Bade Acche Lagte Hai 1st March 2022 Rain date twist

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 1st March 2022 Rain date twist

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 1st March 2022 Rain date twist Priya gets upset that it didn’t rain. Ram asks her why is she so angry and throwing things. She tells that she had planned something for them. He asks what is she saying, if she is okay, did she really plan something for them. She tells that it was for him, she had planned to have pakodas in the candle light when it rains. Ram asks her is she really saying it, will she have pakodas which she used to hate. He wants to know how did she get so romantic. She tells that his rain coupon would have got used today if it really rained. He asks her would she stand under the rains with him.

She tells that she would have done it to please him and then ask him about his lie. She tells that he lied to her that he was in the office, he would have told her the truth if she really overwhelmed him by the rain surprise. Ram gets stunned. He feels worried that he is hurting Priya a lot by hiding the truth. He doesn’t want Priya to lose faith on. He arranges the rain shower for Priya. Ram and Priya have a romantic rain date. He has fallen in love with Priya. They both share romantic moments and get happiness.

He is very elated to know that even Priya is thinking of his happiness. She doesn’t want Vedika to come between them. He asks Priya what is it that she wants. She makes a request and asks him to send away Vedika from the house. She doesn’t want Vedika around Ram, still being unaware of their friendship. Ram is stressed by her request, but agrees. He can’t tell Vedika on her face that he wants her to leave the house. He asks Nandini to help him in this situation and just request Vedika to leave, because Priya wants so. Nandini and Vedika make a plan to reveal Ram’s past to Priya. How will Priya react to Ram’s past with Vedika? Keep reading.


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