Sirf Tum 28th January 2022 Written Update Ranveer saves Suhani

Sirf Tum 28th January 2022 Written Update Ranveer saves Suhani

Sirf Tum 28th January 2022 Written Update Ranveer saves Suhani Mamta is seen doing aarti in her house temple. Ranveer tells Mamta that he is going to college. Mamta asks Ranveer to take aarti first. Ranveer bows down to take Mamta’s blessings. The fire from diya flies with Ranveer’s mistaken push and burns his arms. Mamta gets shocked and scared. She asks a servant to bring water and medicine. Ranveer asks Mamta to not worry as it’s a little burn. Mamta requests Ranveer to not go to college. Ranveer asks Mamta to relax and not be so superstitious.

He says he has Suhani’s muffler as his goodluck and nothing wrong would happen. Mamta asks Ranveer to apply medicine at least. Ranveer reminds Mamta that he is a doctor and knows how to take care of himself. Ranveer leaves and Mamta prays to God for Ranveer’s safety. After reaching college, Suhani thinks to send a message to Ranveer. She drops the idea and decides to talk face to face with Ranveer. Suhani asks a student about Ranveer. He says he didn’t see Ranveer. Ansh sees Suhani searching for Ranveer.

He tries to use the opportunity and asks Suhani if Ranveer is again troubling her. Ansh tells Suhani that he can teach a good lesson to Ranveer if he is giving her stress. He announces him and Suhani as family friends. Everyone gets attentive towards Ansh and Suhani. Ansh tells Suhani that he will always support her like a true friend. Suhani sarcastically asks Ansh true friend. She reminds Ansh that he was in the same ambulance with her on the landslide incident day. Suhani says only Ranveer came to help, not him. Ansh gets angry. Flashbacks of landslide day are shown. Suhani asks Ansh how she can have any expectations from a person who left her dying.


Everyone laughs at Ansh. Even his friends laugh silently behind him. Ansh’s anger grows. Suhani tells Ansh that he failed to help needy people, even being a doctor himself. Suhani’s friend takes her for an experiment. Ansh feels insulted. Ansh’s friends make fun of him and he grows angry. His friends leave laughing. Ansh gets determined to take revenge from Suhani for humiliating him in front of everyone. In anger Ansh hits a test tube stand. Unaware of it he leaves the lab. The chemical from the test tube falls on the electricity board. The electricity board burns, sparks come out of it. Ansh walks angrily in the corridor. He recalls Suhani’s insults.

Riya stops Ansh in between. She asks him why he looks so angry. Ansh says he is angry because of Suhani. This shocks Riya. Lab electricity board keeps burning and sparking. Nobody gets aware of it. Ranveer reaches college. His friends tease him for walking wearing Suhani’s gifted muffler. Ranveer recalls his birthday gift moment. He asks his friends if Suhani said anything about him. A blast happens suddenly, shocking and scaring everyone. Help calls can be heard from the chemistry lab. Everyone in the lab runs here and there to get help or get saved. Ansh recalls his mistake of hitting the test tube in anger. He gets scared. Ranveer and his friends wonder what is happening.

Everyone inside college runs here and there to save themselves. Suhani shouts Ranveer’s name. Ranveer gets shocked and runs towards the chemistry lab. Help calls are heard from everywhere. Guards and college staff run with fire extinguishers. Suhani gives the lab inside students an idea and asks them to calm down. A student brings a fire extinguisher and tries to blow off the fire as per Suhani’s idea. The Dean also gets worried seeing the students in danger. Students inside the lab find the window jammed. Dean calls the fire brigade. Guards and peons try to blow off the fire using some more fire extinguishers.

Ranveer and his friends reach outside the chemistry lab. Suhani again and again shouts Ranveer’s name for help. Hearing Suhani’s call for help, Ranveer runs to help everyone. Everyone tries to stop him. Ranveer tells the Dean that they can’t wait for the fire brigade as per the situation. He thinks of ways to enter the chemistry lab. Ranveer runs outside the college building, Ansh and Riya run after him. John and Raghav bring a ladder as per Ranveer’s orders. Ranveer goes up towards the chemistry lab from the balcony. Suhani sees Ranveer outside the chemistry lab window. Everyone asks Ranveer to be careful.

Using Suhani’s gifted muffler, Ranveer breaks the lab’s balcony window. He enters the lab and saves Suhani from burning a falling stick. Ansh, Riya, John and Raghav run inside the college building towards the chemistry lab. Ranveer asks Suhani to not be scared. He asks everyone to not panic. Ansh informs the Dean that Ranveer has entered the lab. Suhani asks Ranveer to be careful. Dean hopes for Ranveer’s safety. Suhani continuously asks Ranveer to be careful. Ranveer breaks the main door of the chemistry lab. Everyone inside the lab coughs due to chemical and fire smoke. Ranveer asks everyone to run outside fast.

Stretchers are brought for victims students. Everyone runs out one by one. Ansh, his friends and Ranveer’s friends help injured students. Riya also helps some students. Everyone worries for Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer covers Suhani with his jacket and brings her out of danger. Suhani coughs badly due to smoke. Her friend asks her if she is fine. She signs yes. Everyone relaxes seeing everyone safe. Ranveer realizes that he forgot Suhani’s gifted muffler inside. He runs inside the burning lab to get it. Suhani, Riya and Ranveer’s friends get shocked. They try to stop him but in vain. Suhani runs behind Ranveer but Raghav, John and her friend stop her by grabbing her. Everyone looks worried for Ranveer.

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