Fanaa 23rd February 2022 Written Update Wedding twist

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Fanaa 23rd February 2022 Written Update Wedding twist Shubham taps on Tanya’s shoulder. She gets scared initially but later on gets a little relaxed seeing Shubham behind her. She asks Shubham where Ishaan is. Shubham tells her the way to Ishaan. Mohit announces Ishaan to come on stage. Tanya runs to Ishaan but he tells her that he will talk to her later as Pakhi calls him. He goes to Pakhi leaving a worried Tanya behind. Pakhi tells Ishaan that he ditched her today. Ishaan says his wound is small and would get fine till next day.

Pakhi sarcastically says she will have to pick up Ishaan in her arms tomorrow. She sees a figure on the terrace. It’s Tanya and Tanya runs behind Pakhi to tell her the truth. Before Tanya could reach Pakhi, Yug kidnaps her. He makes Tanya unconscious and puts her inside the garbage bin. Pakhi stops him and he gets a little scared seeing Tanya’s dupatta coming out of the garbage bin. Ishaan walks with Pakhi towards Yug. Yug hides Tanya’s dupatta. Pakhi asks him to have food and take sweets for his family, thinking him to be a garbage collector. Yug signs yes by moving his head up and down.

He takes Tanya away to a lone place. Yug digs a pit to bury her. Tanya requests Yug to let her go as her mother is fully dependent on her and needs her a lot. She promises him that she would never meet Pakhi and go away somewhere. Yug doesn’t get convinced with Tanya’s words. Tanya gets angry and starts taunting him. She asks him if he doesn’t have a mother. Tanya tells Yug that his mother would be ashamed of giving birth to him. Yug gets angry and leaves Tanya. He asks Tanya to leave with her mother far away from Pakhi. Tanya thanks Yug and starts running away. Yug tells Tanya that she shouldn’t be seen alive as she will get killed immediately after being seen alive. He tells her that she is dead for this world. Yug also shouts and tells running Tanya that his mother didn’t regret giving birth to him.


On the other hand, Shanaya and Prema try to wake up Pakhi. Pakhi wakes up and jumps in joy with Prema and Shanaya. She jumps in joy saying that today is her marriage. Shanaya also dances with Pakhi in happiness as well as excitement. Suddenly, Pakhi starts crying telling her father that she will miss spending time with them. Sameer (Pakhi’s father) hugs Pakhi and tells her that he will come to meet her on a regular basis. Shanaya and Prema also promise to meet Pakhi regularly. Later Pakhi gets a message from someone. After this someone rings the bell of Pakhi’s house. Pakhi opens the door and gets surprised seeing Ishaan there in a milkman’s disguise.

She asks Ishaan what he is doing here. She reminds him that the bride and groom’s meeting before marriage is considered unauspicious. Ishaan takes Pakhi to the kitchen and covers her head with a beautiful bridal chunri. He tells her that he is meeting her for the last time before their wedding. Ishaan also says to Pakhi that their life would change from the next day. He kisses Pakhi and leaves. Agastya hands over Pakhi’s wedding choodha to Prema. Prema finds it very beautiful and reminds Agastya that she asked to bring some simple choodha. Agastya tells Prema that her daughter doesn’t like simple things. Prema leaves to give bangles to Pakhi. Neelima tells Agastya that she is afraid that he will himself get hurt by his own plans.

Agastya asks Neelima to not feel worried as he will fulfill the promise he made to her. He tells Neelima that he will soon bring Pakhi as her daughter in law to their house. On the other hand, Shubham teases Ishaan. Ishaan’s father praises his sherwani look and asks Ishaan to get ready as soon as possible as it’s his own wedding. Ishaan tells him that he will get ready in 2 minutes 37 seconds and leaves. At Pakhi’s house, Sameer shares his fear with Neelima. He says he is still worried about astrologers’ words about Pakhi’s wedding. Agastya assures Sameer that he will not let anything wrong happen to Pakhi. He says he will assure Pakhi’s happiness. Sameer gets relaxed hearing this. Agastya thinks that Pakhi will have to bear a little pain right now to get happiness for her whole lifetime.

Pakhi’s mother, Prema, knocks on Pakhi’s door but the latter doesn’t respond. This worries Prema and she keeps on knocking Pakhi’s room door. Pakhi comes out of the washroom and asks her mother to not get worried as she won’t run away from her own marriage. She says she has no reason to run away as she is getting married to the person she loves. On the other hand, Shubham gets worried about not finding Ishaan in his room. He suddenly gets a voice message from Ishaan, informing him that Ishaan went for an emergency at the hospital. In the voice note, Ishaan also told Shubham that he will directly reach the wedding venue.

Back at the wedding venue, Pakhi is seen performing the Kalire ritual with her friends, sisters and cousins. Agastya joins them and a kalira falls on him. Pakhi gets happy and tells him that he would get married next after her marriage. Agastya takes Pakhi to the mandap forcefully. He opens a beautiful looking box. Everyone gets shocked with Agastya’s move. The box is seen as a kajal box. He gives it to Neelima and asks her to apply it to the most beautiful bride. Neelima applies kajal as nazar ka tika to Pakhi and blesses her. To not worry his father, Shubham sits a groom with a veil in the car in Ishaan’s place. Baraat starts walking towards the wedding venue.

Sameer sees Agastya with a lot of media persons and other people. Anup tells Sameer that they are famous and high profile people and Agastya calls them. Sameer says to Anup that he hopes everything goes fine in Pakhi’s wedding. Anup says Agastya will handle everything. Prema finds Pakhi sad and asks her the reason behind her sadness. Pakhi tells Prema that she isn’t able to contact Tanya and moreover her mother is unwell. Prema tells Pakhi that she will meet and talk to Tanya’s mother the next day. She asks Pakhi to stop worrying and concentrate on her own marriage for now. Ishaan’s Baraat reaches Pakhi’s house. Sameer and Ishaan’s father hug each other.

Agastya smirks seeing them. Pakhi gets a voice note from Ishaan asking her to bring 20,000 rupees to a location he sent her. Pakhi sends a voice note to Ishaan asking him about his whereabouts. She also asks him why he needs money at present. In the next episode, Pakhi will be seen ready as a stunning bride. She will imagine Ishaan seeing her while wearing wedding jewelry. Pakhi will smile thinking about her and Ishaan’s future together. She will get shocked seeing Ishaan stabbed in front of her. Pakhi will shout Ishaan’s name and pull out the knife from his body. Agastya will too reach there and look at Pakhi. Pakhi will look at Agastya with tears in her eyes and murder knife in her hand.

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