Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2022 Written Update Warning Karan

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2022 Written Update Warning Karan

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2022 Written Update Warning Karan Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he will snatch everything back from Preeta, whatever she has snatched from him. He tells that he will get back his powers and authority today itself. He lets Natasha execute her plan. Natasha tells them that when Preeta comes on the stage to give her speech, she will hold the mic and get electrocuted. She tells that the electric shock will ruin down Preeta’s dignity. Sherlyn doesn’t understand what is Natasha planning exactly. Karan and Sameer meet Prithvi and Naagre, and warn the duo. Karan tells that if anything happens to Preeta, then Prithvi will see his worst side.

Earlier in the show, He warns that he will also make the arrangements to destroy her. He wants to always remember that she snatched everything from him. He promises to snatch everything back from her. She tells him that she will defeat him, like today when he got defeated after reaching so close to his goal. She tells that he will hate himself when she forces him to apologize to the Luthra family. He asks her why is she happy thinking of his apology, like she is concerned for Luthras.


She tells that she wants his ego to shatter, then he will be the most hurt, he will be driven crazy, she wants him to apologize to Karan. He asks her if she know about Karan and Natasha’s story. She doesn’t understand how he can think of someone else, when he is getting ruined himself. She asks him to focus on himself. She goes away. He shouts that he hates Preeta. He doesn’t want to stop Natasha from doing anything against Preeta now. He also wants to see Preeta destroyed. Natasha goes to execute her evil plan. She plans to get her electrocuted. Sherlyn wants to find out Natasha’s plans.

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2022 Written Update Warning Karan:

Sherlyn asks Natasha what is she doing on the stage. Natasha shows the wire fixed there. She tells that Preeta will hold the mic and then get electrocuted. She tells that Preeta will jump on the stage and fall down, she will die on the spot. She goes to hide behind the pillar and switches on the power. Sherlyn sees the sparks. Natasha tells that Preeta will fall down in everyone’s sight, she will lose her respect and also her project. She tells that she will break Preeta’s dreams. Prithvi looks for the MLA. Naagre asks him to leave the guests and come with him first. They go aside for an urgent work.

Natasha laughs on Prithvi and Sherlyn who couldn’t do anything against Preeta. She tells that her dream broke because of Prithvi and Sherlyn’s flop plans. Sherlyn reminds that they didn’t force Natasha to come, Natasha has come by her own wish. Natasha asks Sherlyn to let her handle Preeta. Sherlyn criticizes Natasha for her madness. Natasha calls her jealous. Sherlyn tells that she isn’t jealous of Natasha who is nobody in front of her. She doesn’t want any troubles because of Natasha. Natasha repeats her words. She asks Sherlyn to step back, knowing she can never harm Preeta.

Sherlyn tells that she will terminate Natasha’s contract and kick her out. Natasha tells that just Prithvi has the right to do that. Karan finds Prithvi and Naagre talking about Preeta. He warns them to not do anything to harm Preeta. Prithvi laughs on Karan who is already powerless. Karan and Prithvi insult each other. Karan acts protective of Preeta. Prithvi provokes Karan and asks him what will he do. Karan hurts Prithvi and shows what he can do. Prithvi tells that he doesn’t want to waste his name on the useless opponent. Karan asks Prithvi not to repeat his boring taunts.

He wants to see what can Prithvi do. They push each other in anger. Karan laughs on Prithvi, who is taken away by Naagre. Sameer asks Karan not to spoil Preeta’s event. Sherlyn and Janki cross paths and get into an argument. Sherlyn angrily blurts that Rishabh will never come back. Janki realizes that Sherlyn is the reason that Rishabh isn’t returning home. She threatens Janki about Preeta. Janki finds Natasha hurrying in a rush. She thinks what is Natasha up to.

Prithvi asks Naagre why is he supporting Preeta. Naagre asks him to think of his impression first, he can’t fight Preeta and Karan in front of the guests, else his image will be ruined. He tells that Karan was a famous cricketer, he is still famous and holds a public image. He asks Prithvi to think many times before indulging in any fight. Sherlyn drags Natasha there. She complains about Natasha who is senseless and ill-mannered. Natasha asks Sherlyn to let her speak to Prithvi first. Prithvi hears their arguments and calls it enough. He asks both of them to just shut up. Sherlyn tells him about Natasha’s plan to kill Preeta.

Prithvi and Naagre like the plan and support Natasha. Prithvi calms down Sherlyn. He asks Sherlyn to let Natasha handle Preeta. Naagre wishes that Preeta really dies. Sherlyn takes Prithvi for a private talk. She asks him not to show tantrums to her. He tells that he will not tolerate her tantrums. She tells that she has done many crimes for his sake. He warns her not to anger her. She asks him not to vent his anger on her. He tells that she is also jealous, he hates the jealousy vibe.

She asks him not to dare compare her with a roadside dancer like Natasha. He calls her egoistic. He wants to see Preeta dead. She tells that he wanted revenge on Rishabh and she helped him, now Rishabh is out of sight, and Prithvi still wants revenge. He doesn’t reveal what he wants. She calls him a selfish man who kills people after fulfilling his motives. He angrily asks her did he kill her.

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