Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2022 Written Update Prisha’s sacrifice

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2022 Written Update Prisha's sacrifice

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2022 Written Update Prisha’s sacrifice Yuvraj enters the courtroom to see what is happening in Prisha-Venky’s case hearing. Rudra’s lawyer advocate Khatri tells the judge that it’s an open and shut case. He says Prisha’s crime of murdering her brother venky got proved 7 years ago. Advocate Khatri tells the judge that Prisha was sentenced to be hanged till death but she ran away escaping prison and law. He also tells the judge that Prisha changed her identity to escape from law and punishment. Advocate Khatri says Prisha deceived law and made fun of law’s decision.

He requests the judge to punish a dangerous criminal like Prisha severely. Vaijayanti stands up and says criminals are punished, not innocents. She tells the judge that the court wouldn’t have reopened this case if it would have been an open and shut case. Vaijayanti tells the judge that she will prove that the police are somewhere responsible for Prisha’s present condition. She says that she called the inspector who handled Venky’s murder case earlier to prove that Venky’s murder wasn’t investigated properly by police earlier. Yuvraj thinks that Vaijayanti didn’t get provoked against Prisha after his lots of tries to provoke her. He further thinks that he has to see how Vaijayanti will prove Prisha innocent.

Inspector Mukesh Kumar is called in the witness box. On Vaijayanti’s questioning, Mukesh tells the court that he was handling Venky’s murder case earlier. Vaijayanti asks the Mukesh to tell the court what happened at the time of Venky’s murder. Mukesh tells the judge that Venky was a dangerous psychopath when they arrested him, He also tells the judge that they got Venky admitted to the mental hospital for his treatment. Mukesh further tells the judge that Venky ran away from the mental hospital and kidnapped Mishka. He continues telling the judge that they chased Venky and heard a gunshot, Mukesh says that they reached the murder location, saw gun in Prisha’s hand and arrested her. He tells the judge that after this they investigated the case further.


Vaijayanti shows a gun to Mukesh and asks him if this is the gun he found in Prisha’s hand at the murder location. Mukesh accepts that he found the gun shown by Vaijayanti in Prisha’s hand at the murder location. Vaijayanti asks Advocate Khatri if he wants to ask something. Advocate Khatri says no as Mukesh’s testimony proves Prisha as Venky’s murderer. Vaijayanti seeks Judge’s permission to call the forensic expert who was handling this case. Advocate Khatri tells the judge that it’s of no use as they already have forensic reports submitted in the court. Vaijayanti tells Advocate Khatri that evidence and witnesses will get repeated in this case as it’s reopening. Judge allows Vaijayanti to call the forensic expert. Forensic walks forward. Vaijayanti shows him a bullet and asks him if it’s the same bullet that he found in Venky’s body.

Forensic experts say yes as per him and his reports it’s the bullet found from Venky’s body. Next Vaijayanti shows the forensic expert the gun she showed to Mukesh. She asks him it’s the bullet he found from Venky’s body was shot by this gun? The forensic expert says that the bullet he found from Venky’s body was shot from another gun, not the one Vaijayanti showed. This shocks everyone present in the court. She asks the judge to note this point that the gun found by police in Prisha’s hand was not the gun from which Venky was shot and murdered. She asks the judge how can Prisha be a murder then. Vaijayanti says this also proves that Venky’s murder case was mishandled by police.

Vaijayanti says that murderer can be someone else but Prisha was bearing the real murdrer’s punishment since last 5 years. She says Prisha changed her identity and remained away from her family for the last five years to escape unfair punishment. Vaijayanti requests the judge to give bail to Prisha till a solid proof is found against her. Advocate Khatri tells the judge that the real gun may have been destroyed after firing a bullet from it and Prisha could have picked another gun. Vaijayanti says that it’s also possible that real gun maybe somewhere with the real murderer at present. She tells the court that Prisha can’t be kept in prison only on doubt as she proved that not Prisha but someone else could be a murderer. Vaijayanti again requests the judge to give bail to Prisha till Venky’s murder investigation gets completed.

The judge announces his decision that police will once again investigate Venky’s murder case and gives conditional bail to Prisha. He says that Prisha can’t go out of Delhi and will have to present in investigations and questioning, whenever required. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she is happy that she got bailed out. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that this shouldn’t have happened. Rudra tells Prisha that he will never let the court’s decision go in her favor. He says to Prisha that he needs justice for what she did with him. Rudra leaves saying that the court’s decision will be in his favor. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that soon she will prove her innocence. Prisha asks Vaijayanti why she is trying to prove her innocence. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that what she is doing is right.

Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she ruined everything by fighting her in favor. Vaijayanti asks Prisha what she is saying as she did the right thing. She asks Prisha if she has any idea how much Ruhi and Saaransh are yearning for her. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that everyone will get to know the truth of Venky’s murder now. She also tells Vaijayanti that she didn’t kill Venky, but Rudra. Vaijayanti gets shocked hearing this. Prisha asks Vaijayanti what if police will reach evidences which will prove Rudra as Venky’s murderer. She tells Vaijayanti that she ruined everything. Vaijayanti asks Prisha why she took Rudra’s punishment to her. She starts leaving to tell the truth to the court and get Prisha released forever.

Prisha stops Vaijayanti and tells her that she won’t tell the truth to anyone. Vaijayanti asks Prisha why she is saving Rudra and sacrificing her life for him. Prisha says she did all this because she loves Rudra even more than herself. She requests Vaijayanti to do something as Rudra’s name shouldn’t get involved in all this. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she will try. Prisha asks Vaijayanti to not try instead make sure that Rudra’s name doesn’t get involved in Venky’s murder case. Later, Rudra scolds Advocate Khatri for failing in front of less experienced lawyer Vaijayanti. Advocate Khatri tells Rudra that they still can prove that Prisha shot Venky from another gun. Rudra asks Advocate Khatri to do anything to keep Prisha behind bars forever.

He says Prisha should be punished for keeping his daughter away from him for 5 years. Advocate Khatri assures win to Rudra and leaves. Rudra comes to Prisha and Vaijayanti. He claps and taunts Prisha and Vaijayanti for cleverly fooling the court and getting bail in just one hearing. Rudra says cleverness is in Srinivasan’s blood. Vaijayanti gets angry at Rudra hearing this. Rudra asks Vaijayanti to not talk in between. He asks Prisha if now she will try to snatch his kids from him. Rudra tells Prisha that he will not wait for law to punish her if she will try to snatch his kids from him. He doesn’t let Prisha leave and warns Prisha to stay away from his kids. Vaijayanti asks Rudra bti shut down his nonsense. Rudra leaves, warning Prisha.

Rudra’s agent tells him that important investors are reaching his home with him for a meeting. He requests Rudra to not let the earlier banter repeat as they may lose an important and big deal. Rudra says okay and disconnects the call. He wonders why he is thinking about Prisha a lot and feels that he has hurt Prisha. Rudra also wonders why he wants to hug Prisha even after Prisha did wrong to him. At Khurana Mansion, Ruhi and Saaransh wait for Prisha and Vaijayanti. Rudra’s agent comes with investors. Rudra also returns to Khurana mansion and requests Ruhi and Saaransh to go upstairs as he has a very important meeting. Ruhi and Saaransh ignore Rudra. Worried kids think about calling Vaijayanti to get the court decision update from her.

Prisha requests Vaijayanti to drop her somewhere in between. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she is dropping her at Srinivasan house. Prisha reminds Vaijayanti that Vasudha and GPS are very angry with her. She refuses to go to Srinivasans and requests Vaijayanti to not tell GPS and Vasudha anything about case hearing. Vaijayanti tells Prisha that she is not liking self blaming behavior. She also tells Prisha that she is there to help her. Prisha tells Vaijayanti that she did a lot for her but now she will manage herself. Vaijayanti asks Prisha where she will live and how she is going to manage.

In the next episode, Agent will ask Rudra if he will be to do the concert tomorrow in such a short notice. Rudra will agree to this. Ruhi will ask how Rudra can do such a big concert when her mother is in prison. She will get determined to ruin Rudra’s concert and Saaransh will support Ruhi in this. On the other hand, Yuvraj will also plan to ruin Rudra’s concert with the Rohtak village head by provoking him against Rudra. Saaransh will change Rudra’s phone with another phone to not let him reach his own concert.

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