Balika Vadhu 13th January 2022 Written Update Anandi in trouble

Balika Vadhu 26th January 2022 Written Update New Leap

Balika Vadhu 13th January 2022 Written Update Anandi in trouble Kite competition can be seen between Anjariyas and Anand’s family. Jigar, Anand and Anand continuously cut others’ kites. They reach the same scores. Everyone says Kai po che. Jigar’s friend makes Kiara fall. With cheating, Jigar cuts Anand’s kite. With attitude, Jigar tells Anand he will always cut his way like this. Anandi tells Jigar she will feel good by breaking his ego. Anand starts helping Anandi with her Manjha reel. Anandi successfully cuts Jigar’s kite. She happily says, “Kai Po Che”. Anandi tells Jigar that no Manjha is made that can break her success.

Jigar walks angrily towards Anandi. He tells her that he would soon stop her success. Jigar leaves angrily. Bhairavi tells someone on call that she doesn’t want anyone to know that Anand went to prison. Maadi Baa hears it. She and Bhairavi argue about Jigar and Anand. Bhairavi blames Jigar for all the mess. Maadi Baa blames Anand for all the mess. Maadi Baa says to Bhairavi that Anand brainwashed Anandi so much that they could land into prison. Anandi comes and tells Maadi Baa that she took care that Anjariyas won’t go to prison. Maadi Baa tells Anandi that she won’t forgive her and breaks all relations with her.

Mehul comes and asks Anjariya’s that they tolerated them a lot because of the Media. Maadi Baa relaxes knowing that Media went back. Mehul finishes their personal relationship with Anjariyas. Premji and Sejal also break all ties with Anandi. They tell Anandi that they won’t forgive or understand her wishes. Jigar tries to take Anandi with him. Premji sends Jigar away from Anandi. Anjariyas leave Anand’s house. Bhairavi tells Anandi that she promised Anjariyas that she won’t let her live with her family. She asks Anandi to go and find a place for her. Bhairavi tells Anandi that now she has to survive on her own.


Anand gets shocked hearing this. Anandi feels sad. Anand tries to convince Bhairavi to not abandon Anandi. Bhairavi reminds Anand of her favor that she did to him. Anand feels disgusted with Bhairavi’s behavior for making him count her favors. Bhairavi gives Anand her swearing to agree to her decision. She asks Anand to choose between his mother and Anandi. Anandi is seen packing her bags. Anand looks at her from a distance. Anandi and Anand see each other and cry. They talk to each other in their thoughts. Anand apologizes to Anandi for not being able to help her in time of need. Anandi tells Anand that she understands that he has got stuck between mother- son relationship and friendship.

Anjariyas reach their home. Maadi Baa curses and blames Anandi for everything. She calls Anandi selfish. Premji asks Jigar to tell everyone the truth about video proof against Anandi. Jigar pretends innocence and anger. Maadi Baa asks Premji to trust Jigar. Anjariyas discuss how to bring Anandi back. Maadi Baa scolds Premji and Sejal for thinking about Anandi. She sends them away. Maadi Baa asks Jigar if Anandi would really send them to prison. She tells Jigar that Bhairavi promised her that she won’t help Anandi in any way now. Jigar and Maadi Baa discuss a plan to trouble Anandi and bring her back. Maadi Baa tells Anand would help Anandi if they trouble her.

Jigar tells Maadi Baa that Anand’s help to Anandi would benefit them in their plan. Jigar and Maadi Baa smirk. On the other hand, Anandi tries calling Kalpesh. She finds Kalpesh’s number unreachable. Anandi misses her parents. She thinks of not feeling defeated. Anandi decides to search for a cheap hostel to stay in and a job for survival, the next morning. She wears a shawl to save herself from the cold. Anandi wishes that she could survive this cold night. She prays to God to help her.

In the next episode, Anandi will meet a lawyer, who will give her her professional card. Anandi will feel tense thinking how would she arrange money for so much paperwork as she has no money left. Anandi will recall her mother’s jewelry seeing them in her parents’ photograph. On the other hand, Sejal will be seen handing over Anandi’s mother’s jewelry to Jigar. Jigar will smirk and say that Anandi’s all financial routes are closed except her mother’s jewelry.

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