Fanaa 31st January 2022 Written Update Agastya loves Pakhi

Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya's love

Fanaa 31st January 2022 Written Update Agastya loves Pakhi A man is held by two people. A man in a hoodie comes out of a car with a chained hammer in his hand. He moves forward towards three people. Man held is seen scared. Scared man requests two people to leave him. He tells the hoodie man that he doesn’t want anything and will return his 12 lakh rupees. Scared man justifies himself saying that he needed the money for his wife’s operation. Hoodie man asks the scared man if he was planning his wife’s operation in Hotel Shangri La’s honeymoon suite with Ms. Faridabad.

Scared man gets shocked. Hoodie man scares the scared man more. He also threatens and warns the scared man to never break his wife and his trust ever. Scared man promises to never break trust and is taken away. Hoodie man says that no one can escape his sight, especially that person. Pakhi is seen walking in a bridal attire. Her upper dupatta gets stuck in her assistant’s feet. Pakhi forgives her assistants when they apologize to her. She starts taking a selfie with her assistants and tells them that someone will get faint seeing her selfie. Before she could take a selfie, Pakhi receives a call. She goes in search of her airpods.

Agastya is seen counting on his fingers. He tells Pakhi that she received his call after completing 7 rings. Agastya also tells Pakhi that now she would have to wait for 7 days to meet him. Pakhi asks Agastya if he is Prince Harry whom she is dying to meet. She also tells Agastya that he is not less than a prince as he has a rich lifestyle like a prince. Pakhi further tells Agastya that his Forbes magazine’s coverboy attitude won’t work on her. Agastya tells Pakhi that no one in the world behaves like this with him. He tells Pakhi that he doesn’t mind her doing so. Pakhi says to Agastya that everyone thinks that he is a hotshot but she knows that he is a dimwit in real life.


Agastya tells Pakhi that he hates her calling him Dimwit (Dodo). He also tells Pakhi that he knows that she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Agastya requests Pakhi to have something. Pakhi gets shocked seeing a man with a food tray in his hands. She thanks the person. Pakhi tells Agastya that food came to her room while they were talking about food. She also says that her favorite chole bhature came in her room. Pakhi tells Aditya that the universe fulfills all her wishes. Agastya tells Pakhi that her universe will send her her favorite hot chocolate lava cake, when she will crave for sweets after her event stress ends. Pakhi says, “well you never know”.

She tells Agastya that she is not stressed. Agastya asks Pakhi why silly girls like her fidget with their bracelets in stress. Pakhi is seen fidgeting with her bracelet. She asks Agastya to shut up and tells him that she is looking very hot. Agastya tells Pakhi that he doesn’t think so and tells her red color doesn’t suit her. Irritated Pakhi tells Agastya that she doesn’t want to talk to him. She asks Agastya how he knows that she has worn red. Agastya tells Pakhi that she won’t let the bride wear the lehenga without trying it. He also reminds Pakhi that he helped her in selecting the lehenga. Pakhi wonders how she forgot this. She asks her assistants to remove her jewelry as they have to make the bride (Namo) wear them.

Pakhi asks Agastya if he took an ortho appointment for grandmother from the doctor. Agastya tells Pakhi that Thursday, 2pm appointment has been fixed. A stressed girl comes and tells Pakhi that this wedding is going to be a flop show. Pakhi asks the stressed girl to calm down and tell her all the problems priority wise. Stressed girls tell Pakhi that firstly DJ canceled his arrival. Secondly, that their accountant Dheeraj is missing with their 12 lakh petty cash and not even picking up the call. Stressed girl says that Namrata (bride) refused to get married. Pakhi gets angry and asks the stressed girl if the bride’s refusal comes last in her priority list. Agastya offers his help to Pakhi.

Pakhi tells Agastya that she doesn’t need his help as the universe will help her. She takes out the bridal outfit. Agastya tells Pakhi that he has been hearing the same thing for years. He tells Pakhi that she doesn’t get traffic when she gets late for office. Agastya also says that rain doesn’t happen whenever Pakhi forgets umbrella at home. He further tells Pakhi that she gets the exact birthday gift she wishes for. Agastya says to Pakhi that the universe takes extra care of her. Pakhi asks Agastya what she can do when she is the universe’s favorite child. She disconnects the call telling Agastya that she will talk to him later as she has to sort everything out.

Pakhi’s friend/assistant tells her that she and Agastya look cute together. She also tells Pakhi that she gets red like an apple while talking to Agastya. Pakhi tells her friend that there is nothing between her and Agastya. She handles some guests and gives them her advice/suggestions. A hoodie man enters the place where Pakhi is. Agastya is seen entering a place in London. He enters a cabin with three people already sitting inside. Agastya asks what is happening. A person tells Agastya that Ms. Tina has a small complaint against Mr. Khanna. Agastya asks what type of complaint. The person says Miss Tina is saying that Mr. Khanna sexually harassed her.

Mr. Khanna says Tina has got some misunderstanding. Tina tells Agastya that he can check the CCTV footage which will prove that Mr. Khanna touched her in a wrong way in the lift. Mr. Khanna says anybody’s hand can go wrong in morning rush hour. He asks Tina to not try promotion tactics. Tina tells Mr. Khanna that she doesn’t care about his promotion. She further tells Agastya that she avoided Khanna’s harassment many times because she thought that she couldn’t afford to lose her job. Tina says she can’t take this anymore as Khanna is crossing his limits now. Khanna says Tina is lying. Agastya asks Tina to get out.

Agastya asks Khanna that being CEO of the company he should have thought about the company’s reputation as Tina can go to press/media too. Khanna tries to justify himself. Agastya tells Khanna that he knows him very well. He says Tina is very hot. Khanna smirks and says Tina’s short outfits are an invitation for men. He asks Agastya to not worry as he will teach a lesson to Tina. Khanna asks his employee to oust Tina from the company using any excuse as soon as possible. Employee replies that it would be done. Agastya takes Khanna for a walk. On the other hand, Pakhi tries to handle guests asking for Namrata (bride). Hoodie person is seen walking in the same place as Pakhi.

Namrata’s mother is seen scolding and telling her that a lot of money has been spent on her destination wedding. Pakhi asks the bride’s mother to let her talk to Namrata. She sends Namrata’s mother outside. Pakhi asks Namrata what happened. Namrata says her problem is Harsh’s old school family. She says Harsh’s family won’t allow her to meet her friends, to continue her career or go out of the country. Namrata says she thought that she would adjust somehow but can’t handle it anymore. She tells Pakhi that she is very confused. Pakhi tells Namrata that if a person gets confused he or she should do a toss and leave everything to fate.

She tells Namrata that head would mean she will marry Harsh and if tails arrive then she (Pakhi) will help her in running away. Pakhi tosses the coin and tells Namrata that she doesn’t need to sacrifice her dreams for getting married. She explains to Namrata that relationships should give her the strength to grow instead of pulling her back. Pakhi asks Namrata to call Harsh. In London, Agastya calls security. Khanna asks Agastya to not create a scene and fire Tina inside the cabin. Angry Agastya grabs Khanna’s collar and calls his thinking low. He orders security to push and throw Khanna out of his company. Khanna tells Agastya that he can’t fire the company’s CEO like this. He also tells Agastya that he will see him in court.

Agastya tells Khanna that he would wait and asks him to get lost. He angrily fires the HR head of his company. Agastya apologizes to Tina for whatever happened to her in his company. He asks his company’s female employees to directly report harassment like crimes to him without any appointments and fear. On the other hand, Harsh on a video call asks Namrata why she is crying. Pakhi asks a few choice based questions to Harsh. She indirectly asks Harsh if he would respect Namrata’s choices after marriage or not. Pakhi thanks the universe for getting heads. Namrata also gets happy seeing it.

Pakhi and Namrata disconnect the call. Pakhi calls Namrata lucky and tells her that Harsh would always support her. She thinks when would she get lucky. Namrata tells Pakhi that Harsh’s cousin Rajeev was talking to her about her and also asked for her number. Pakhi doesn’t show interest in meeting or talking to Rajeev. Someone is seen recording Pakhi. Pakhi’s assistant gets happy hearing that Namrata agreed for marriage. She tells Pakhi that famous DJ Victor approached to play music for them and that too in their budget. Pakhi again credits the universe for it. She dances with her assistant and a few people. DJ Victor tells the hoodie man that he is playing music for less than half price. He requests the hoodie man to delete his video which can end his career.

Pakhi confusingly sees towards the DJ. She moves forward but her assistant takes her to accountant Dheeraj. Pakhi asks Dheeraj how he got so injured. Dheeraj lies and tells Pakhi that he met with an accident while reaching the venue. Flashback shows hoodie man scaring injured Dheeraj. Pakhi takes the money bag from Dheeraj and asks Ankur to take him to the hospital. She asks Dheeraj to call her in any need. Dheeraj leaves, thanking Pakhi. She asks her assistant to stop watching crime series as she makes her doubt Dheeraj, being a fraud. Pakhi’s assistant tells Pakhi that it seems that someone is watching and protecting her. Pakhi thanks the universe for always helping her.

Hoodie Man is seen watching Pakhi. Pakhi is seen telling Agastya that she can’t believe that DJ Victor approached them with less budget. She also shows sympathy towards Dheeraj. Olivia stops Agastya. Agastya asks Olivia to not call him sir as he treats everyone equal in the office. Pakhi calls Agastya a cute boss for not having pride in being so rich. She tells Agastya that she learnt keeping good equations with everyone from him. Pakhi calls Agastya universe’s gift of her life. Agastya tells Pakhi that maybe the universe has again planned another surprise for her. He opens a box with a big beautiful ruby ring in it and smiles. Pakhi tells Agastya that she got today’s surprise. She further tells Agastya that Namrata told her that Harsh’s cousin is interested in her and wants to meet her.

Pakhi says that Harsh’s cousin doesn’t know that she is a big female goon. Agastya asks Pakhi if she set herself up while getting others married. Pakhi tells Agastya that she remains professional while working. She says that Namrata was insisting her to casually meet Harsh’s cousin for a little time. Suddenly Pakhi’s dupatta catches fire. Agastya asks Pakhi to look backwards. Pakhi throws the burning dupatta away from her and blows off the fire. Pandit Ji apologizes to Pakhi for not being careful. She asks Pandit Ji to not worry and says that she is fine. Pakhi asks Agastya how he got to know that her dupatta caught fire. Agastya says what and asks Pakhi if she is fine. Pakhi says she is fine and asks Agastya why he asked her to look backwards. Agastya tells Pakhi that his office boy spilled the coffee by mistake.

Pakhi relaxes. She asks Agastya to see that the universe always protects her and sometimes through him (her best friend). Agastya asks Pakhi to change her dupatta as Baraat’s arrival time. Pakhi disconnects the call saying bye to Agastya. She handles all the arrangements of the groom’s arrival and marriage ceremonies. Namrata’s mother blesses Pakhi for convincing Namrata for marriage. Pakhi hugs Namrata’s mother and amiels. Someone follows Pakhi wherever she goes. Pakhi gets scared with someone’s tap. The person introduces himself as Hasrh’s cousin, Rajeev. Pakhi tells Rajeev that Namrata told her about him. Rajeev tells Pakhi that he hasn’t seen a perfect wedding and a better wedding planner than her in his whole life.

Pakhi feels shy. Using future events as an excuse, Rajeev asks for Pakhi’s number. Before Pakhi could say anything, a hoodie man leaves, pushing Rajeev. Rajeev asks Pakhi to meet him after the wedding. Pakhi agrees and feels shy. On call, Pakhi shares her wedding event success with Agastya. Rajeev tells someone on the call that he trapped Pakhi with his sugar coated words. He also tells someone on call that he would send his under blanket photograph with Pakhi to him. Agastya asks Pakhi her opinion about Rajeev. Pakhi tells Agastya that Rajeev is tall and seems decent. On the other hand, Rajeev tells someone that he would spike Pakhi’s soft drink if she would refuse him. He assures his friend that he would spend the night with Pakhi for sure.

Pakhi tells Agastya that she is meeting Rajeev for approx. 10 minutes after the wedding. Someone is keeping watch on Rajeev. Pakhi asks Agastya to not worry as she is also a female gurgaon resident. She tells Agastya that the universe will itself remove Rajeev from her life if he would have any bad intentions towards her. A hoodie man pushes Rajeev and the latter falls from a height. Pakhi hears a scream. She gets shocked to see Rajeev fallen and dead. Everyone surrounds Rajeev. Hoodie Mam leaves in his car. Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan season 3 title song plays in the background.

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