Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update Truth breaks

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update Truth breaks

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update Truth breaks Prachi and Pallavi get into an argument in front of Ranbir, who isn’t aware of the drama that occurred in his absence. On Pallavi’s instigation, Prachi reveals the fact that Pallavi had thrown the water on her head and washed off the Kumkum forcibly. Ranbir asks Pallavi what is Prachi saying. He can’t believe whatever is being told by Prachi. Pallavi tells that Prachi’s act can’t be forgiven. Prachi replies that even Pallavi’s act can’t be forgiven. Pallavi feels speechless for a moment when she has to meet Ranbir’s eyes and answer him a justification for her disgusting move. Vikram and Dida oppose Pallavi, who had behaved too inhumane to wash off the Kumkum from her own Bahu’s hairline.

Ranbir feels Prachi is really tolerating a lot. He also wants to support Prachi this time against Pallavi, feeling ashamed of whatever Prachi had to go through in his absence. Pallavi loses her cool. She tells that she still doesn’t accept Prachi as her Bahu, just Rhea remains her Bahu and would always be. Prachi determines to win Pallavi’s acceptance. How would Prachi do that? What will Rhea do on her return to home? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Vikram finds Pallavi fuming in anger. He tells the good news that he spoke to the lawyer, Rhea will get bailed in the morning. Pallavi asks him not to talk to her right now, because she just wants to talk to Prachi. She stops Prachi from entering the house. She tells that its her house, and she will decide who comes inside. She worries for Rhea. She asks Vikram if he isn’t worried for Rhea. Prachi tells that even she is Abhi’s daughter like Rhea. She argues with Aaliya. She tells that she has kept many things safely with her, if she starts telling the secrets, then Aaliya and Pallavi won’t have any answer. Pallavi doesn’t think Prachi is a nice person, because her thinking and actions are disgusting.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2022 Written Update Truth breaks:

Pallavi reprimands Prachi for forgetting her so called manners at the police stations. She asks Prachi how could she keep her sister in the lockup. She reminds that Prachi humiliated her. She tells that Prachi has threatened them to make Ranbir fill Kumkum in her hairline. Prachi replies that she was helpless because Pallavi was washed off her Kumkum. Ranbir asks Pallavi did she do this. Pallavi asks him to know the real matter first. Prachi apologizes to them. Aaliya scolds her for making mother and son fight. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t understand what Pallavi wanted to do by such a thing. He doesn’t want to hear any explanation. Vikram asks Prachi to go and take rest. He advises the same to Dida.

Aaliya feels the day is terrible for them. Pallavi still fumes in anger. She gets into a clash with Vikram. He asks Pallavi to not speak against Prachi. He feels he doesn’t know this Pallavi. He tells that he can never support her if she does wrong. He is troubled by her. He doesn’t want to stay in the room with her. She asks him if Prachi has brainwashed him. He asks her to listen to him, its his advice, she should realize her mistake, else she may lose her husband and son. She asks him to not support Prachi. He asks her to stop attacking Prachi by such mistakes. Ranbir goes to the room to meet Prachi. He finds her calm.

He tells her that she is behaving strange, she doesn’t want him to stand with her, and then she doesn’t want anyone to stand with him. He confronts her for stopping his honeymoon with Rhea. He tells that she got what she wanted, she wanted him to fill Kumkum in her hairline and he did it. She replies that it was just a challenge and she won it. He tells that it wasn’t a challenge, but her feelings. He adds that he will fall out of love, until she falls for him. He tells that he had promised to go away from her, he will keep his promise, he won’t feel anything for her until she feels for him. He tells her that he is good to her because of her, he is bad to her because of her, he will come close and go away from her just because of her own behavior.

He tells that he will react as she reacts. He compliments her beauty with the Kumkum. He goes to sleep. Prachi also tries to sleep. She hears some sound. She goes out to see. She finds Rhea back. Rhea breaks the vases to break Prachi’s sleep. She tells that she just wanted to disturb Prachi. Ranbir comes there and meets Rhea. Rhea hugs him saying she missed him a lot. Ranbir tells that even he missed her a lot. He asks Rhea is she okay. Prachi shuts the door to avoid their drama. Rhea tells that their honeymoon is left incomplete. Ranbir looks for Prachi. He realizes that she is standing near the window. He is hurt by her silence. Prachi feels nausea.

Later, the family meets at the breakfast table. Pallavi pampers Rhea. She tells that she has prepared a special fruit juice for Rhea. Rhea tells that Prachi didn’t get such love from the family like she received. Dida tells that she has no option than to love Prachi. She wishes Prachi gets everything. Dida tells Prachi that she will go away if everyone talks of negativity. Prachi knows that Dida and everybody love her a lot. Vikram asks Prachi why is she crying, when she should be happy at this time. Prachi asks them to dine together. Ranbir leaves the breakfast. Vikram tells that he has to discuss business matters with Ranbir. Rhea finds Prachi going out.

She thinks to follow Prachi and find out the matter. Prachi goes to meet the doctor. She calls the doctor and tells about her dizzy state. She fixes an appointment. Rhea wonders what Prachi is hiding. She follows Prachi’s car and reaches the maternity hospital. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to stay upset with her for her move of washing off Prachi’s Kumkum. Ranbir asks her if she asking him or asserting it. She feels sorry. She asks him not to get annoyed with him, because she was angry at that time. He tells that it was a planned move, she has done that to satisfy her ego.

He tells that he should have not done such a thing, its not right. She reminds him that he shouldn’t take Prachi’s side, because Rhea is his commitment, he had gone on the honeymoon by his wish. He asks her why didn’t she ask him why is he deciding that. She asks why would she ask him when he appears happy. He tells that bad was happening with him. She asks him if he still has feelings for Prachi. Aaliya intervenes to take away Pallavi and break their conversation. Ranbir tells that he feels for Prachi since always, he is living just for her and he knows that Prachi is doing everything for him. Prachi goes to meet Dr. Madhu. Rhea follows her.

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