Udaariyaan 28th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo last meet

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Udaariyaan 28th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo last meet Fateh and Tejo are hurt over the happening. He apologizes to Tejo that Gurpreet stopped him from surrendering to the police. He tells that he doesn’t know what will happen. He has lost all his hopes that Tejo will be with him. He tells that he has to cross the long journey alone now. She tells him that life is strange, they don’t know what to do, life pulls them back back sometimes and things go wrong in a moment, they don’t understand right and wrong and take a wrong decision.

She tells that he is such a person who didn’t give her the happiness of union but gave the sorrow of separation. She admits that she tried to move on, but couldn’t, she wanted to stop and wait for her, but life isn’t giving her a chance. She regrets that Jasmin has won in snatching Fateh from her. He tells that life didn’t give him a fair chance, but they still have some time to create moments of their dreamy world. He tells that he wants to create some moments to spend his entire life. He wants good memories with Tejo. She also wants such good memories to cross the entire life without him. Fateh asks for her hand.

They have a sweet moment filled with romance and love. She sits back in the car. He takes her for a long drive, forgetting their tensions for a while. They reach at some dhaba. They remember their last time moments at the same place. Fateh turns too caring towards Tejo. She falls for him yet again by his ultra sweet gestures. He tells her that he doesn’t know where to start and what to say, there are many things to tell her, the day and the night will fall short. She tells that they will live their entire life in these moments. She wants their love to take its Udaariyaan. He doesn’t know how to vent out his feelings.


She asks him not to say anything and still convey everything. She hands over a pen and a paper to him to write his feelings. Tejo and Fateh write their feelings and talk via their hearts. They both want to keep each other in their eyes. He wishes everything gets fine between them. He swears to never let anything go wrong once they unite. They plan to have a small house in their small world, where they can spend their entire life together, happy and together. They share their future plans knowing it can never get fulfilled.

They want their love to be the highlight of their love world. He promises to give her much love. Tejo and Fateh cry seeing each other, and feel the immense pain of their last meet, their separation. They drop the paper notes in the water bowls and see the mixing of the colours, sensing that their wishes and dreams got united. Jasmin keeps her demands in front of the family. Gurpreet is ready to do anything for the sake of her children. Khushbeer asks her not to make any mistake in emotions. Jasmin tells that she wants half of the property share, she will stay in one side of the house and they can stay in the other side.

She asks Khushbeer to prepare the property papers on her name soon. She promises to come back soon. Fateh drops Tejo home. He asks her to smile. They both cover up their sorrow behind their smiles. Rupy gets to see them and realizes that they both are in love. Tejo goes to her room and sheds tears of sorrow in loneliness. Fateh returns to his home. Rupy finds Tejo crying. He asks her the reason of hiding her tears. He wants to know if she has forgiven him. She tells that it doesn’t matter now because they got separated, he wanted to apologize, but she want to forgive him, she has forgiven him, they want to be together, but can’t stay because of Jasmin.

She feels sad that the fate has brought Fateh close to her and then snatched him once again. She wants to know why her life is so messed up. Rupy explains her that she should not walk on the painful path, and better safeguard herself. He asks her to forget Fateh, and move on. Tejo can’t forget Fateh. Fateh and Tejo continue to cry in each other’s memory.

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