Yeh Rishta 18th February 2022 Written Update Abhi arrested

Yeh Rishta 18th February 2022 Written Update Abhi arrested

Yeh Rishta 18th February 2022 Written Update Abhi arrested Akshara brings Abhimanyu to a beautifully decorated place. Abhimanyu gets surprised to see his and Akshara’s dolls. He tells Akshara that he saw all this in his dreams. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she also saw all this in her dreams. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that maybe all their dreams are gonna get fulfilled. Akshara says she thinks the same. Abhimanyu plays the instrument and Akshara starts singing. Later both of them start dancing together on the song “Bol Do Na Zara”. Abhimanyu picks up Akshara in his arms and twirls her. Akshara caresses Abhimanyu. Later Akshara plays guitar and Abhimanyu goes on his knees to give a bouquet to Akshara.

Abhimanyu again twirls Akshara in his arms. They hug each other and the song ends. After some time, Akshara and Abhimanyu are seen in red clothes in green tea gardens only. Manish reaches there and gets angry seeing Akshara with Abhimanyu. He tells Akshara that he thought of forgiving her but she again got involved with Abhimanyu. Akshara apologizes to Manish for making him search for her. She refuses to apologize to Manish for being with Abhimanyu. Akshara tells Manish she is with Abhimanyu because she should be with Abhimanyu only. Manish tells Akshara that she should be with her family instead.

He angrily asks Akshara to come with him. Abhimanyu and Akshara together request Manish to understand them. Manish doesn’t listen to them. Akshara apologizes to Abhimanyu and leaves telling him that they will talk later. Abhimanyu understands Manish’s health and lets Akshara leave with him. Abhimanyu feels irritated with his and Goenka family’s rift. He gets worried thinking what will happen if Manish sees Kairav and Anisha together. Akshara runs behind Manish and apologizes to him. Manish heaves deep. Manish gets shocked seeing Kairav and Anisha together too and leaves.


Kairav and Akshara run behind Manish. Tense, Anisha asks Abhimanyu if there will be a drama again at home. Abhimanyu tells Anisha that there will be a hearing of love in the court Birlas and Goenkas on the day of love. Anisha tells Abhimanyu that Akshara and Kairav would again get into a problem because of them. She suggests Abhimanyu to go to Goenka house. Manish reaches home and screams his anger of seeing Kairav and Akshara with Anisha and Abhimanyu respectively. He asks Kairav why he did this as he considered him as his pride.

Manish tells everyone that Kairav and Akshara were celebrating Valentine’s day with Anisha and Abhimanyu respectively forgetting about the family’s reputation. Akhilesh also scolds Kairav and Akshara. Manish says Akshara had embarrassed them in front of others before also but Kairav also embarrassed them now. He asks Kairav why he remained silent last night when he asked him to speak his heart out. Manish says today Kairav was celebrating Valentine’s with Anisha. Akshara tells Manish that she and Abhimanyu planned a surprise for Kairav and Anisha and Kairav didn’t know anything about it. Kairav says he is at fault as he let Akshara go with Abhimanyu.

Manish berates Akshara and Kairav for supporting each other in their love life. Akshara and Kairav request Manish to talk peacefully. Manish doesn’t stay silent and refuses to hear anything from Kairav and Akshara. Kairav tells Manish that he and Akshara would listen to all his wishes and requests him to not be angry. Swarna tries to calm Manish and give him his medicine. She tells Manish that they stop their children as they have become adults and do everything as per their wishes. Swarna says it’s good that Aarohi told them everything beforehand, before anyone else could have seen their children with Birla children. This information shocks and angers Akshara and Kairav.

Manish says he can’t tolerate Abhimanyu near his life, his children’s life and near his house too. Everyone gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu outside Goenka Mansion. Abhimanyu walks towards Goenka Mansion. Goenkas also walk towards Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu apologizes to Goenkas for coming like this. He tells Manish that he wants to talk to him. Abhimanyu requests Manish to have a conversation with him with a peaceful and relaxed mind. Manish orders his guards to close the gate. Abhimanyu stops them. Manish asks his guards to apply more pressure. Abhimanyu says it’s of no use. He tells Manish that he won’t leave without talking to him. Akshara requests Abhimanyu to not hurt himself.

Swarna asks Abhimanyu to not be stubborn. Abhimanyu refuses to leave without talking to Manish. He tells Manish that he can’t keep Akshara and him away from each other. Angry Manish asks his guards to close the gate quickly. Everyone gets shocked when Abhimanyu gets successful in pushing the gate as well as the guards. Abhimanyu asks Manish what is this way of behaving with him. He asks Manish if he looks like a street loafer to him. Abhimanyu also asks Manish why he isn’t listening to him and also asks him if Kairav looks like a goon to him. He tells Manish that he and Akshara and Kairav and Anisha love each other. Abhimanyu asks Manish if he considers love as a crime.

He requests Manish to think peacefully and tell what is their mistake. Abhimanyu requests Manish to at least think about his own children. He asks Manish if he is asking Kairav and Akshara to sacrifice their love in the name of family’s reputation. Aarohi feels irritated with Abhimanyu’s words. Abhimanyu further asks Manish if isn’t it his responsibility to think about his children’s likes and dislikes and to respect their choices and wishes. Akshara says Abhimanyu is right. This angers Manish. Abhimanyu asks Manish why he and Harshvardhan always remain angry and in a war mode. Abhimanyu asks Manish if it’s his and Akshara’s fault that they didn’t run away leaving their families.

He tells Manish that if two lovers are kept separate and made to suffocate, they would obviously run away. Manish tells Abhimanyu that his drama won’t change his decision. He also tells Abhimanyu that the answer to his questions is that his family and father hates Akshara and she won’t remain happy with him ever. Manish explains to Abhimanyu that marriage in India happens between two families. He tells Abhimanyu that till his family and father exists, Akshara can’t be his. Abhimanyu asks Manish if Akshara’s sadness is acceptable to him over family choices. Manish tells Abhimanyu that he would change his decision about Akshara if he changes his family.

Abhimanyu tells Manish that he can’t even think what will happen if he doesn’t change his decision. Abhimanyu’s words shocks Goenkas. At Birla house, Mahima rudely asks Anisha what happened. Anisha reveals to Birlas that she is worried because Manish saw Akshara and Abhimanyu together. She also tells Birlas that Abhimanyu has gone to Goenka house. Birlas get shocked. On the other hand, Manish closes the Goenka Mansion gate on Abhimanyu’s face. Abhimanyu still tries to defend his and Akshara’s love. He and Akshara request Manish to give them a chance to sort out their family situations and issues. Abhimanyu tells Manish that one day he will perform his aarti with his baraat at the same gate that he closed on his face.

Manish asks his family to come inside and let Abhimanyu scream. Abhimanyu screams and says he won’t leave till a final decision is made about his and Akshara’s love. He again asks what is his and Akshara’s crime. Manish asks Akshara to come inside. Akshara tells Manish that she won’t go outside the gate as he told her but she won’t also go inside leaving Abhimanyu alone. This angers Manish. Akshara signs Kairav to take everyone inside. Kairav takes everyone inside. Abhimanyu gets determined that he won’t go without talking to Manish. Manish walks here and there in anger. Aarohi asks Manish to take his medicines but Manish doesn’t take it.

Abhimanyu jumps again and again above the gate making a heart out of his hands. Akshara also makes a heart of her hands. She signs Abhimanyu to relax. Neil and Parth reach Abhimanyu. They tell Abhimanyu that Anisha told everyone everything and the whole family is worried and tense. Abhimanyu asks Neil and Parth if anyone scolded Anisha. Parth asks Abhimanyu to return home but Abhimanyu refuses to leave Akshara alone with angry and tense Manish. Abhimanyu even refuses to eat anything. He tells Parth that Manish is very and won’t leave Akshara alone. Neil and Parth try to take Abhimanyu with them.

Abhimanyu tells Parth and Neil that he won’t do anything wrong and sends Parth and Neil back. Abhimanyu asks them to keep their phones near them. Kairav asks Aarohi why she told Manish about him and Akshara. Aarohi lies to Kairav that she mistakenly blurted out everything in front of Manish. She says she didn’t know that Manish would get so angry. Aarohi again lies that she told Manish about him and Akshara thinking that his health would worsen in tension. Kairav asks Aarohi if she thinks that she improved Manish’s health by doing all this. Abhimanyu feels irritated outside. Akhilesh shocks everyone by telling them that they lost crores diamond deal.

Manish calls someone. At Birla house, Harshvardhan says that they can’t live with peace with Abhimanyu. Neil and Parth return to Birla house. Police reach outside Goenka Mansion. In the next episode, Manish will ask the inspector to arrest Abhimanyu. Akshara will open the gate and tell Inspector that Abhimanyu didn’t do anything. Abhimanyu will request Akshara to go inside but Akshara will run towards Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu will save her from falling. Inspector will arrest Abhimanyu for raising hand on, on-duty police officer (him). Police will take Abhimanyu with them in front of crying Akshara.

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