Udaariyaan New Promo Jasmin marries Amrik 28th January 2022

Udaariyaan New Promo Jasmin marries Amrik 28th January 2022

Udaariyaan New Promo Jasmin marries Amrik 28th January 2022 Jasmin makes a dancing entry in the Virk house as always. She wants to know what did Virks decide about Fateh and her marriage. She is expecting them to fall in her feet and accept her conditions. Jasmin continues to harass them. She makes Gurpreet stop Fateh from surrendering to the police. She builds the same pressure on them. Tejo learns about Jasmin’s fake accident plans from Angad, who had been helping Jasmin unknowing of her real motives. Angad reveals the truth to Tejo. He makes an apology for his involvement. Tejo finally learns the truth.

She thinks of rushing to stop Fateh’s arrest, knowing Amrik is totally innocent in the fake case. She tells that she will not spare Jasmin this time. Tejo faces a tough time to reach Virk house, when she falls down in the dirty mud after her scooty breaks down. Tejo still gets determined to reach Fateh and save him. Jasmin gets tricked by Fateh and Tejo in the coming track. Fateh and Virk family fool Jasmin that they accept her conditions to save Amrik. They tell that they will conduct Jasmin and Fateh’s marriage. Jasmin gets decked up as the bride for Fateh once again. She asks them to welcome the bride. She dances and sits in the mandap.

She gets married to become Virk family Bahu. She asks Fateh to lift the Sehra and show his face, after all he has filled sindoor in her hairline and married her. The marriage gets shocking for her when she sees her groom’s face. Jasmin will end up marrying Amrik. She screams seeing her groom, while the entire Virk family watches her reaction. Is this also Fateh and Tejo’s plan to teach a lesson to Jasmin? Will Jasmin’s madness come to a calm after this move? Keep reading.


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