Anupama Upcoming 22nd March 2022 Top 3 Spoilers

Anupama Upcoming 22nd March 2022 Top 3 Spoilers

Anupama Upcoming 22nd March 2022 Top 3 Spoilers Vanraj and Leela oppose Anuj and Anupama’s marriage, by stretching the fact that Anupama is soon going to become a grandma after Kinjal delivers her baby. Vanraj tells Anupama that even mummies don’t get married and now she is going to become a grandma. Anupama rages at her. She controls her emotions, which bursts out in the form of the Tandav dance. Anuj watches Anupama venting out her anger through her dance. He tells her that the question is really tough this time, and the answers are even tougher. He adds that he has left her hand but not the support, but if she leaves his hand, then he will not wait for her and just silently leave from her life. Anuj gives an ultimatum to Anupama. He doesn’t want her to sacrifice their relationship for anyone’s sake. Hasmukh and Samar also ask Anupama to follow her heart and not sacrifice her future with Anuj just to satisfy Vanraj and Leela’s egos.

Meet Zee TV: Mr. Meet decides to surprise his wife on holi. He hides the colours and decides to apply the colours to her first. Meet asks him what is he hiding. He lies to her. She gets close to him teasingly and asks him what is he planning. He doesn’t reveal his naughty holi plans. He gets tensed when she comes closer to him. They look forward to have fun on their first holi.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2:

Gehna gets married to Surya. He throws her on the floor and tells her that he will show her right place. He wants her to stay as his maid. Gehna sheds tears while sleeping on the floor. She gets a huge shock when Surya criticizes her. He tells her that she thinks she is really smart, but he will prove her value that’s just of a door mat. He calls her a dumb stupid maid. He wants to take revenge on Gehna for his brother and mum’s humiliation. Gehna decides to leave the house as a response to Surya’s evil behavior. Gehna stays back to settle scores.

Jamuna finds Gehna doing the household chores, but Gehna comes up with a lie about Surya. She tells that Surya loves her a lot. She praises Surya and his family. She hides the fact that Surya hates her because of his family influence. Surya declines the honeymoon package gifted by Bapuji. He tells that he always wanted to take Gehna to Europe for their honeymoon. He asks Bapuji to arrange Europe tickets if possible, and puts Gehna into an embarrassing situation.


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