Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th March 2022 Written Update Prisha upsets Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th March 2022 Written Update Prisha upsets Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th March 2022 Written Update Prisha upsets Rudra Ruhi gives Rudra’s torn pieces of clothes back to him. She sarcastically asks Rudra to stick it back to her shirt. Rudra glares angrily at Ruhi when she asks him if she should bring gum for him. Saaransh stands in front of Ruhi in her defense to not let Rudra scold her. Rudra leaves to his room and laughs. He thinks this way Saaransh and Ruhi’s anger is calming down. Rudra talks to himself and says he is reminiscing about Rajeev and his childhood and the mischiefs that they used to do. He feels happy and proud seeing Saaransh and Ruhi troubling him.

Flashback shows Rudra covered in foam inside his bathroom. He understood the mischiefs done by Ruhi and Saaransh earlier but showed them that he is getting troubled for their satisfaction. Rudra says this way Ruhi and Saaransh’s bond is getting stronger. He prays that Ruhi and Saaransh remain together like this forever. Rudra says he knows that Ruhi and Saaransh are going to trouble him more. Flashback also shows Rudra noticing all the mischiefs of Ruhi and Saaransh. He intentionally made himself the victim of all the mischiefs done by Ruhi and Saaransh for their happiness. Flashback ends.

Rudra says he is ready to get troubled a thousand times if it gives happiness to his kids. He says he isn’t ready to get Prisha back to his and their kid’s life. Rudra says he will take good care of his kids and will give them all the happiness in the world. He says he will see how Vaijayanti gets Prisha out of prison. Vaijayanti meets Prisha in the prison. Prisha asks Vaijayanti what she is doing here. Vaijayanti asks Prisha if her sister can’t arrive to meet her. She asks Prisha if she became her co-wife (sautan) before her sister. Prisha asks Vaijayanti how Ruhi is and if she is troubling her. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that Ruhi is just like her, who takes others troubles on her.


With doubtful expressions, Prisha asks Vaijayanti what she does now. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she has reached where she couldn’t do anything for herself and others too. She says she lost herself in all this. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she understands her anger. She tells Prisha that Rudra got married to her for Saaransh’s custody. Vaijayanti tells Prisha how she and Rudra got married to each other actually. She also tells Prisha that this marriage became her compulsion. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she is nothing in Rudra’s life and is wife just for name. She also tells Prisha that she didn’t succeed in taking her place in Rudra and Saaransh lives till now. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that it’s her place only and she has to return for it.

Prisha refuses to get free from prison. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to think about herself once in her life. She also asks Prisha to think about Ruhi as she needs her mother. Vaijayanti reveals to Prisha that she knows that Rudra is Ruhi’s biological father. She tells Prisha that she should surely fight her cas, so that she can reunite with her family. Vaijayanti asks Prisha if she doesn’t want her kids to get a complete happy family. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she wants a complete happy family for her kids but this isn’t in her fate. She says Rudra hates her now. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that everything will get better once Rudra’s anger will calm down.

She also tells Prisha that after this Rudra will himself want her back with him and her kids. Vaijayanti further tells Prisha that she will fight her case as her lawyer. Prisha refused to get her case reopened. Vaijayanti asks Prisha why she is doing this. She asks Prisha to get convinced as life has given her another chance to live with her family again. Vaijayanti requests Prisha to let her fight her case atleast for Ruhi and Saaransh. Prisha refuses again to get her case reopened. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to sign the papers saying that she will accept any punishment which law will give her. Prisha signs the papers without reading and Vaijayanti leaves. Prisha thinks her family life isn’t written in her fate.

Advocate Khatri calls Rudra and informs him that Prisha’s case has been reopened and transferred to fast-track court. Rudra also gets to know that tomorrow is Prisha’s case’s hearing. Rudra says Prisha won’t get free from prison or punishment. He will go to Vaijayanti and ask her why she is fighting Prisha’s case even when asked her not to do so. Vaijayanti reminds Rudra that she told her that she is Prisha’s sister first then his wife. She confidently says that she won’t let Prisha get punished wrongly. Vaijayanti tells Rudra that she will fight this case and prove Prisha innocent. Rudra challenges Vaijayanti that he will hire India’s best criminal lawyer and get Prisha punished.

Vaijayanti asks Rudra if he is threatening her. Rudra tells Vaijayanti that he is giving her advice, if she agrees to it. Vaijayanti asks Rudra if she doesn’t agree to his advice. Rudra tells Vaijayanti that then it’s a challenge. Vaijayanti accepts Rudra’s challenge and tells him that now the court will decide who will win and who will lose. Saaransh gives an angry glare to Rudra seeing him talking to Advocate Khatri. He runs to Vaijayanti and asks her how she convinced Prisha to fight for this case. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that Prisha doesn’t know that she is fighting her case. She also tells Saaransh that she got case reopening papers signed by Prisha by telling her that the papers are for closing the case and getting her punished.

Saaransh praises Vaijayanti’s efforts and intelligence. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that she has got Prisha’s case fast-tracked and it’s hearing is tomorrow. Saaransh happily hugs and thanks Vaijayanti. He asks Vaijayanti how he can help her. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that it’s a serious murder case and she doesn’t want him to get involved in this as he is still very young. When Saaransh shows reluctance, Vaijayanti asks him to trust her. She tells Saaransh that she will keep him updated about the case. Saaransh gets convinced and leaves saying, “All the best” to her to let her study Prisha’s case.

Next morning, the constable tells Prisha that today is her case’s hearing. Prisha asks the constable how this is possible as she signed the papers to close the case. Constable tells Prisha that she doesn’t know about it. She asks Prisha to come with her as the hearing is going to start in the court. At Khurana Mansion, Rudra sees Vaijayanti reading the case file and ready to fight Prisha’s case. He asks Sharda to feed him curd and sugar as he is going to win the case to get Prisha punished. Rudra looks challengingly at Vaijayanti saying all this. Vaijayanti overhears everything and asks Sharda if her heart says that Prisha is the culprit. She asks Sharda to support her if she also thinks that Prisha can’t do anything wrong.

Vaijayanti also asks Sharda to support her in saving her innocent sister. Rudra tells Vaijayanti that this isn’t the court where she started her arguments. He also tells Vaijayanti that Sharda is his mother and has felt his pain which she can’t ever feel. Sharda feels stuck whlm to choose. Saaransh comes with another bowl of curd and sugar. He tells Sharda to feed curd and sugar to Rudra as he needs it more than him and Vaijayanti as he is the one going to lose this case. Saaransh says Prisha always taught him that the person who supports right and truth wins. He says the truth is that Prisha is innocent and thus Prisha and they will win.

Saaransh says he brought curd sugar for Vaijayanti. He also says that Prisha’s husband’s love could end but not her son’s love. Saaransh feeds curd and sugar to Vaijayanti and she thanks her. Sharda feeds curd and sugar to an angry Rudra. Vaijayanti and Rudra leave for the court, giving a challenging glare to each other. Later at the court, Rudra gives an angry glare to Prisha. She asks Vaijayanti why she got her case reopened even when she asked her not to. She tells Vaijayanti that she has a big reason behind not wanting her case to reopen. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she knows that she doesn’t want to get Rudra and her kids into any trouble.

She asks Prisha if this is why she is trying to separate herself from her family. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she doesn’t even see herself in the process of thinking about others. She also tells Prisha that it’s wrong. Vaijayanti asks Prisha to understand that her life is very important for her kids. She tells Prisha that she is her kids’ priority and they need her very much. Prisha feels confused and stuck in the choice between her kids and Rudra. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she is in her support. Judge comes and Prisha-Venky’s case is announced. Yuvraj hears it from outside. He thinks to see who is fighting as Prisha’s lawyer.

In the next, Vaijayanti will show some proofs in Prisha’s favor. She will ask the doctor if the bullet he got from Venky’s body was shot from this gun. The doctor will tell the court that the bullet he got from Venky’s body is not shot from the gun shown. This will shock everyone. Vaijayanti will ask Prisha if she didn’t kill Venky, then who. Prisha will reveal to Vaijayanti that it was Rudra who shot Venky. Rudra will overhear this and come towards Prisha clapping. He will call Prisha a clever woman.

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