Fanaa 28th February 2022 Written Update Agastya in fury

Fanaa 20th April 2022 Written Update Hopeful Agastya

Fanaa 28th February 2022 Written Update Agastya in fury Pakhi’s family sees the news. News reporter says that Ishaan used to run a kidney racket with Kartaar Singh. Pakhi shouts, screams and says that Ishaan can’t do this. She says Ishaan isn’t involved in any kidney racket. Anup says maybe news reporters are saying the right thing. Pakhi says news reporters are also accusing her of being a murderer bride. Agastya tells Pakhi that he also investigated the kidney racket matter and found Ishaan involved in it. Pakhi gets angry and asks Agastya, who has asked him to investigate this matter.

Pakhi’s aunt taunts and scolds her for choosing a guy like Ishaan for herself. Pakhi doesn’t believe anyone and says that she wants to meet Ishaan. This angers Agastya and he takes Pakhi somewhere. On the other hand, Virat wonders how kidney racket matter suddenly entered Ishaan’s case. Pandey tells Virat that he found that Natasha used to work in Agastya’s company. Virat says it’s good as he can now investigate Agastya from Natasha. He wonders where Natasha is at present. Virat tells Pandey that he feels Agastya is somewhere involved in whatever is happening.

Virat reaches Ishaan’s Trinity hospital. He investigates the cold chamber handled by Ishaan. Virat finds human organs hidden inside the cold chamber. Staff tells Virat that only Ishaan had the access to the cold chamber. Shubham and Ishaan’s father realize their mistake and regret accusing Pakhi. They think they shouldn’t have scolded Pakhi. Shubham and his father say that the media is showing nonsense about Ishaan. Shubham asks his father to not worry as police are investigating the matter. He says he is sure that both Pakhi and Ishaan would be proved innocent. Shubham also says to his father that Pakhi would understand their condition and the reason why they got angry at her. He says Pakhi would surely forgive them. Agastya takes Pakhi to the Trinity hospital’s cold chamber. He shows human organs hidden in the cold chamber handled by Ishaan.


He tries to manipulate Pakhi by showing her human organs as well as the list of people, whom Ishaan killed by selling their organs. Agastya provokes Pakhi more by showing Ayesha’s name in the list as Ishaan’s next victim. He tells Pakhi that Ishaan would have told Ayesha’s parents that she can live more so that he could have sold her organs to earn extra money. Virat comes to the cold chamber with Pandey. He overhears Pakhi and Agastya’s conversation. Virat asks Agastya how he got to know about hidden organs. He says only he knew about it. Agastya tells Virat he got to know after reaching the hospital behind him. He also tells Virat that he funds Trinity hospital and keeps full information about it.

Pandey and Virat wonder and say that Agastya’s investigation is even faster than the police. Pandey says Agastya got hidden information before them. Pakhi and Agastya leave from the cold chamber. Virat’s suspicion on Agastya grows. He decides to take out full fledged information on Agastya. Virat asks Pandey to keep a watch on Agastya. Pandey says okay. Pakhi gets angry and cries profusely. She meets Ayesha. Ayesha asks Pakhi if she and Ishaan got married. Pakhi tells Ayesha that before marriage she got to know the worst truth of her life. She promises Ayesha that she won’t let anything happen to her.

Agastya watches Pakhi and smirks hearing her words. Pakhi sees Ishaan from outside his ward and leaves angrily. She again cries profusely and regrets her decision of choosing Ishaan as her life partner. She screams and questions herself. Pakhi thinks about how she couldn’t see the universe’s signs warning her about Ishaan. She recalls her romantic moments with Ishaan. Pakhi also recalls when a girl in the restaurant called Ishaan her ex-boyfriend. She also recalls police arresting Ishaan in the drug case. Then she recalls Ishaan hitting her father at his bachelorette party. Pakhi again regrets her decision of choosing Ishaan and throws the ring Ishaan made her wear on their engagement. She leaves the hospital.

Agastya smirks at Pakhi’s words and picks up the ring. Pakhi reaches her home. She apologizes to her parents for troubling them by her wrong decision. Pakhi tells her parents that she made a mistake in identifying Ishaan. Pakhi’s parents tell her to not feel guilty as they also made a mistake in identifying Ishaan. They also tell Pakhi that they won’t let anything happen to her. Pakhi’s father tells her that he is sure that police will find out that Kartaar’s Singh’s gang member would have attacked Ishaan and she would get proved innocent soon. At the hospital, the doctor tells Ishaan’s father and Shubham that they can’t keep Ishaan at their hospital anymore as he is accused of such a heinous crime. Ishaan’s father and Shubham get worried and also get angry at the doctor’s decision. Doctor tells them that it’s about his hospital’s reputation now.

Agastya comes there and asks the doctor to leave. He offers Ishaan’s father to let him shift Ishaan to his own hospital. Ishaan’s father thinks a little and trusts Agastya. He lets Agastya shift Ishaan to his hospital. Agastya reaches Pakhi’s house and overhears Pakhi’s conversation with her parents. He tells them that he won’t let anything happen to Pakhi. Pakhi’s parents stand outside Pakhi’s room to let Agastya talk to Pakhi. Agastya gives Pakhi’s engagement ring to Pakhi. Pakhi tells Agastya to throw it as she doesn’t want to keep anything with her that has Ishaan’s memories in them. Agastya tells Pakhi that it’s his grandmother Neelima’s ring, if she would throw it now.

Pakhi and her parents get shocked hearing this. Agastya tells Pakhi that Ishaan’s bought ring was never found. He also tells Pakhi that to handle the matter he gave Ishaan his grandmother’s ring to make her wear it. Agastya further lies to Pakhi that Ishaan asked him to not tell her about it. This makes Pakhi and her parents feel that Ishaan is a disgusting man and a liar too. Later, it is seen that Agastya has got Ishaan shifted to his hospital. He tells Ishaan’s father and Shubham that a doctor would check Ishaan two times a day and a nurse would always take care of Ishaan. Ishaan’s father and Shubham thanks Agastya for his help. They leave, thanking Agastya once again.

On the other hand, Pakhi throws everything related to Ishaan. She angrily says that she doesn’t want any memories of Ishaan with her. This makes Agastya happy. Nurse sees Ishaan moving his fingers. She tells Agastya about it. Nurse also tells Agastya that Ishaan can come out of coma any time now. This angers Agastya.

In the next episode, Pakhi’s parents will be seen discussing that Agastya loves Pakhi a lot and takes care of her. They decide to talk to Agastya about his and Pakhi’s marriage. Pakhi’s father will decide to meet Agastya to talk about marriage. He will go to meet Agastya and will get shocked to know that Aagstya trapped Ishaan in false accusations and defamed him to separate Pakhi from him. Later, Agastya will be seen with Pakhi’s father inside his car. He will be driving speedily, revealing his truth and Ishaan’s innocence to Pakhi’s father. After revealing his truth, he will push Pakhi’s father from his speedy car.

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