Bhagya Lakshmi 17th March 2022 Written Update Guilty Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th March 2022 Written Update Guilty Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th March 2022 Written Update Guilty Rishi Malishka helps Balwinder escape. She tells Rishi that she will inform the police that Balwinder escaped, the police will arrest Balwinder from the house. Lakshmi thanks Prachi for the help. Rishi tells that he will drop Lakshmi home. Ranbir wishes him. Rhea and Malishka encourage each other to never give up on their dreams. Balwinder comes home and breaks the things. He tells Rano that Lakshmi had gone mad and refused to him again. Rano slaps him. She asks him what happened. He tells that Lakshmi slapped him in front of everyone and insulted him. She asks did Lakshmi learn about his kidnapping plans. He tells that he just went to play holi with her, but she misunderstood him and slapped him. She asks him to forget Lakshmi, who just loves Rishi.

He tells that Rishi loves Malishka, Lakshmi won’t get anything in return. He knows the truth that Neelam had threatened Rano and got Rishi and Lakshmi married because of her Kundali. She tells that Lakshmi loves Rishi. He tells that he can’t let Lakshmi love Rishi. He wants to marry Lakshmi and then make her a slave. He sends Rano. Rano meets Shalu and Bani. She asks them to come along and play holi. Neha refuses to play holi with them. Bani tells that even she won’t come. Shalu tells that she won’t go out alone without her sisters. Rishi drops Lakshmi to her home. He wants to talk to her, but stops.

They both reminisce the moments spent in the holi party. He fails to control his emotions. He apologizes to Lakshmi, that she witnessed his closeness with Malishka and got hurt. Lakshmi cries and walks away. Rano gets upset on Pritam. She insists Shalu and Bani to come and play holi. She tells her plans to Neha and convinces her. Pritam wonders what is Rano up to, that she is being really sweet towards the girls. He don’t know what she wants to do. Balwinder waits for Shalu. He plans to kidnap Shalu and get Lakshmi in control. Shalu and Bani see Lakshmi back. The sisters play holi.


Rano tells Neha that Balwinder will kidnap Shalu. Lakshmi wishes Rano. Balwinder catches Shalu, who looks for the colours. Lakshmi and Pritam don’t see Shalu getting kidnapped. Rano asks Balwinder to take away Shalu quickly. Balwinder threatens Shalu and takes her away. Later, Malishka meets Sonia and tells about Lakshmi spoiling her mood in the holi party. She tells that Balwinder was also there, there was too much drama because of Lakshmi. She adds that Lakshmi played the sympathy card, and Rishi saved her. She gets angry that Rishi left her and went to drop Lakshmi home. Neelam gets to hear this.

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