Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update Preeta injures Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update Preeta injures Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update Preeta injures Prithvi Biji tells Preeta that Prithvi is trying his best to take Mahesh to the basement. She asks Preeta to do anything to stop Prithvi from succeeding in his goal. Preeta decides to make Prithvi out of her way by using his old tricks. She wants Prithvi to taste his own medicine. She lays some marbles on the staircase. Prithvi goes to meet Mahesh in his room. He steps on the marbles and falls down. While Kritika and Sherlyn get worried for Prithvi’s injury, Preeta gets a calm victorious smile on her face. She decides to stop Prithvi from unsettling Mahesh in his room.

Earlier in the show, the family brings Mahesh home. Preeta is anxious to meet Mahesh. She tells Dadi that she is happy, but also tensed for her plan. She sees Mahesh at the door. Karan welcomes Mahesh. Prithvi wants to wrap up the new drama. Mahesh breaks down. Karan tells that he is there with him.

Mahesh doesn’t listen to him. Prithvi goes to pacify Mahesh just to remain in the family’s good books. He tells that if Mahesh doesn’t want to go to his room, then he will take Mahesh back to the basement where he is comfortable. Preeta refuses to send Mahesh back. Prithvi asks her to see Mahesh’s fear. He tells that basement is his comfort zone. Preeta objects to him. She tells that Mahesh was kept there for two years, but he won’t stay there from now, he will stay with the family and find his real comfort zone. She doesn’t want Mahesh to return to the basement.


Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update Preeta injures Prithvi:

Preeta tells Prithvi that Mahesh will stay with the family, he needs time to return to the normal self and adjust, because its been two years that he has come home. Biji tells that Mahesh is returning to the family after two years. She adds that Preeta is right. Prithvi asks how will they take Mahesh to his room. Preeta asks him to give some time to Mahesh, he will adjust and stay with the family. She tells that they will just do the right. Biji asks Karan to take Mahesh to the room. Prithvi tells that Karan was trying to take Mahesh, but Mahesh is too terrified. He tells that they shall take Mahesh to the basement, his mental balance isn’t fine, he should be in his comfort zone.

Preeta asks Prithvi to stop talking negative. Bani and Biji ask Karan to take Mahesh to his room. The entire family comes ahead to help Mahesh and take him upstairs. Prithvi tells that Mahesh doesn’t need to feel scared, because he is with him. He also goes after Mahesh. Natasha asks Preeta about her concern for the family. Preeta asks Natasha not to worry for her concern. Natasha tells that she is glad to see Preeta’s concern for the family. Biji lectures Natasha for not being loyal to anyone.

The family settles Mahesh in his room. Prithvi keeps an eye on Mahesh to disturb him. He tries to stir Mahesh’s mind frame, and acts too concerned for him in front of the family. He wants to show the family that he is doing the best for Mahesh and Preeta is doing wrong. He tells that he will get water for Mahesh. He stops Girish. He acts caring. Kareena and Rakhi find Mahesh resting. Karan gets emotional. Prithvi gets peace to see Preeta, because he can see the future of her plans. He knows that Mahesh is still affected by the drugs, he won’t recover so soon, Preeta can never help Mahesh, she will get defeated. He thinks her battle will not be easy.

Preeta knows that the battle won’t be easy, but she has determined to get him to the family. He knows that she wants to bring Mahesh to the family and make him mentally sound, but all her plans will fail. She wants to target Prithvi and fail his plans. They both challenge each other. He thinks she is still worried. He likes to see the tension on her face. He boasts of his smartness because he always defeats her. He tells that she can’t shift Mahesh to the room from the basement, he isn’t mentally fit to stay with the family. He asks Preeta to stop her nonsense attempts that will not yield anything. He tells that he is a doctor who knows what’s the best for his patient Mahesh Luthra.

He asks her to let him do his work. She tells that she will make Prithvi go mad before he can prove Mahesh insane. She wants Prithvi to wait and watch what happens next. Prithvi asks Karan to feed the water to Mahesh. Karan feeds the water to Mahesh. Prithvi tells the family that its not fair, they shall not pressurize Mahesh by bringing him to the room, just to show he is a normal person. He tells that Preeta has done this to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday party, she might have challenged someone, but she is hurting Mahesh. He defends Mona, saying Preeta has framed Mona for revenge. Karan tells that Preeta has done right, Mona could have done anything with Mahesh.

Sherlyn tells that Preeta hates them, she is doing wrong to show control on them, but she will never hurt Mahesh. Prithvi asks Kritika if she trusts Preeta. Kritika tells that she trusted Preeta before, but not now, Preeta has become dual faced now. She argues with Karan. Rakhi cries on hearing them. Kareena tells that Preeta has come for the sake of money. Bani tells that she can see Preeta is doing things against them. Preeta makes the food for Mahesh. Biji praises her efforts. She asks Preeta why is she worried. Preeta is troubled planning Mahesh’s recovery. She tells that Mahesh was tortured for a long time, he won’t recover in a day. She wants Mahesh to stay with them, then nobody can harm him.

She tells that any other nurse can come and give drugs to Mahesh. She doesn’t want the family to come in Prithvi’s words. She pities Mahesh, who is in terrified state. She tells that Mahesh is mentally exploited, he deserves to stay with the loving family. Biji asks Preeta what does she think of doing to stop Prithvi. Preeta tells that she will plan something against Prithvi. She finds an idea to help Mahesh. Rakhi asks the family members to think and say anything against Preeta. She believes Preeta. She doesn’t believe anyone.

She is still the same Rakhi who listens to her heart. She tells that she can’t believe that Preeta can do wrong with them. She asks the family to know that Preeta just wants Mahesh’s recovery. Prithvi tells that Rakhi finds everyone good, because she is a good person. Kareena also agrees with Preeta this time. She tells that Preeta did the right thing with Mona. What will Prithvi do now? Keep reading.

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