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Fanaa 15th February 2022 Written Update Pakhi in shock Ishaan convinces his little patient Ayesha to have her khichdi first. He tells her that he will tell her her favorite Brave Ballu’s episode story once she finishes her food. Ayesha leaves to have her food. Pakhi comes there. Ishaan thanks Pakhi for coming to meet him. He asks her to confirm from the inspector that it was someone else who took drugs in the restaurant washroom. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she can’t decide whom to trust. She tells Ishaan that maybe he bribed the police to bail him out.

Ishaan asks Pakhi how she can think that he would bribe the cops. He tells Pakhi that he can’t ever deceive her. Pakhi calls Ishaan a liar. She asks Ishaan to prove him that he is not a liar by telling her where he was yesterday. Ishaan recalls his kidnapping and the operation of Kartaar Singh’s wife. He thinks if he tells Pakhi about Kartaar Singh then both Pakhi and his life could get in danger. Pakhi tells Ishaan that he won’t have any explanation as there is no difference between a cheater and a liar. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he just can’t tell her where he was on his duty and didn’t deceive her.

Pakhi tells Ishaan that it’s over between him and her. Ishaan asks Pakhi to trust him once if she loved him or still loves him a little. Ayesha comes there and asks Ishaan about Pakhi. Ishaan introduces Pakhi to Ayesha as his special friend. Ayesha asks Ishaan who she is then. Ishaan tells Ayesha that she is more special to him than Pakhi. Ayesha asks Ishaan to narrate her Brave Ballu’s episode. Ishaan promises Ayesh that he will narrate Brave Ballu’s episode to her after saying bye to Pakhi. He asks Ayesha to pray that it will not be his and Pakhi’s last bye. Ayesha agrees and leaves.


Ishaan tells Pakhi that he narrates Brave Ballu’s daily episodes to Ayesha as she is a big fan of Brave Ballu. He also tells Pakhi that he is going to narrate the last episode of Brave Ballu to Ayesha today. Ishaan requests Pakhi to not let this be the last episode of their story and leaves. Pakhi gets emotional and gets lost into thinking. At Agastya’s home, Naveli tells Agastya that grandmother is not giving her permission to go to a movie for scoring less in exams. Agastya makes Naveli happy by setting up a private theater for Naveli at home only. Naveli takes a promise from Agastya that he would watch a movie with her and her friends. Agastya promises Naveli.

Naveli picks up Pakhi’s call on Agastya’s phone. She asks Pakhi to call 2 hours later as Agastya is watching a movie with her. Agastya hears it and takes his phone back from Naveli. He keeps Pakhi on hold and scolds Naveli by canceling their movie plan. Agastya asks Naveli to go and study for her next exam. Naveli leaves telling Agastya that he can’t force everyone to like Pakhi. Agastya asks Pakhi if she met Ishaan. Pakhi says yes and tells Agastya that she can call him later if he is busy. Agastya asks if anyone or anything can be more important than her to him. In a tearful voice, Pakhi tells Agastya that she has got confused between her brain and heart.

She tells Agastya that her brain knows all the proof against Ishaan. Pakhi says her heart isn’t ready to understand that Ishaan could be bad. She asks Agastya if even she forgets cafe incidents, then why Ishaan isn’t telling her where he was yesterday night. Agastya feels angry and tells Pakhi that he needs to clear her confusion. At night, Kartaar Singh’s goons drop Ishaan somewhere. Ishaan asks the goons to tell Kartaar Singh that he will take a blood test sample of the baby the next day. Goons says yes and leaves. Agastya comes in front of Ishaan in his car and offers to drop him. Ishaan refuses Agastya’s offer. Angry Agastya comes out of his car and asks Ishaan what he is hiding from him.

Ishaan wonders if Aagstya got to know that he is meeting Kartaar Singh. Ishaan stutters and asks Agastya why he will hide something from him. Later Ishaan agrees to take a lift from Agastya. Agastya starts questioning Ishaan. Ishaan tells Agastya that he came for a home visit. Agastya asks Ishaan who lives in such a deserted place. Ishaana asks Agastya why he is questioning him like a detective. Agastya says it has been his habit since childhood. Ishaan asks Agastya if he has had this habit since his childhood or after becoming Pakhi’s friend. Agastya gets angry. Ishaan tells Agastya that he knows he is being protective towards Pakhi. Agastya tells Ishaan that Pakhi is also over protective towards him.

Ishaan tells Agastya that he won’t find anything from him through his investigation. Agastya tells Ishaan that there is often a flood hidden behind calm water. Ishaan praises Agastya’s shayari and tells Agastya that he also needs to learn this talent of his. Agastya tells Ishaan that no one could be as good as he seems. He says if a person seems so good, he may be hiding something behind himself. Ishaan asks Agastya if he is on some mission to prove him wrong and bad. He gets shocked when Agastya tells him that he would prove him wrong anyway even if he is the right person. Agastya tells Ishaan that he was joking.

At home, Pakhi asks her mother if people don’t fear that they may make a mistake in recognizing their life partner. Pakhi’s mother tells Pakhi that two hearts should have a connection and two people should have full trust on each other, then nothing could go wrong. Pakhi feels happy hearing this. Agastya tells Ishaan his house came. In a poetic way, Ishaan tells Agastya that it’s just a house as his real destination is Pakhi. He asks Agastya to see that he can also do a little poetry and shayari. Ishaan leaves for his home. Agastya thinks that he won’t let Ishaan be with Pakhi as only he has rights on Pakhi. Pakhi’s mother asks Pakhi if she was taking relationship advice from her for herself.

Pakhi leaves saying that she has to attend her client’s call. At Ishaan’s home, Ishaan’s father jokes to cheer up Ishaan. Ishaaan tells his father that Pakhi and he are going through a misunderstanding. He says Pakhi is upset with him. Ishaan’s father advises Ishaan to do some romantic hard work to win Pakhi’s heart. Ishaan runs somewhere smiling. Pakhi receives someone’s message and leaves dinner making an excuse. She meets Ishaan outside her house. Ishaan shows a sorry and miss you best friend card to Pakhi. He seeks an apology from Pakhi. Pakhi gets worried seeing Ishaan suffering from pain due to his last accident. Ishaan shows his romantic setup, organized in the trunk of his car to Pakhi. Pakhi gets teary eyes seeing Ishaan’s efforts for her.

Pakhi’s paternal aunt asks Pakhi who is playing loud music outside. Pakhi lies to her aunt saying it’s someone asking for charity. She apologizes to Ishaan and asks him to leave before someone sees him. Ishaan and Pakhi hug each other. This makes Agastya angry. He thinks why Pakhi comes in Ishaan’s words easily. Agastya thinks if Pakhi remains this innocent then people will take advantage of her. He breaks the led monitor in anger and pours water on himself to cool down. Agastya changes his strategy to make Ishaan hate Pakhi instead. Next morning, Ayesha calls Pakhi. She asks Pakhi to narrate her Super Tina’s story. Pakhi tells Ayesha that she would reach the hospital in one hour.

Later, Pakhi on call tells Agastya about Ishaan’s cute and romantic setup for her. She also tells Agastya her insecurity was the reason behind misunderstandings between her and Ishaan. Pakhi tells Agastya that she will call him later as she is going to meet Ishaan in hospital. Agastya asks Pakhi to carry a sanitizer in the hospital as many infections lie there. Pakhi asks Agastya to stop worrying about her as now she has a 24*7, doctor with her. Agastya orders Yug to start implementing her plan. On reaching the hospital, Pakhi gives a teddy bear as a gift to Ayesha. Ishaan leaves Ayesha’s ward for some work. Yug orders a nurse to do his work.

In Ayesha’s ward, Pakhi is seen narrating Super Tina’s episode to Ayesha. Scared nurse brings food for Ayesha. Pakhi starts feeding Ayesha. Ayesha asks Pakhi to remove the oxygen tube as she gets an itchy feeling because of it. Pakhi agrees to remove Ayesha’s oxygen tube for 5 minutes on nurse’s advice. Nurse removes Ayesha’s oxygen tube and also removes something from Ayesha’s oxygen cylinder. Pakhi starts feeding Ayesha and the nurse leaves. Ayesha starts feeling uncomfortable in breathing. Pakhi gets worried for Ayesha. She places Ayesha’s oxygen tube back on her nose and asks her to take a deep breath. Ayesha’s health worsens.

Agastya sees all this on his phone. Pakhi calls hospital staff and Ishaan. Ishaan examines Ayesha. He sees that there is no flow in the oxygen cylinder and asks his staff to change the cylinder. Ishaan gives shock therapy to Ayesha. Ayesha gets unconscious. Pakhi feels guilty and worried. Agastya also feels bad for Ayesha. Ayesha is given a “Tropine injection” and shock therapy. He scolds his staff and asks if there is no difference between them and Pakhi. He gives an angry glare to Pakhi. Ayesha loses her pulse, which makes everyone think that Ayesha died. Ishaan asks his staff how all this happened. Nurse tells Ishaan that she saw Ayesha’s oxygen tube taken out when she arrived and also saw Pakhi with Ayesha.

Angry Ishaan asks Pakhi why she took out Ayesha’s oxygen tube. Ayesha starts gaining her pulse back. Pakhi feels a little relaxed. Ishaan stops Pakhi from coming near Ayesha. He asks Pakhi to leave Ayesha’s ward. Pakhi leaves, wiping her tears. Ishaan scolds his staff for taking Ayesha’s case lightly. Staff apologizes to Ishaan. Pakhi sits outside Ayesha’s ward and thanks the universe for saving Ayesha’s life. She sees Ishaan coming and follows him. She continuously apologizes to Ishaan and tries to explain her point and truth to him. Pakhi tells Ishaan that a nurse came into Ayesha’s ward and told her that taking out the oxygen tube for 5 minutes won’t harm Ayesha. Ishaan tells Pakhi that Ayesha is just attended by head nurse sister Phiona. He also tells Pakhi that he doesn’t let any trannie nurse be near Ayesha.

Ishaan further tells Pakhi that he made efforts for three years to bring Ayesha back on her feet. He angrily scolds Pakhi for almost killing Ayesha. On Ishaan’s questioning, sister Phiona says that her staff can’t advise to take out Ayesha’s oxygen tube. Ishaan asks Pakhi to accept her mistake if she is at fault. He also asks Pakhi to not stoop more down in his eyes by making false excuses. Pakhi tries to justify herself. But Ishaan asks Pakhi to leave as he doesn’t want to see her face. Ishaan leaves teary eyed. Pakhi gets shocked and emotional.

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