Fanaa 22nd February 2022 Full Written Update

Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya's love

Fanaa 22nd February 2022 Full Written Update Ishaan opens his house door when the bell rings. A courier person comes and gives a parcel to him. On the other hand, Tanya tells Agastya that some psycho is blackmailing her and making her do wrong things. She says that her blackmailer was making her keep a watch on Pakhi. Tanya asks Agastya if he will help her as he is Pakhi’s best friend. She asks Agastya if she did right by telling her this. Agastya tells Tanya she was wrong when she was going to tell Pakhi everything.

Yug comes from behind. Agastya asks Tanya if she is talking about Yug. Tanya gets scared seeing Yug at Agastya’s house. Agastya reveals to Tanya that he madly loves Pakhi. He also tells Tanya that they both want Pakhi’s happiness only. Agastya sends Tanya with Yug. Yug tells Tanya that she shouldn’t have done foolishness. Agastya tells Tanya that she needs to be deleted from Pakhi’s life to let him enter Pakhi’s life. He promises Tanya to take care of her mother. On the other hand, Ishaan praises Pakhi, her beauty and her mehndi. Ishaan and Pakhi get shocked seeing Agastya’s name in Pakhi’s Mehndi.

Agastya smirks but Pakhi gets angry at the Mehndi designer. She says how can she walk with Agastya’s (her friend’s) name on her hand. She asks the designer to change the name with Ishaan’s name using some design. Ishaan tries to remove Agastya’s name but it has already got deeper in Pakhi’s hand. Ishaan’s father calls Ishaan to make him meet someone. Neelima gets tensed seeing all this and also seeing Agastya dancing madly. Pakhi calls Agastya to her. She tells Agastya that his name ruined her whole Mehndi. Agastya tells this way he got connected to her for whole life. Pakhi gets shocked. Agastya laughs and tells Pakhi that he was just throwing bollywood hero dialogues.


Neelima thinks about what would happen now. On the other hand Yug is seen taking tied Tanya somewhere. Yug’s car gets hit by a biker. He goes to scold the biker. Biker asks Yug to forgive him as no damage happened. Yug keeps on scolding the biker. Tanya somehow opens her ropes and escapes from Yug’s car. She thinks of reaching Pakhi and telling her the truth. Yug drives the car ahead unaware that Tanya escaped his captivity. He suddenly sees Tanya running away in the rear view mirror. He regrets leaving Tanya alone. Yug thinks Agastya would kill him if Tanya reaches Pakhi and reveals her the truth.

At the mehndi and sangeet function Shanya and Shubham are seen hosting the function. Shanya tells the guests that Ishaan accepted Pakhi but Pakhi didn’t accept Ishaan as her groom till now. Everyone gets shocked knowing this. Shanaya reveals to everyone that Pakhi always wanted her groom to have moves like Tiger Shroff. Shubham says that means Ishaan would have to show some moves too. Ishaan goes to dance but Agastya stops him backstage. He challenges Ishaan for a dance face off between them. He says to Ishaan that lets have a dance face off between Pakhi’s best friend and boyfriend.

Ishaan corrects Agastya by saying that he is going to be Pakhi’s husband now. Ishaan agrees to have a dance face off with Agastya. Both of them dance to different songs one by one. Sometimes they give competition to each other, while dancing together. Some people cheer for Ishaan while some cheer for Agastya. Agastya falls on the stage while dancing and feels angry by losing the dance face off with Ishaan. Everyone hoots for Ishaan’s win. Pakhi gives a high five to Ishaan. This upsets and angers Agastya more. Ishaan gets declared as the winner. He goes to the back of the function venue. Agastya sits with Pakhi and asks if she is happy at his defeat. Pakhi replies no and asks Agastya if he is jealous of Ishaan. A waiter intentionally makes a drink fall on Ishaan’s shoes.

He apologizes to Ishaan. Ishaan forgives him. But the waiter keeps on insisting Ishaan to let him clean his shoes. Initially Ishaan refuses the waiter’s wish but later agrees on a lot of requests and insistence from the waiter. Waiter makes Ishaan sit on a chair and takes his shoes. Ishaan asks the waiter to return soon with his shoes cleaned as he has a dance performance soon. Waiter leaves saying yes to Ishaan. Agastya comes to Ishaan and asks him what happened. Ishaan tells him what happened. Waiter signs Agastya secretly. Agastya signs the waiter back and smirks. Waiter returns with Ishaan’s shoes. Ishaan wears his shoes without noticing the nail in it.

He gets injured at his heel. Agastya tells Ishaan that he is bleeding. He asks Ishaan how he will dance now. Couple dance of Pakhi and Ishaan is announced. Pakhi walks on stage. Including Pakhi, everyone wonders where Ishaan went. Agastya and Ishaan hear the announcement. Ishaan asks Agastya how he will dance when he can’t even walk. Agastya asks Ishaan to not worry when he is here. Agastya makes Ishaan sit behind. He goes to the stage and tells Pakhi that Ishaan got a little injured. Pakhi asks how. Agastya asks Pakhi to not worry as he will perform the couple dance with her. She feels a little weird and uncomfortable. Pakhi and Ishaan look at each other from a distance.

Later Pakhi starts dancing with Agastya. Guests get upset for not being able to see the bride and groom’s dance. On the other hand, Yug follows Tanya. Tanya asks Pakhi’s mehndi function venue location from someone. She runs to Pakhi’s mehndi function venue. Tanya gets shocked seeing Pakhi dancing with Agastya. She feels worried for Ishaan thinking that Agastya did something with him.

In the next episode, Pakhi will receive a call from Ishaan asking her to come to the location he sent her as he has some important work. Pakhi will run to Ishaan secretly from her room window. Pakhi’s mother will get shocked and worried on not finding Pakhi in her room. On the other hand, Shubham will also get worried thinking where Ishaan went after asking for 10 minutes alone time.

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