Choti Sarrdaarni 6th January 2022 Full Written Update

Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 6th January 2022 Full Written Update A reporter asks him what happened to the patient? Guruji replies that the patient just thinks that he has a ghost inside him. He says he is just trying to make him realize the reality. Reporter asks Guruji about his dressing style being a modern person. Guruji answers that he dresses up in a saint’s get up as people take him seriously like this only. At the Gill Mansion, Raj mistakenly burns his hand from tea. Seher runs to his aid. He gets angry at Seher for being caring towards him, wasting her good life. They cry sitting on both sides of the door and recall their past moments.

Raj opens the door and Seher helps him with a first aid kit. He doesn’t let Seher help him. Seher understands Raj’s feelings and helps him secretly. She thinks of meeting Meher’s Guruji for Raj’s sake. Seher sees Harleen telling reporters in the press conference that the blood of a person (real son/daughter) of a person takes the person’s family’s legacy ahead. Seher calms Karan and tells him that she is standing in his support today.

Harleen sees Rajveer and recalls his condition he kept on which he will not expose or ruin her. She angrily thinks that Raj compelled her to do this. She changes her words and grabs Seher and Karan’s hand. Harleen takes all three siblings; Karan, Seher and Param on the stage. Seher requests Harleen to not try creating a rift between her brothers at this day. Harleen announces according to Sarab’s opinions all three gill siblings will be the equal heir of gill’s legacy. This was Raj’s condition and Harleen fulfilled it in compulsion. Everyone gets shocked and happy. Reporters question gill siblings about their fights and decision of handling gill legacy ahead. Seher gives a statement that now they three are with each other. Param and Karan also say that they forgive each other. Raj smiles hearing Harleen’s announcement.


Harleen surprises everyone with Meher, Sarab, Seher, Karan and Param’s photo frame. Param leaves from there angrily. Harleen feels good. Kulwant asks Seher to concentrate on Raj’s healing process. Seher leaves to meet Guruji. Kulwant prays for the happiness and togetherness of Gill siblings. Seher reaches Guruji. She hopes Meher’s Guruji could help her with Raj’s blindness. In alone Param angrily asks why she announced Karan too as legacy holder as he is the true heir of Gills. Karan discusses with Kulwant that Param still does consider him the real son of Gills. Harleen tells Param that she did to clear his image. Param tells Harleen that trusts her. Karan tells Kulwant that he can’t trust Param. Both brothers tell Harleen and Kulwant that they don’t want Seher to get hurt in all this.

Seher clears Guruji that she is Seher, Meher’s daughter. She tells Guruji about Raj’ accident and blind condition. She requests Guruji to help her heal Raj. Guruji gets angry and breaks something in front of Seher. He scolds her and asks her to leave and never show her face to him. Sener requests him to hear as she has come to him with a lot of hope. Guruji screams at Seher to leave. Seher asks him if she made some mistake. Guruji tells Seher he doesn’t want to see or meet anyone from Meher’s family. Guruji asks his people (disciples) to throw Seher out and make sure she doesn’t get seen near his ashram ever.

He continually refuses Seher’s request and shouts at her. Guruji asks her to leave and not make him more angry. Guruji’s disciples look shockingly at him. Seher tells Guruji that she will convince him anyhow as she is Meher’s daughter. She says she is Meher’s daughter and will not lose hope easily. In the next episode, Robbie will arrive at Gill Mansion. He will insult Raj and call him Seher’s liability. Robbie asks Seher how she can take care of such a liability for her whole life. With confidence Seher tells Robbie that Raj is not her liability but love. Raj will feel emotional.

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