Anupama 26th February 2022 Written Update Anupama lashes Vanraj

Anupama 26th February 2022 Written Update Anupama lashes Vanraj

Anupama 26th February 2022 Written Update Anupama lashes Vanraj Anupama tells Vanraj that he isn’t happy even after getting such a big business and money because he finds his happiness in others’ defeat. She asks Vanraj if her and Anuj’s happiness and non acceptance of defeat is eating him up from inside. Anupama calls Vanraj by his name in anger. Vanraj gets angry hearing Anupama calling him just by his name. Anupama asks Vanraj why he seems angry as his name isn’t that bad. She also asks Vanraj to be thankful that she is just taking his name and hasn’t disrespected him.

Vanraj asks Anupama why she has come here. Anupama tells Vanraj that she has come here to remind him that he won’t ever win, whatever he does. She also tells Vanraj that Lord Sri Ram remains Sri Ram, wherever he loves, be it in Ayodhya, Exile or Lanka. Anupama further tells Vanraj that Ravan never wins even after gaining a lot of knowledge and powers. Anupama’s words angers Vanraj. She tells Vanraj that his problem is that he thinks that he got all the powers by sitting on a powerful person’s chair. Anupama tells Vanraj that Anuj has such an aura that even the floor becomes a throne if he sits on it. Anupama says that a person’s position doesn’t matter but his nature matters.

She asks Vanraj why he got silent suddenly. Anupama also asks him if he got scared or is getting jitters. She tells Vanraj that his fear is right. Anupama says that a person should be scared if he is wrong and more scared if he knows that the person standing in front of him is right. She asks Vanraj to get habitual of this fear as he has to live with it his whole life. Anupama tells Vanraj that Anuj and she stepped back for Malvika but it doesn’t mean that they have got left behind. She also tells Vanraj that he won’t even know when she and Anuj would defeat him. Anupama asks Vanraj to just wait and watch.


Vanraj asks Anupama how dare she. Anupama tells Vanraj that he hasn’t seen her dare till now and asks him if he wants to see it. Angry Vanraj asks security to throw Anupama out of the office. This behavior of Vanraj shocks Malvika. Vanraj asks the security guard to not think that Anupama is a woman and asks him to throw Anupama out. Guard doesn’t follow Vanraj’s orders. They apologize to Vanraj and tell him that they can’t be insolent with Anuj’s Anupama. They leave, telling Vanraj that he can fire them too. Anupama asks Vanraj if heard that no one can touch Anuj’s Anupama. She tells Vanraj that she was trying to make him understand this thing only that Anuj rules people’s heart, not on a powerful chair.

Anupama explains to Vanraj that no one in the whole building can touch Anuj’s Anupama as Anuj’s real wealth is that he is respected by everyone. Vanraj feels very angry. Anupama leaves telling Malvika that it’s their real Anuj. She stops and points finger at Vanraj warning him to stay within his limits. This confident behavior of Anupama grows Vanraj’s anger. Outside the office, Anuj questions Anupama why she came to the office. Anupama questions Anuj if he wouldn’t have come to office if he would have been in his place. Anuj says he would have. Anupama says that’s why she came. Malvika sees Anuj and Anupama leaving from outside the office. She wonders how much she would be stuck between people.

Anuj tells Anupama that love and business can either be done by honesty or by dishonesty. He says that the person who hadn’t been honest in love, how can he show honesty in the business. Anuj says Vanraj did what he knows. Anupama tells Anuj that Vanraj made a mistake today and his behavior affected Malvika. Anuj asks if it means Vanraj lost it even after winning. Anupama asks God to punish Vanraj for his sin of coming in between a brother and sister, otherwise she would lose her mind. Anuj gets surprised by Anupama’s warning to God. He asks Anupama to think a little about his return gift too (marriage proposal’s reply).

Anupama gets shy and starts walking. Anuj teases Anupama by singing, “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi”. At Shah house, Shahs and Dolly’s family are seen preparing for Anupama’s surprise birthday party. Samar teases Pakhi. Mamaji returns and makes everyone, especially Bapuji happy. Bapuji reminds Mamaji that it’s Anupama’s 45th birthday. He says nobody ever gave a gift to Anupama in all these years. Bapuji also says that this is why he is going to give 45 gifts to Anupama this year. On Dolly’s questions, Mamaji tells everyone that his mother is fine and has sent ladoos for everyone. Baa takes the ladoos with her. Samar and Pakhi argue with each other but Kinjal stops them.

Kinjal wishes that God gives happiness of 45 gifts to Anupama all together. Angry Baa tells Bapuji that he is celebrating Anupama’s birthday like her birthday never occurred ever before. Bapuji tells Baa that nobody ever remembered, celebrated or have been happy for Anupama on her previous birthdays. He explains his family to save money but not on the cost of happiness. Baa leaves irritated. Kavya asks to leave her irritation or anger as Bapuji seems happy after a long time. She also reminds Baa that Vanraj is going to become a big business and blurts out that her life is set after it. She changes her words according to Baa’s mindset.

Baa asks Kavya to thiny how bad Vanraj would feel seeing Anupama and Anuj party holding their hands together. Kavya asks Baa why would Vanraj feel angry seeing Anupama with someone else. She says Vanraj should feel bad seeing her holding someone else’s hand. Baa scolds and warns Kavya of doing something like this. Bapuji asks family to make this birthday of Anupama memorable. Bapuji hopes that this birthday of Anupama becomes memorable for Anuj too and he may get his happiness on this day. Anuj thanks GK and Devika for making him buy a diamond ring for Anupama earlier only. He decides to give a diamond ring to Anupama as her birthday gift.

Anuj behaves like a young boy in love. He goes so mad in love that he sees Anupama making him wear a wedding garland in the Television. Anuj comes back to reality and finds it difficult to wait for Anupama’s reply. He sarcastically thinks he will take Anupama by picking her up if she doesn’t say yes to his marriage proposal this time. Anuj gift wraps the wedding ring. Hearing the doorbell, he opens the door. Anuj gets emotional seeing Malvika at the door and hugs her. He takes Malvika inside and asks her what happened. Anuj asks Malvika to meet Anupama. Malvika says she would feel embarrassed going in front of Anupama. Anuj asks her why.

Malvika says Anupama did what she should have done, but she didn’t do it. She tells Anuj that she should have taken a stand for him at the office. Malvika tells Anuj that instead of her Anupama took a stand for him and fought for him at the office. Anuj tells Malvika that it’s fine. Malvika tells Anuj that it isn’t okay and she is feeling embarrassed now. She also tells Anuj that he gave the whole business and its responsibility to her. Malvika says she should have ensured that Vanraj shouldn’t be unfair with anyone. Anuj tells Malvika that it doesn’t matter to him what Vanraj said to her. He tells Malvika that her thought process matters to her.

Anuj also tells Malvika that now it’s up to her how she wants to run the business. He reminds Malvika that he already made her understand that she would never let anyone take her advantage or give her business power or range in anyone else’s hand. Malvika promises to Anuj that she would never repeat her mistake. Anuj hugs Malvika. Anupama recalls Anuj’s marriage proposal. She also recalls Bapuji’s advice.

In the next episode, Anupama will say that her new life will start on her birthday. She will be seen celebrating her birthday with Shahs and Anuj. Baa, Vanraj, Kavya and Paritosh will not be present in Anupama’s birthday celebration. Anupama will cut the cake and make Anuj eat it. Vanraj will think Anuj and Anupama’s smile is his defeat. He will also think that he can’t ever get defeated. Anuj will get shocked seeing something on his phone and will say, “Oh My God”. Everyone else will also get shocked hearing Anuj.

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