothing and leaves. Ruhi thinks Rudra’s plan to convince Prisha for Raj (Yuvraj) failed. She decides to talk to Rudra about it at home. Ruhi secretly goes to Rudra and tells him that his plan failed. Rudra asks her how? Ruhi tells Rudra that her mother was smiling seeing Raj dancing with another woman. Rudra and Ruhi start thinking of another plan. Rudra sees chuski and asks Ruhi to eat Chuski with him. Ruhi asks Rudra if he wants to eat chuski when she is so tense.

Rudra tells Ruhi that his brain doesn’t work till he eats chuski. He gets shocked on hearing “Hey Venkateshwara” from Ruhi. Rudra asks Ruhi to repeat what she said. Ruhi takes Rudra to have chuski. Both Father-daughter eat Chuski (Gola). Ruhi asks Rudra if his brain started working? Rudra asks her to let him eat Chuski. Ruhi tells Rudra that her whole day went bad. She asks him if he found whom he was searching for? Rudra says he didn’t even see all the ladies of the village and didn’t find whom he was searching for. Ruhi asks him to see all the village ladies at the party. Village head goons see Rudra with Ruhi. They go and inform the Village head about it.


Village head threatens his goon of breaking their bones if they fail to find Rudra this time. Saanchi overhears Village head’s conversation with his goons. She informs Ruhi that Village head goons saw her and Rudra. She also tells that the Village head sent goons to find them, especially Rudra. Ruhi and Rudra run away seeing goons coming towards them. Yuvraj sees Prisha drinking water in tension. He asks Prisha if she liked his dance with his girlfriend. Prisha asks him to ask someone and go away. Veena comes and praises Yuvraj’s dance. Yuvraj asks Veena to ask Prisha to dance with him. Prisha makes the water fall on herself and leaves from there.

Yuvraj thinks where is Ruhi as she would have convinced Prisha to dance with him. Rudra and Ruhi hide in a place to get saved from goons. Rudra asks Ruhi to run away and save herself as goons want to catch him only. He tells Ruhi that he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of him. Ruhi tells Rudra that her mother taught her that Best Friends never leave each other in any (good or bad) times. She asks Rudra to think of something to get saved instead of fighting with her. Ruhi thinks of something and goes out of her hiding. She moves forward by hiding herself from goons. Ruhi secretly arranges a green saree for Rudra.

She reaches Rudra and her hiding place. Ruhi tells Rudra she went to arrange something for him. She gives him the green saree and asks him to wear it. Rudra gets shocked on hearing. He shouts and asks Ruhi being a Rockstar will he wear a saree. Ruhi asks Rudra, how will he save himself from goons if he doesn’t follow her idea. Rudra stutters. Ruhi asks Rudra to think and not show tantrums. Rudra agrees to Ruhi’s idea and takes a promise from her that she won’t tell anyone about it. Ruhi agrees and calls Rudra a good boy. Both of them try to make Rudra wear the saree. Goons keep searching for Rudra and Ruhi in the whole party venue.

Ruhi gets stuck in the saree while making Rudra wear it. She gets out of it and Rudra finally gets ready in the saree. Goons reach near Rudra and Ruhi’s hiding. Rudra gets out in the ghoonghat and scolds the goons for entering the woman’s place. He slaps the goons and they seek apology from him. Rudra beats the goons and sends them away. He goes away from them and smirks. One of the goons asks another goon to go inside and search Rudra. The goons say, if another woman would be there and scold him. The ordering goon hits the goon’s head saying that the village head will break their bones if they fail to find Rudra. They find the hiding place empty.

Flashback shows Ruhi helping Rudra wear Saree. She asks Rudra to go outside and execute her plan. Rudra asks Ruhi what about her. She sends him outside saying she has another plan for hiding herself. Rudra leaves asking Ruhi to take care of herself. Ruhi sends Rudra outside saying “Okay Papa”. Flashback further shows that Ruhi went out from the back side while Rudra was scolding the goons in a woman’s disguise. Goons leave the hiding place. Prisha thinks she needs to make Ruhi understand as Yuvraj is trying to mislead Ruhi. Yuvraj comes there and tells Prisha that she is trying to astray everyone. He asks her why she lied to get away from him.

Prisha calls Yuvraj spineless. She asks Yuvraj why he asked her for a dance when he knows that she will not let him come near her. Yuvraj asks if he is spineless why he is helping her in all her issues. Prisha telsl Yuvraj that she knows that he is using Ruhi to come into her life. She leaves asking Yuvraj to stay away as she loves Rudra only. Rudra jokes with Ruhi and parises Ruhi for her plan. Prisha sees Ruhi talking to a woman in green saree. She goes to see whom Ruhi is talking to. Ruhi sends Rudra away, seeing Prisha coming towards her. Prisha asks Ruhi who the woman was whom she was talking to? Ruhi lies and says that the woman is Saanchi’s aunt. Prisha takes worried Ruhi towards Saanchi’s mother. She asks Saanchi’s mother about her sister.

Saanchi’s mother says she has no sister. Ruhi and Saanchi laugh, showing that they fooled Prisha. Ruhi tells Prisha she was joking with her. Prisha forgives Ruhi and asks who was the woman she was talking to? Rudra returns to the party to search for Prisha. Prisha asks Ruhi why she was talking to the stranger? Saanchi and Ruhi tell Prisha that that woman meets them daily after school and is not a stranger. Saanchi and Ruhi leave to eat gol gappas. Yuvraj sends Saanchi away and tells Ruhi that their plan failed. Yuvraj asks Ruhi to think of some other plan. Ruhi sees that Rudra is still in the party and gets angry.

In the next episode, Ruhi will seek Rudra’s help to save Prisha from dangerous crackers. Rudra will save Prisha and they will feel each other’s presence. Rudra will get scared seeing Ruhi in danger and will think of saving her.

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