Fanaa 1st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Pakhi Wedding

Fanaa 1st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Pakhi Wedding

Fanaa 1st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Pakhi Wedding Nurse tells Agastya that she saw Ishaan’s fingers moving. She says according to her, Ishaan would soon come out of coma. Agastya gives a vial to the nurse and tells her that this medicine would not let Ishaan come out of coma ever. He says it’s the advantage of being acquainted with doctors. Agastya sits beside unconscious Ishaan and tells him that he hates him very much. He also tells Ishaan that now he will become his God and take decisions about how much he wants to keep him alive. He smirks and leaves.

On the other hand, Pakhi’s father (Sameer) gets upset and angry seeing news paper publishing Pakhi as a murderer bride. He says how can someone write rubbish about anyone without thinking. Sameer says the media doesn’t care about people’s emotions and how they will live and walk in society with such an accusation. Pakhi’s mother (Prema) comes and asks Sameer to not worry as everything will get fine soon. Both Prema and Sameer start discussing about getting Pakhi married to Agastya. Prema says she will soon talk to Neelima (Agastya’s Grandmother) about marriage.

Sameer tells Prema that he thinks that Agastya likes Pakhi but Pakhi considers Agastya as her best friend only. He says he still wants to know Pakhi and Agastya’s opinion and decision on their marriage, before it gets finalized. Prema says she will talk to Pakhi. Sameer says he will talk to Agastya. He leaves to meet Aagstya. Pakhi stops her father in between and asks him where he is going. Sameer says he is going for some important work. He asks Pakhi if she wants something. Pakhi cries and asks her father to bring his and Prema’s happiness back. Sameer makes Pakhi sit on the stairs and talks to her.


Pakhi tells Sameer that she thought that she is the universe’s favorite child. She asks Sameer why the universe let all this bad happen to her. Sameer tells Pakhi that God is taking her test. He tells Pakhi a short and interesting story from his college days with Prema, to cheer her up. Pakhi says to Sameer that she will try to live normally again. At the hospital, Virat enquiries to Ayesha about Agastya. Ayesha tells Virat that Agastya promised her that he won’t let anything happen to her. She also tells Virat that Agastya told her about his childhood sickness. Ayesha further tells Virat that Agastya said he was administered for long in the hospital. Virat takes a leave. He asks Pandey if he got any information about Agastya’s childhood sickness. Pandey says he didn’t find any information about Agastya’s childhood sickness.

Virat says he feels that Agastya has some kind of weakness and is complex. He also says that Agastya doesn’t share his weakness with anyone. Virat gets determined to find out Agastya’s secret. Sameer leaves from his house to meet Agastya. On the other hand, Agastya is seen busy with his work. He receives a call from someone and promises him that he will complete the project soon. Agastya gets locked in his cabin. He gets suffocated and scared. Agastya recalls his past when he got locked inside his room in his childhood. He recalls screaming as his room got covered in fire. Agastya recalls screaming for help from his mother to open the door.

A woman’s shadow can be seen walking outside child Agastya’s room but she doesn’t pay heed to Agastya’s requests. Flashback ends as Agastya’s employee opens his cabin door. The employee tells Agastya that the cabin door got jammed. He also asks Agastya if he is fine. Agastya controls his anger and says yes. Later, at Raichand house, Naveli and Agastya’s mother are seen discussing about Pakhi being a murderer. They share with each other how much they hate Pakhi and didn’t like her ever. Naveli says she found Pakhi irritating but never thought that she would murder someone.

Neelima overhear their conversation and gets angry. She scolds Naveli and her mother for bad mouthing about Pakhi. Naveli’s mother asks Neelima to stay away from Pakhi and keep Agastya away from Pakhi too as she is dangerous for all of them. Neelima gets angry and scolds Naveli’s mother. After sometime Sameer reaches Raichand house to meet Agastya. Servant tells Sameer that Agastya is inside. Sameer goes inside to meet Agastya. Inside the room, Agastya and Yug are seen talking to each other. Yug tells Agastya that Trinity hospital’s doctor is irritating him. At the same time, Agastya listens to the voice note sent by Trinity hospital’s doctor.

Agastya’s phone falls down and he sees a shadow outside the room. His phone goes on speaker. Doctor reminds Agastya that he made him trap Ishaan in a fake human organ racket case and which is why he is demanding more money from him. Sameer hears all this from outside and gets shocked. Agastya and Yug notice Sameer hearing their conversation. Sameer pretends that he didn’t hear anything but Agastya forcefully takes Sameer with himself. Later Agastya is seen driving a car with Sameer sitting beside him. Agastya confesses his crimes in front of Sameer and tells him that Ishaan is innocent. Sameer folds his hands and requests Agastya to let him go and promises that he won’t tell his reality to anyone. He tells Agastya that he came to talk to him about his marriage with Pakhi.

Agastya asks Sameer what Pakhi said. Sameer tells Agastya that Pakhi considers him her friend only. Agastya tells Sameer that he trapped Ishaan to get Pakhi. He also tells Sameer that he knows that he won’t let Pakhi marry him after knowing his truth. Sameer goes silent on this. Agastya tells Sameer that this is why he would have to kill him. Sameer gets angry at Agastya and tells him that not him but Ishaan is the right person for Pakhi, whom she loves. Agastya gets angry hearing this and pushes Sameer from his speedy car. A truck accident sound can be seen. Agastya says he can even get fanaa (die) for Pakhi.

Later Pakhi wonders why Sameer didn’t return home and got late. She receives a call from an unknown number. Pakhi gets shocked hearing Sameer’s death news. She drops the phone, and Prema asks Pakhi what happened. Whole Srivastava family reaches the police station. Inspector tells Srivastavas that they got this body from the highway where a truck crushed this man. He also tells them that they got this wallet from the body and got their contact number from it. Inspector further tells Srivastavas that they called them to identify the dead body as his face cannot be identified. He makes Pakhi’s family see the dead body’s face and gives its clothes to them. Everyone gets scared and shocked to see the body and clothes.

They identify clothes as Sameer’s clothes. Whole Srivastava family gets shattered and cries. Agastya reaches there and handles a crying Pakhi. In his thoughts, Agastya apologizes to Pakhi. Four days later, Srivastavas, Neelima and Agastya are seen mourning Sameer’s death. Neelima asks Pakhi’s uncle if they got to know any information about the truck from which and whose truck Sameer got hit. Pakhi’s uncle replies no. Prema runs to Neelima. She asks Neelima how she will handle responsibility for both Shanaya and Pakhi without Sameer. Neelima asks Prema to have courage as they all are with her. Pakhi recalls the time she spent with Sameer. She also recalls Sameer’s last words to her and cries. In her thoughts, Pakhi promises to take care of Prema and Shanaya.

In his thoughts, Agastya promises Pakhi’s father that he will take care of Pakhi. In the next episode, Neelima will say that she will be happy to take Pakhi to her home as her daughter-in-law. She will make Pakhi and Agastya hold each other’s hand. Agastya’s name will be seen written on Pakhi’s mehendi. Pakhi will look confused, while Agastya will look hopefully at Pakhi.

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