Yeh Rishta Upcoming drama 22nd February 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Upcoming drama 22nd February 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Upcoming drama 22nd February 2022 Written Update Akhilesh takes complaint against Abhimanyu back. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri and Akshara that they proved that women are stronger than men as they stand for men whenever they need them. He says nobody can do what a mother can do for her son, wife do for her husband and a sister do for her brother. Abhimanyu tells Akshara and Manjiri that no problem can touch him till they are with him. He thanks Manjiri and Akshara. At Goenka house Manish talks to Naira and Kartik’s photograph. He tells them that he tried to stop and save Akshara but failed.

Manish says Akshara is like Naira who forgets herself and does everything for the family. He feels apologetic towards Kartik and Naira saying that he failed in keeping Akshara happy. Manish feels pain in his arm and falls on the floor. Aarohi sees his condition and runs to him. She calls Akshara from Manish’s phone. Manjiri asks Akshara to pick up Manish’s call as he may be feeling bad for what he did. Aarohi informs Akshara that something happened to Manish and asks her to come soon. Abhimanyu understands what happened and takes Akshara with him to Manish. Harshvardhan asks Manjiri why Abhimanyu and Akshara left suddenly. Manjiri says she doesn’t know as Akshara ran away in tension after picking up a call.


She prays for Manish’s safety. At Goenka Mansion, Aarohi examines Manish. Everyone gets shocked and worried when Aarohi says that Manish got a heart attack. She tells her family that they need to take Manish to hospital as soon as possible. Vansh starts calling Ambulance. Aarohi tells everyone that they don’t have the time to wait for an ambulance. Vansh picks up Manish and puts him in the car. Everyone runs behind him. On the other hand, Abhimanyu and Akshara are seen on a bike. Akshara tries calling Aarohi but the latter doesn’t pick up. Akshara asks Abhimanyu what happened to Manish, what was scaring him. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to ask such a question, which he may find difficult to answer.

He tells Akshara that Manish may have suffered a heart attack. Akshara gets shocked and feels difficult to breathe in tension. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to calm down and hold him properly. Akhilesh reaches Goenka Mansion and takes Manish to hospital with Kairav and Aarohi. Aarohi disconnects Akshara’s call and calls Birla hospital. Harshvardhan and Anand think that Parth took Abhimanyu home. They feel relaxed thinking that Abhimanyu got saved from going to prison. Harshvardhan receives the news of Manish’s heart attack and tells Anand about it. He says Manish got admitted to Birla hospital. At the same time Anand receives a message and tells Harshvardhan that he has a child’s surgery today.

Akshara and Abhimanyu get to know from Vansh that Manish is taken to Birla hospital. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to not worry as they will soon reach Biela hospital. In the car Manish gets conscious and recalls his moments with Kartik, Naira, Swarna, Kairav, Baby Akshara, Adult Akshara and rest of his family. Manish reaches Birla hospital and is made to wear the oxygen tube. Goenkas asks Harshavardhan to do something as Manish needs immediate surgery. Harshvardhan says the problem is that Anand got busy with important surgery of a child and Mahima is on the way to Birla hospital. He says other surgeons are busy with their hectic schedule.

Harshvardhan says he is trying to arrange someone (surgeon) from outside. He says there wouldn’t have been any problem if Abhimanyu wouldn’t have left the Birla hospital. Aarohi says Manish is sinking. Harshvardhan says he and Aarohi can’t perform surgery and the one who could have performed surgery has left the hospital. He again says he is arranging for a surgeon. Harshvardhan asks the hospital staff to take Manish to Operation theater and start preparing for the operation. Akshara thanks Harshvardhan but he instead taunts her. He asks Akshara to see that leaving the hospital for love can cost someone heavily. Akshara wonders why Abhimanyu didn’t come inside with her.

In the operation theater, Akshara tells Manish that nothing will happen to her as everyone brought him to hospital. She holds Manish’s hand and cries profusely. Manish gets unconscious recalling Akshara’s journey from childhood to adulthood. Nurse asks Akshar to wait outside. Akshara leaves OT requesting Manish to not go away leaving her. Outside OT, Kairab hugs a crying Akshara. Aarohi says how will Manish surgery happen without a cardiac surgeon. She says there are bus accidents patients in nearby hospitals and are keeping all doctors busy with them. She says what if Manish’s surgery won’t happen. Akshara asks Aarohi to get quiet.

Aarohi says they would have to accept the truth. Akshara says she has faith that nothing would happen to Manish. Aarohi says they need treatment more than faith. Akshara asks Aarohi not to speak wrong if she can’t say anything good. Akhilesh requests Akshara and Aarohi to get quiet. Inside the operation theater, Manish recalls the time with Kartik, Naira and other family members in a half unconscious state. Akshara senses Abhimanyu’s arrival. Everyone wonders where Akshara is going. Kairav asks Akshara where she is going. Lights go off and Abhimanyu arrives outside the operation theater dressed up as the surgeon. He doesn’t let Akshara hug him. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he has got himself and his surgical uniform sanitized for the surgery.

On Akshara’s question, Abhimanyu tells her that he was fulfilling the formalities of a consultant doctor and thus got late. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to not worry as nothing will happen to Manish. He assures Akshara that he won’t let anything happen to Manish. Abhimanyu enters the OT and tells Manish that he won’t let anything happen to him as he has to perform Akshara’s kanyadaan too. Outside the OT, Harshavardhan keeps on trying to manipulate Akhilesh and Aarohi against Akshara by saying that there wouldn’t have been a problem if Abhimanyu wouldn’t have left the hospital. He says even Manish wouldn’t have been in critical condition due to delay in treatment. Harshvardhan says it’s a pity that their hospital’s best surgeon (Abhimanyu) returned to the hospital as a consultant surgeon.

He tries to make Akshara guilty and responsible for all the problems in other’s eyes. Harshvardhan asks Akhilesh to not worry as Abhimanyu would handle everything. In OT, Manish sees Kartik in Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu also pretends to be Kartik and talks to Manish to calm him down. He starts Manish’s heart surgery. Akshara says 4 hours went, why so much time is being taken. Aarohi says sometimes much more time is taken than this and Manish is aged also. She asks Akshara to not panic as this happens. Mahima and Anand reach outside the OT and ask Harshavardhan what Manish’s report says. Harshvardhan tells Anand and Mahima that nurses told that Manish’s major arteries have big clots.

He says blood flow is still very low even after giving blood thinner medicines. At Goenka Mansion, Suhasini and Swarna try to calm each other. At Birla house, Manjiri thinks Abhimanyu is a good son with good values as he is performing Manish’s surgery even after whatever happened. She believes that Abhimanyu would save Manish. Manish’s pulse starts dropping. Abhimanyu tells unconscious Manish to not give up easily. He asks Manish to fight for his life and scolds him after getting fine. Akshara recalls Manish’s scolding. She recalls that Manish refused to take medicines in anger. Akshara and Kairav think that they are responsible for Manish’s condition.

In the next episode, Mahima will inform Goenkas that Manish left his will power. She will also say that Manish will have to himself fight for his every breath. Abhimanyu will keep on operating Manish and give him an injection directly in his heart. Akshara will sing a bhajan to give hope to Manish and everyone. She will choke and Abhimanyu will run to her outside OT.

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