Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming 22nd February 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming 22nd February 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming 22nd February 2022 Written Update Rudra thanks the Principal for helping them by allowing them for what they did. Principal tells Rudra that nothing is more important for him than children’s happiness. Ruhi and Saaransh also thank the Principal. Principal tells them that they look like a family. Rudra hugs his children and says they are just like family. Principal tells Rudra that he sent him the budget of their school’s field trip. Rudra says he would see it. Ruhi says, vow they will go for a picnic. Rudra and Saaransh tell Ruhi that she will go on a picnic with her class.

Ruhi says she will go to the picnic for the first time and will enjoy it a lot. Principal tells Ruhi that she can’t go to the school’s field trip as her mother didn’t give her consent for this till now. Ruhi gets sad. Saaransh, Rudra and the Principal notices it. Rudra says maybe Ruhi’s mother thought that Ruhi can’t go on a trip as she just joined the school. Ruhi says she wishes to go on this school trip. Saaransh tells Ruhi that he will talk to her mother and convince her. Rudra stops Saaransh from going to meet Prisha so that he doesn’t get to know the truth. He says he will talk to Ruhi’s mother.

Ruhi gets very happy and says, “I love you” to Ruhi. Rudra asks Saaransh to go and have a fun time with his friends too. Saaransh leaves giving a high five to Rudra. Rudra takes Ruhi to Prisha. On the other hand, Bunty reaches his home and finds Bubbles sleeping. He decides to burn all the documents related to scholarship kept at his home to not let Rudra know the truth. Bunty finds his home drawer open. He also finds scholarship documents missing from the drawer. Bunty thinks he did this scholarship scam with Pandey with much difficulty and kept Pandey in front to save himself.


He recalls how Prisha heard his and Pandey’s conversation and followed him to know the truth. He blames Pandey for his carelessness. Flashback shows how Bunty asked Pandey to not kill Rudra but just not let the truth come out in front of Rudra. Bunty also threatened to kill Pandey if something happens to Rudra. He asked Pandey to remove all the proof of scholarship scam they did in Khurana school in the last one year. Flashback ends. Bunty says Pandey and Prisha ruined his plan. Flashback shows how Bunty always tried to delay Rudra in reaching Pandey to make the latter run away. He says Rudra remained adamant on catching Pandey.

Bunty thinks he intentionally did the drama of foot injury to make Pandey escape Rudra. Flashback shows how Bunty made Prisha go behind Rudra and checked Pandey’s bag. Pandey’s bag had just the money and no proof against him. Flashback again ends. Bunty thinks it’s good that Pandey died and failed to expose him. He recalls that Rudra reached his father’s (Badrinath Gupta’s) house with the bank official’s help as he opened the bank account on his father’s name. Bunty says he changed his name Bhairav Gupta because he wanted to get away from his old life. Flashback shows Bunty burning all the documents related to scholarship scam that can expose him, kept in the studio.

Bunty fears thinking where the scholarship documents went missing from his house’s drawer. Rudra and Ruhi reach Prisha’s cabin at school but don’t find her. Prisha comes and asks Rudra why he wasn’t picking up her calls. Rudra apologizes to Prisha and tells her that Saaransh kept his phone on silent. Ruhi asks Rudra to first talk about her to Prisha. She asks Prisha if she can do her school trip. Prisha says she can’t talk about this right now as her mind is thinking about something else. Rudra asks Ruhi to wait outside as he will talk to her mother about her school trip. Ruhi goes outside. Rudra asks Prisha why she is so stressed. Prisha tells Rudra that she got to know who is behind the scam.

Rudra asks Prisha how she got to know and who is behind the scam. Prisha shows some papers to Rudra and asks him if it’s his signatures here. Rudra tells Prisha that it’s not his signatures but copied and fake. Prisha tells Rudra that she knows that it’s not his signature as he writes “R” differently in his signatures. Rudra gets surprised that Prisha still remembers his style of writing “R” in his signatures. He asks Prisha to tell him who is behind the scholarship scam. Rudra gets shocked when Prisha tells him that it’s Bunty who is deceiving him. He doesn’t wish to believe that Bunty was deceiving him. Prisha says she also didn’t believe it initially but then got his (Rudra’s) forged signatures papers from Bunty’s house drawer.

Rudra asks Prisha how she reached Bunty’s house. Prisha tells Rudra how she met Bubbles while dropping off an injured student to his house. She continues telling how she searched for a pen to receive a courier and got her hands on the scholarship forms inside Bunty’s house drawer. Rudra feels bad by getting deceived by his best friend Bunty. On the other hand, Bunty wakes unwell Bubbles. He asks her about the scholarship papers kept inside the drawer in their living room. Bubbles tells Bunty that she can’t understand a bit he is saying. Bunty asks Bubbles if someone came to their house behind him. Bubbles says a courier person came. Bunty thinks a courier person doesn’t have to do anything with scholarship papers.

He requests Bubbles to recall if someone other than a courier person came to their house. Bunty tells Bubbles that they would get into trouble if someone gets his/her hands on his important papers. Bubbles tells Bunty that Prisha came and dropped her home. She says Prisha even opened the drawer to take a pen to sign the courier receipt. Bubbles asks Bunty what will happen now. Bunty asks Bubbles to not take tension and sleep as he would talk and make Prisha understand. Bunty gets scared thinking that Prisha would tell everything to Rudra. He thinks to call Rudra and get to know if Prisha met him or not. On the other hand, Prisha tells Rudra that she thinks that Bunty is doing all this under some compulsion.

She says Bubbles’s health wasn’t good. Prisha tells Rudra that she thinks that Bunty and Bubbles are in some serious or major problem. Rudra asks Prisha if Bunty can scam him if Bubbles is unwell or in serious trouble. He says he is already stressed after getting a deception from her and now this. Rudra says Bunty won’t get forgiven for this. He also says that he will get Bunty punished for whatever criminal work he did. Rudra receives Bunty’s call. Prisha stops Rudra from picking up Bunty’s call. She tells Rudra that they don’t have proper proof against Bunty. Prisha asks Rudra to behave normal with Bunty and not let him know that he knows everything. Rudra calms himself and picks up Bunty’s call.

He talks normally with Bunty. Bunty asks Rudra various questions. He also asks Rudra if he met Prisha. Rurda says no, what happened. Bunty stutters and asks Rudra to meet Prisha as it’s Valentine’s day today. Rudra refuses to meet Prisha and says he doesn’t love Prisha anymore. He asks Bunth why he called her. Bunty asks Rudra if he got to know something else about Bhairav Gupta. He offers his help to Rudra in the investigation. Rudra tells Bunty that he did much with him. This shocks Bunty. Rudra changes his words and tells Bunty that he already did help him a lot. He says he doesn’t want to think about the scholarship scam thing today as Ruhi is his priority today.

Bunty thinks it’s good that Rudra didn’t meet Prisha till now. He thinks of meeting and requesting Prisha to not tell the truth to Rudra. At school, Prisha tells Rudra that Bunty was trying to know if she met him or not. Rudra unravels that Bunty got to know that scholarship papers are with Prisha. Prisha says she will handle Bunty. Rudra says it’s not old Bunty. He tells Prisha that if Bunty can deceive him, then he can harm her too. Rudra leaves with Prisha to file a complaint against Bunty. They reach the police station and tell everything to the inspector. Inspector tells Rudra and Prisha that Bunty can refuse and say that someone else kept the fake scholarship papers in his house drawer. Prisha understands that the law will expect proper proof against Bunty from them.

Rudra asks Prisha about Bubbles’ health. Prisha says she read Bubbles medical files too and got to know that Bubbles is suffering from something serious. Rudra asks Prisha to inspect what health problem Bubbles is in. Prisha understands that Rudra wants to use Bubbles’ health problem against Bunty to catch him red handed.

In the next episode, Bunty will meet Prisha and question her if she got something from his house when she dropped Bubbles home. Prisha will show Rudra’s fake signed scholarship forms to Bunty which she got from his house. Bunty will beg in front of Prisha to not tell Rudra the truth. Prisha will apologize to Bunty and will say that she needs to tell the truth to Rudra. She will start calling Rudra. Bunty will pick up a vase and walk towards Prisha. He will apologize to Prisha and raise the vase on her to hit her.

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